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How To Impress Every Type Of Mum This Mother’s Day

While mothers should be celebrated every day for all their love and hard work, there’s one day a year when everyone joins forces and makes it a special day for them. This year, make sure to thank the exceptional ladies in your life by giving her a Mother’s Day she won’t soon forget. Whatever her style, whatever she likes, there’s a perfect way to pamper and impress her the way she deserves.

The Elegant Mum


Treat your elegant mum to high tea on Mother’s Day. But not just any high tea! Create your own afternoon tea party at home. Bring out the porcelain and lace table cloths. Prepare her favorite bite-sized sandwiches, pastries, and cakes. And use one of the best specialty tea companies in Singapore with A.Muse Projects. Not only will your mum love the elegance and refinery, but she’ll also appreciate the gesture of putting in all that effort just for her.

The Traditional Mum


For your traditional mum, go for the classics with a Cantonese banquet at Yan. Enjoy familiar flavors and timeless dishes created with the utmost care and the best ingredients by their master chef at their elegant location in the National Gallery. For Mother’s Day, they’re also offering special menus with a choice between 6-8 courses including soup, seafood, duck, red meat, and dessert. This set menu is also great for an intimate date for two or for a whole family affair.

The Perfect Homemaker Mum


Nothing would delight the queen of the household more than high-quality ingredients for her next kitchen masterpiece. And what kitchen ingredient would have more use than salt? From complex creations to simple fries, salt is what ties everything together. Discerning homemaker mums would love nothing more than the rare, organic, unrefined salts of Salt Grammar to be sprinkled onto their next project. Plus the salt themselves look so pretty too – perfect for countertop displays!

The On-the-Go Mum


On-the-go mums lead a fast-paced and busy life. She’s probably a go-getter and a career woman. For Mother’s Day, give her the pampering and R&R she deserves by taking her to the spa. A day of massages, essential oils, salts, and aromatherapy would not only soothe her body, but would also relax her mind. It’s a great way to help your mum recharge and reenergize so she feels renewed when she gets back to the daily grind.

The Fun-loving Mummy-awesome-cafe

Fun-loving mums are laid-back and enjoy a youthful perspective on life. My Awesome Café is a quaint contemporary-industrial spot in a historic building serving up dishes perfect for relaxing in comfort. Put the two together, and you get a great mother’s day combo. The modern chic ambiance in the restaurant is sure to appeal to your funky mom’s eclectic personality, while their sumptuous all-day breakfast menu is enough to delight her palate.

The Easygoing Mum

east-coast-parkNo-frills, mild-tempered, and gentle, easygoing ladies don’t demand much – which is what makes them all the more deserving of everything! For mother’s day, give your easy-going mum a relaxing afternoon picnic at East Coast Park. Rent a couple of bikes, set up a blanket under the trees with a view of the sea and lay out her favorite dishes handmade lovingly by yourself. You can even make it a whole family affair and get everyone to bring food, pot-luck style. It’s a great way to show gratitude to your mum, in a relaxing environment.

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