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Resolution series: 5 Workshops for your self-care

One of the top resolutions made this year is to focus on self-care. Therefore, in our last and final instalment of #ResolutionsSeries, we will have 5 different workshops that will help you concentrate more on self-care and self-focus. 

Is one of your goals this year to engage in more self-care and self-love? After all, everyone needs some time to relax and focus on themselves every once in a while. That is why the Delegate team has compiled a list of workshops you can sign up for to have some me-time. 

1. Nehohmee

Why not take this opportunity to use art to express yourself? Nehohmee’s calligraphy workshops will teach you the beauty of calligraphy and hand lettering. Not only is it soothing, you will also be able to create your own cards and letters for those who you are grateful for. Their workshops also teach you how to select brushes and blend colours so that you can create something that will put a smile on someone’s face.

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2. Jetaime Perfumery

If calligraphy isn’t your thing, how about expressing yourself using aromas instead? Jetaime’s perfumery and perfume workshop can help you find a scent unique to you and express. With over 400+ top-quality ingredients to choose for your perfumes, you can be sure that there will be something that will suit you. They also specialise in Orchid oils, giving this perfume a touch of Singapore. If you’re looking to do this at a corporate level, Delegate has some special deals for you!

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3. Green Banana

A little bit of green never hurt anyone! In fact, the colour green has a great healing power and is the most restful colour for the your eyes. So why not take part in Green Banana’s terrarium workshops so that you can bring back your own piece of green to put in your office or home? Not only will the workshop help you focus on self-care, every time you look at the terrarium you will feel relaxed as well!

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4. The Leather Society

If you’re feeling a little more fancy, why not take part in a leather crafting workshop by The Leather Society? With 3 different kinds of workshops to choose from (basic workshop, stitching workshop and bucket bag workshop), you can be sure to learn something new from it. They also provide top-grade leather and high-quality threads for their products. The best part? You get to take home whatever you created!

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5.  The Rain in Spain

If you’re looking for something quick, easy but yet relaxing, why not take part in The Rain in Spain’s pot painting workshop? Their pot painting workshops are great for those who have limited time but yet want to express themselves through colours. The Rain in Spain will teach you different easy techniques to create your very own pot. You’ll also receive a free succulent so that your pot can be put to good use immediately!

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