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6 must-have sustainable beauty and skincare gift sets this Christmas

A good skincare routine is vital to help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and keep your skin glowing and in good condition! Gifting beauty and skincare gift sets to your loved ones are usually perceived as a symbol of care and affection towards their well-being. 

As beauty and skincare products tend to generate waste that will harm the environment, we have a list of sustainable and practical products here for you! Using natural ingredients in beauty products are also known to have many benefits, such as avoiding irritation from chemicals and being gentler on sensitive skin. Therefore, don’t worry about the presents this Christmas- you can now gift high-quality products to the people you love without compromising Mother Earth!

Happy Earth Farm

Image credits: Happy Earth Farm

Happy Earth Farm is a small organic farm based in Thailand where they make body care products entirely from fruits, herbs and grains that they grow. All products contain nothing but real and pure ingredients and are based on traditional recipes. Moreover, they are 100% natural, vegan, chemical-free, and are meant to be good for humans, animals and Mother Earth alike.


Image credits: Alletsoap

Alletsoap specialises in handmade body care products, natural fragrances and natural soy wax candles. These come in a wide selection of colours and designs, which are truly a feast to the eyes. Pamper your loved ones this Christmas, as their natural added ingredients are a wonderful treat for the skin. Infused with pure essential oils and blends, create adventurous aromatherapeutic scents with Alletsoap!


Image credits: Reflexx.Me

Reflexx.Me is a new cosmetics brand offering easy, fuss-free solutions for you to express yourself with makeup. Allow their products to reflect yourself effortlessly and perfectly! Their feature products are the Lash Adhesive Eyeliner in 7 different colours and high-quality synthetic silk 3D effect false eyelashes in 4 different styles. The brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! In addition, they also reuse supplier and business partners’ delivery packaging, and are continually working on waste and packaging reduction.

Fawn Labs

Image credits: Fawn Labs

Fancy a sustainable $10 gift to pamper your loved ones this Christmas? Choose from a range of organic clay masks, fizzy bath bombs and skincare workshops at Fawn Labs! Their gift options come wrapped in a reusable Christmas ornament that doubles up as a bath bomb mold. Hang them on your Christmas tree or use them as a stocking topper! In addition, all packaging can be returned to Fawn Labs for recycling.

Genie in a Bottle featuring LeafJuice

Image credits: Genie in a Bottle featuring LeafJuice

Cut down on waste! Take a more sustainable approach to your skincare beauty buying habits by replacing single-use products for items that can be refilled over and over again! Genie in a Bottle’s eco-friendly pouches use 80% less plastic compared to regular plastic bottles. Therefore, simply refill these aluminium bottles with the skincare you love! They are also committed to quality, importing the best natural and sustainable ingredients at an affordable price.

My Naked Bar

Image credits: My Naked Bar

My Naked Bar specialises in artisan cold process soap bars handcrafted from scratch. They have the primary intention to raise awareness around saying no to single-use body wash bottles. Thus, these soaps are vegan and naked of synthetics and unnecessary packaging, not to mention formulated with simple plant-based goodness awesome for our skin.

Who says you can’t enjoy gifting without feeling guilt-free from harmful environmental waste? Thus, don’t be afraid to pamper your loved ones this Christmas with these fantastic sustainable beauty and skincare gift sets made for everybody! Your loved ones will appreciate the thought and effort put into encouraging a greener place for our future.

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