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The Millennial Party Essentials

Holding parties as a millennial has raised party standards to a whole new level. Your instagram feed is frequently bombarded with well-decorated birthday parties, baby showers, and celebrations alike. Here are a few good tips to step up your party-holding game:

Choosing a Chic Venue

Nothing is more important than choosing the right venue. It determines your guests’ first impressions and may even influence whether they want to attend! A venue with stunning city night view is also great for photos. Cloud 9 Pool & Bar, sitting on top of the Naumi Hotel, is the quintessential millennial party spot, featuring party backdrop essentials: panorama city view and casual pool setting.

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Putting Together Color-Schemed Dessert Table for the Gram

The second most important element of a millennial party is a dessert table with congruent color scheme and tiny decors that draw your guests’ attention. A well-placed and decorated dessert table can spark conversations and is perfect for the Gram. Whether you are looking for something more formal, elegant or eye-catching, a dessert table is a great middle group between full-on dinner and boring refreshments.

Check out this list of 28 dessert table caterers in Singapore to help you find the dessert table of your dreams! 

You can find multiple vendors on our Delegate portal that suit your sweet tooth and eye. Sunday Folks, a chic cafe popular for brunch-goers around Holland V, is renowned for their dessert. Incidentally, they are also quite experienced with putting together glamorous dessert tables for weddings, birthdays, and so on. So you get great design and quality food at the same time.

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Choosing the Right, Minimalist, and Aesthetic Tableware

It may seem like a trivial detail, but the tableware says everything about the host. Well thought out parties always incorporate stunning details. A little bit of an aesthetic but minimalist touch on the paper cups and plates can go a long way to impress your guests. 

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Beer and Cider for the Sparkling Final Touch

Beer and cider can always upgrade your party, add a little bit more fun, and elevate the mood. Some vendors can even tailor their beer and cider menus to specially cater to your guests and you taste.

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