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Reasons why being an eco-friendly minimalist benefits the earth

Minimalism has become a rising lifestyle trend that many individuals have adopted due to its ease. Many may begin to quickly notice the benefits that come with minimalism by clearing their mental space with a happier and worry-free environment. This allows many minimalists to focus on the more important things in life, such as relationship bonds, rather than succumbing to consumerism trends.

Apart from personal benefits, minimalism deals with waste-less concepts that are in line with green living. Thus, here are some reasons to encourage you to become an eco-friendly minimalist maven today! As Joshua Becker states, “the less we consume, the less damage we do to the environment. And that benefits everyone”. 

Reducing waste

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Minimalists tend to purchase only the things they deem necessary in their lifestyle while discarding items thoughtfully. This helps to reduce waste in society, as items like shoes will be well used and worn out before they are replaced. Being a minimalist discourages hoarding and multiple purchases. Instead, they focus on purchasing quality items and clothing that can last longer instead of giving into consumerism and fast-fashion prices. 

Buying less means wasting less– consumerism is responsible for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. You can read up more about how you can reduce waste further by introducing zero-waste into your everyday lifestyle here!

Saving water

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As a minimalist, having fewer items to declutter and store is not just relaxing for the mind, but it also saves water! Having minimal kitchenware like pots, pans, and electrical appliances will mean that there will be fewer items to wash when cooking. This encourages you to use only the necessary kitchenware items instead of having a pile of dishes to wash. This also applies to having a smaller wardrobe. Lesser clothes to wash- a great way to save your water bills!

Consuming less energy

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With smaller homes being ideal for modern youngsters and minimalists, the amount of energy consumption is reduced. Naturally, you will use fewer cleaning supplies and electrical appliances such as lights in smaller homes. Make sure every item or household decor is intentional and serves a purpose. Simple layouts and extendable, saving-space furniture has become more attractive in minimalist household themes.

Are you planning a wedding soon? Here are some additional tips on how you can throw an eco-friendly wedding reception and consume less energy!

Preventing pollution

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Travel has become more accessible to the everyday person with the rise of affluence. This creates a higher demand for vehicles that contribute to pollution and increased carbon footprint. Minimalism extends beyond the household, through cutting down on transport systems such as cars and flights. Through choosing the option to ride bicycles or taking walks, minimalists can contribute to preventing air and noise pollution produced by these vehicles.

Embracing sustainable products

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Through focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of products, minimalists tend to subconsciously purchase high-quality, sustainable products that they can use for a long time. This increases the market demand for the production of sustainable goods. With this demand, producers become more environmentally aware of their customer’s needs. Thus, minimalists embrace the use of sustainable products in a snowball effect, heading into a future where reusable products could be a norm.

Creating healthier diets

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By limiting meals to simple, natural and healthy types of food, minimalists focus on reducing food down to the essential and fresh foods that are better for the environment. Some minimalists go even further to have a home garden where they grow their own edible greens, creating a sustainable home environment. National Parks Singapore had been encouraging this during the Circuit Breaker period by providing free vegetable seeds to every household. You can find more information on how to create your own gardening edibles with NParks here

Eating cleaner not only strengthens your body with healthier food, but it also helps to reduce food wastage, the carbon footprint from meat, as well as plastic packaging. That’s killing three birds with one stone!

Becoming a green minimalist is a simple and straightforward start for anybody who’s looking to declutter and hop onto this rising trend. It is a step by step process into making the world a better and more sustainable place for everyone! Don’t beat yourself up over any setbacks, as it is essential to ease into new habits slowly. Sure enough with practice, you’ll become more conscious about reducing your waste products and being more eco-friendly.

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