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Places to jio your friends to Iftar this Ramadan!

One of the most fascinating things about living in Singapore would be its society of people from different races, backgrounds, and cultures coexisting together. This rare opportunity allows us to learn about each other’s religion and experience the different festivals that each race celebrates – Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Deepavali. The special month of Ramadan has just begun for the Muslims in Singapore, this is also the most sacred month where Muslims fast! Most of us recognise fasting as purely abstaining from food or drink consumption during the day; however, there is more to it. Fasting also means that they will have to refrain from any bad thoughts and habits too. Aside from having Sahur (pre-dawn meal), they also have Iftar (evening meal, after sunset).  

So.. the biggest challenge that most of you face,  WHERE CAN YOU JIO YOUR MUSLIM FRIENDS TO BREAK FAST AT?!

We know how hectic it can get while planning for Iftar meals with your Muslim friend. Rack your brains no more, here are 3 places that we’ve gathered for you to dine at this Ramadan!

The Flame Café

To kick start our list is The Flame Café. This is the perfect place for you and your Muslim friends to indulge in, especially after they’ve been through a long day of fasting! Knock yourselves out by ordering their 4-Tier Pagoda Steamboat and pamper yourselves with their wide array of homemade broths – ranging from Tom Yum, Mala, Chicken and many more. Aside from that, they also offer a variety of marinated meat, fresh vegetables, and seafood too. How can one ever get enough from it! After grilling your food, don’t forget to dip it in their Chef specialty sauces – Salted Egg & Creamy Cheese. Before you end off your palette for the day, there is also the final steamer tier where you can opt to order their handmade dumplings, buns, or even steam your very own seafood. You can basically steam anything that you want! If steamboat is not your preferred choice, you can always opt for their western ala carte dishes too.

For this year’s Ramadan special, they are offering their very own Nasi Ambeng Set Menu from 1st of May to 4th June 2019 – for both Lunch & Dinner! Do remember to make your reservations prior to your Iftar meal as slots are limited! Well, what are you waiting for? Start feasting away now!

The Indochili

Be sure to sign yourselves up for a comforting meal of authentic Indonesian food for Iftar this Ramadan, The Indochili definitely screams QUALITY INDONESIAN FOOD! With their extensive menu, they will surely not disappoint you and your loved ones. One of their highly recommended dishes is their Tahu Telor, served with savory sweet peanut sauce. Though the dish may sound simple, it is definitely not easy to whip up a good dish like this one – especially having to keep the dish oil-free and healthy for consumption! Another dish worth trying would be their pomfret fish grilled with Indonesian sweet soy sauce, also known as Ikan Bakar Kecap. This dish offers a mild smoky flavour, and feel free to spice it up with some sambal for an extra kick! What else comes to your mind when you think of Indonesian cuisine? KUEH LAPIS!! This is the perfect way to end off your meal. Aside from the original flavour, they also offer plum, durian and surabaya. If you and your friends are looking for an Indonesian palette, this is definitely the one for you! Hesitate no more and book now!

Hey Sugar

You know what they say, there’s always a separate stomach for desserts! To satisfy your sweet cravings after Iftar, head over to Hey Sugar for some ice-creams and waffles. Give their all-time best selling Charcoal flavoured waffle ice-cream a try while you’re there too. They also offer an All Day set menu with a single waffle, single scoop ice-cream and a cup of iced brewed shaken tea – all for $9.90! If these do not satisfy your cravings, you can also buy their Ondeh Ondeh or Vanilla flavoured cakes at $6.90 per slice. Occasionally, they also offer flavoured popcorn like Rainbow, Sour cream, Butterscotch, Caramel, and Chocolate. What better way than to end the day off with your friends on a sweeeet note?


Wait up, don’t close this article just yet! We’ve got one more Bonus section just for y’all! One of the most highly anticipated events occurring every Ramadan would be none other than our favourite Ramadan Bazaars! You might be thinking – Geylang Serai Bazaar? Well, you’re wrong! With Ramadan ongoing, there is a wide variety of other bazaars for you to explore as well.

Here’s a list of Ramadan Bazaars for you to explore this month:

  • Geylang Serai Bazaar (3rd May – 5th June)

Picture Credits: Eatbook, Charkoisg, TheHoneycombers

Some of the most featured foodies at the Geylang Serai Bazaar are: Charkoi Chinese youtiao, Brown Sugar Boba and White Rabbit soft serve, Belgium waffle pops from Pebble, Praffles (Prata & Waffles) and many more!

  • Laloolalang Bazaar (16th – 19th May)

Picture Credits: Laloolalang

This Bazaar will only stretch across 4 days and is situated at the Malay Heritage Center. You can expect to see traditional Malay food like Satay, Roti Kirai and also other food like Takoyaki too! Aside from the food, you can also look forward to their traditional performances as well.

  • Ramadan Sultan Bazaar (4th May – 2nd June)

Picture Credits: Halalfoodhunt, HHWT

The name of the Bazaar already gives away where its located at – outside Masjid Sultan. It’ll be a breeze getting here as it’s just a few minutes walk from Bugis MRT. Highlights of the food here would be the Briyani Platter from Tbobscorner and the Katsu Cutlet Sandwich!

  • Raya Utara Bazaar (3rd May – 1st June)

Picture Credits: Theoriginalpisangkeju, dinewithyeo

This one’s for the Northies, conveniently situated just beside Causeway point! Some foodies to look out for would be the Satay Keju which means Cheese Satay. What an interesting combination which goes well together surprisingly! It’s sold out early so make sure to be there early. Another featured delicacy is the Dutch baby pancakes with unique flavours like Ondeh Ondeh, Nutella, Smores etc! Aside from this hipster food, they also have stalls selling traditional Malay food like Ayam Percik (Grilled Chicken) and Apam Balik (Fluffy Pancakes). If you happen to be someone who really dislikes the heat, this is definitely one for you because this bazaar is fully airconditioned!

  • Vintage Ramadan Bazaar (3rd May – 3rd June)

Picture Credits: FG Empire Delights at Kampung Punggol, YuseffendyM.S

Wait, wait! Don’t be upset just yet! This Bazaar is located at Punggol for all of you staying there. Some of the more popular food to get there would be Malay specialties like Rendang and Roti Kirai (Net Bread). Another food worth trying would be the Laksa Ketam (Crab Laksa) which is worth every single penny of yours. Jio your friends there now!

  • Hari Raya Bazaar (3rd May – 2nd June)

Picture Credits: ZR Sg, Ismail Sudin

The Easties are really in for a good Ramadan once again! Tampines Hub will yet again be hosting a Hari Raya bazaar, housing approximately 80 stalls in total. A specialty that you should try would be the Putu Bambu, exactly the same as the Putu Piring with the exception that it’s steamed in Bamboo. What is Putu Piring? This is also none other than Tutu Kueh as how some of how recognizes it. Definitely one of our all time faves! If you are looking to fill your tum tums, grab yourself a portion of Pak Din Nasi Ayam Bakar that comes with a grilled chicken and rice.

Hope our Bonus Section has served you well! With all these other alternatives, you no longer have to worry about squeezing in large crowds at the Geylang Serai Bazaar anymore!

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