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28 Best Dessert Tables in Singapore | Catering for any event!

So you have an event coming up and you are looking for the right dessert table catering service to fit your specific event theme. Here’s a carefully curated a list of the best caterers that can provide you with dessert tables that fit your requirements!

These dessert table caterers (in no particular order) come in a range of themes, specialities, cuisine, number of pax, and price points.

28 Top Dessert Table Caterers in Singapore

The Lair Weddings Candy Bar

Photo credits: The Lair Weddings Candy Bar

A Singapore dessert table catering company not to be missed, The Lair Weddings specialises in candy bars and all things sweet and memorable. Having grown up with a sweet tooth, The Lair Weddings’ owner understands the true importance of simply having something sweet to get you through the day, whether good or bad. Celebrate your greatest moments, be it weddings or baby showers, with that special sweetness in the form of candy bar setups and wedding dessert tables that will delight people of all ages!

The Lair Weddings start their package prices from $299. Look forward to old school sweet treats, a wide assortment of chocolates, and desserts that will sweeten the end of any occasion. 

Customers can look forward to carefully crafted dessert tables and candy bar setups. Whether rain or shine, The Lair Weddings will be the icing on the cake of your event. 

Once Upon a Table

Photo credits: Once Upon a Table

Once Upon a Table prides itself on designing desserts to suit your party’s theme, no matter how specific it is. Homegrown since 2015, the dessert table catering company provides an enormous selection of desserts to complete your birthday party or intimate wedding reception: Mini cupcakes, delectable cookies, fruit tarts, macarons, and customised, handmade cakes to top it all off. 

Many delighted customers praise the quality of their bespoke cakes as well as laud the quality of Once Upon a Table’s customer service, with support provided at every step of the way, from conceptualisation to execution. Islandwide delivery is also available.

Potential customers will have to pay $950 and upwards for their wonderful dessert table packages. It’s an experience not to be missed – especially if one is planning an unforgettable event.


Photo credits: Susucre

For anyone looking for the perfect harmony of design and delicious cake, Susucre may be the one for you. Suited for all occasions, from baby showers to lovely wedding celebrations, expect every cake coming out of Susucre to be delicately and intricately shaped and designed to suit your next event at the hands of the dessert table catering company’s multi talented team of professionals and creators.

What you’ll get from Susucre’s $125 package: European artisan cakes and pastries on the table, where ingredients are painstakingly sourced to deliver only the best results, piping hot out of the oven.

If you’re looking for tastefully decorated dessert tables or an elaborately designed wedding cake to suit the aesthetic of your event, then Susucre is the company to turn to. Customers often praise the team’s attention to detail – and, of course, how good their cakes taste.

Little House of Dreams

Photo credits: Little House of Dreams

On the hunt for a dessert table catering company that understands exactly the vision you have in mind? Little House of Dreams seeks to literally bring your dreams to life, whether it’s for a birthday or a wedding. No vision is too lofty to tackle; their one purpose is to support your event perfectly, especially with dessert table setups. Rest assured that their desserts taste just as good as they look. Little House of Dreams prides itself on this aspect.

For just the price of $650, you can enjoy Little House of Dreams’ basic dessert table package with a selection of customised cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. If you’re looking to sweeten the day with a high quality dessert table, then this is the place.

Customers are often recurring ones, constantly satisfied with the quality and taste of their cakes, especially their Chocolate Salted Caramel one. If you’re looking for something worth the money and highly unforgettable to your taste buds, then look no further.


Photo credits: D’Artisans

Looking for intricately and seriously well-designed desserts and pastries to liven up your event? Whether it’s a wedding or something of a smaller scale, expect D’Artisans to take you seriously and cover your event with customised and detailed dessert tables in Singapore. Helmed by a team of interior designers with a love for desserts and baking, you can be sure that their dessert table setup will entirely complement your event.

The hefty starting cost of $690 is worth every dollar, now that Dessert Artisans has expanded beyond dessert table setups to bespoke decoration and backdrops. Customers enjoy the attention to detail provided by Dessert Artisans most of all.

From personalised cakes, cupcakes, and brownies, expect nothing less than perfection from the team when you take them on as your event vendor.

White Spatula

Photo credits: White Spatula

WhiteSpatula took flight in 2015 and never looked back since. Known for its well-designed cakes with recognisable themes, White Spatula is here for every event, with many delectable options. Beautiful dessert table setups are also available, fit to suit any occasion, along with other party features like photo booths and props!

In general, expect to pay $45 and above, and $299 and above for dessert table packages. Expect five dessert varieties and let the team carry out the concept and styling on your behalf. From themed birthday dessert tables and cakes to delicious cupcakes, cake pops and brownies, White Spatula only aims to please.

Satisfied customers of White Spatula clearly adore its unicorn cakes – especially how they taste (and not just because of how beautiful they are)! If you want rich flavours in your birthday or baby shower cakes, then White Spatula is the vendor to go to. Many others have also praised White Spatula’s customer service quality.Two Bakers

Photo credits: Two Bakers

The perfect partnership between French and Asian influences, Two Bakers prides itself on its artisan creations that promise to delight the senses. Lovers of cakes and pastries can look forward to a wide assortment of desserts, including the well-loved mousse cakes, eclairs, and seasonal tarts. 

Many returning customers tend to praise the lychee cake as well, so you can be sure that Two Bakers is the place to go to, if you’re looking for unique and unforgettable flavours and twists, created by the talented hands of Two Bakers’ Le Cordon Bleu-trained chefs.

Their sumptuous dessert tables cost $500 and above. Whether you’re looking for a dessert table setup to complement a 21st birthday or your grand wedding day, Two Bakers’ bespoke pastries and cakes will surely delight guests of all ages. 

Pixie Dust Events

Photo credits: Pixie Dust Events

Helmed by a formidable mother-daughter duo, Pixie Dust Events is all about creativity and composition – even when it comes to dessert tables to complement your special day. From full-month baby parties to extravagant birthdays, no event is too difficult to match when it comes to Pixie Dust Events. 

The catering company prides itself on its unique dessert tables, customised alongside clients, and provides a big range of desserts to choose from: Brownie bites, mini cupcakes, tarts, and even gummy bears.

Returning customers often favour the above as popular choices, but you can certainly look forward to more as a result of Pixie Dust Events’ collaboration with other local bakeries.

Dessert table packages run from $400, with fully customisable options meant to suit any occasion and theme.

Corine & Cake Dessert Tables

Photo credits: Corine & Cake Dessert Tables

For any kind of party, Corine and Cake seeks to deliver. Expect to enjoy a wide variety of customised cakes, from gourmet-level cakes to baby-friendly smash cakes that will delight the soul. Corine and Cake, a homegrown dessert table catering company in Singapore, prides itself on using fresh ingredients and natural dairy products to make their cakes as healthy as possible – even if they are tasty and sweet. 

Many returning customers often praise the taste and quality of their cakes, often ordered for children’s birthday parties and other events. Some notable cake flavours include ondeh ondeh for those who are seeking traditional, old school twists on their dessert. Expect the delivery and customer service quality at Corine and Cake to match their products as well.

Potential customers will fork out $580 for basic packages here. If you’re looking to complete a fun-filled birthday event with an unforgettable cake, then Corine and Cake will surely deliver.


Photo credits: 25Grams

For all parties and events big and small, 25grams can create dessert tables to suit your whims and fancies. Known for their moist and sweet cakes and pastries, 25grams is a step above the rest due to its vegan and gluten-free options available. If you’re looking for a dessert table catering company that can meet specific dietary requirements, this is the place to go to. 

Returning customers enjoy their selection of vegan cakes as well as their cupcakes that come with delectable frostings and rich fillings. Whether it’s for a child’s birthday party or a baby shower signalling new beginnings, 25grams provides customisable dessert table options that will suit any theme.

Desserts generally cost $20, but party planners should expect more from dessert tables. Expect to be able to feed up to 120 guests with six to seven dessert types from their table setup packages. If you’re looking forward to a huge guest list, 25grams will be there to support you.

Milk & Honey Event Design

Photo credits: Milk & Honey Event Design

Milk and Honey is dedicated towards the effort of creating personalised and beautiful celebrations for a wide number of intimate events, including wedding receptions and birthday parties for all ages.  

Their dessert table packages include mini tarts, cupcakes, cake jars, and customised event or wedding cakes that promise to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Customers who struggle with conceptualising style and theme ideas can rely on the Milk and Honey team to carry out extensive planning as part of their event package, including party favours and goodie bags for that extra touch. As part of their repertoire, Milk and Honey have executed specifically-themed parties in the past, including Peter Rabbit, Avengers, and Star Wars – perfect for children.

Milk and Honey’s dessert table packages are priced from $480 upwards, depending on the size of your guest list, with a minimum order amount of $20. 

Megu Weddings

Photo credits: Megu Weddings

Megu Weddings is all about your special day. Patrons can enjoy extensive support from the team in addition to abundant wedding buffet catering, including tasteful dessert table setups with fruit platters, chocolate tarts, s’mores tarts, mini cakes, as well as grand chocolate fountains for all to enjoy.

Satisfied customers often praise the quality of food and dessert provided and also highlight the event planning team’s prompt responses and quality of their services. For couples looking to organise a wedding with minimal stress and hassle, Megu Weddings is the perfect partner to take on. 

Other perks include venue partnerships with places like the Esplanade, and providing venue-specific decorations that are not only tasteful but meaningful. Keep an eye out for holiday-themed promotions as well.

For events with a minimum of 100 pax, customers should expect to pay $20/pax and above.


pastryden dessert table

Photo credits: PastryDen

A homegrown dessert table and pastry catering company, PastryDen prides itself on its wide assortment of traditional and modern desserts, both local and global, and offers a compelling and well-designed dessert table meant for every occasion. The PastryDen team handpicks every cake and pastry, tailored for your special occasions – or just a simple treat of the day. Created in 2014, PastryDen now also offers Halal dessert table options for Muslim friends and customers without compromising on taste and quality.

Prices generally start from $530. Expect a huge selection of desserts and pastries guaranteed to provide a vibrantly delicious experience. These desserts include PastryDen’s well-known macarons, cakes, brownies, donuts, and more.

Customers of PastryDen enjoy their macarons the most, and also praise their excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a vendor that’s as sweet as their desserts, PastryDen’s the one!


Photo credits: Millieats

A bakery with a mission to help our furry friends, Millieats is a dessert bakery in Singapore whose proceeds go straight to OSCAS Singapore, a local animal shelter, to support animal welfare. 

Helmed by two talented bakers, customers can look forward to enjoying Millieats’ beautiful and delicious creations in the form of handmade cakes, cookies, tarts, cupcakes, muffins, and more. For those looking to support a business with a worthy cause and offset that post-dessert guilt, Millieats could be the one for you.

For your events, regardless of whether it’s a birthday or otherwise, Millieats offers customisable, personalised event cakes that will bring a wide smile to your guests’ faces. You can count on Millieats’ top notch presentation to wow your guestlist as well.


Photo credits: Suzette

The sister shop of Lola’s, Suzette is a bakery with decadent, beautiful creations that serve ultra indulgent flavours for the adventurous. Event cakes come in different tiers, and can be as large as a 7kg, three-tiered one for birthdays or as a wedding cake! For customers who wish to expand their palates, they can look forward to dual-flavoured bakes that will definitely be hard to forget.

Suzette’s dessert tables include mini tarts, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and much more. These packages come in tiers, starting with the mini package for parties of up to 30 pax that is priced at $650. For huge, grand events of up to 100 pax, Suzette’s Party Package promises to deliver for the price of $2,000 (including a three-tier cake and a generous amount of desserts).

For those looking to add an extra flair to their event, Suzette also offers a waffles and ice cream live station, recommended for 60 pax and above, with a minimum spend of $600 on waffles and ice cream.

The Party Affair

Photo credits: The Party Affair

The Party Affair is a local dessert table catering company in Singapore that provides affordable dessert table packages for events big and small. Lovers of sweet treats can look forward to mini cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cake jars, and bespoke event cakes that will serve as the finishing touch to your very successful event. 

The cost of a basic package for small gatherings starts from $350, and this price increases according to different tiers. For parties with an intimate guestlist of 30 pax, look forward to a $600 package ($550 if you book through Delegate!) that will allow you to customise your chosen theme, display curated artwork, and even utilise complimentary e-invitations!

For a dedicated party dessert table setup that will stay true to your chosen theme and wow your guests, The Party Affair is here to make that vision of yours come true.

Addictive Bakes

Photo credits: Addictive Bakes

Addictive Bakes is a homegrown, online desserts business that’s comprised of a team of passionate bakers in Singapore. 

What sets them apart as a dessert business is the deviation from basic, common flavours in their beautiful creations. If you’re looking for new flavours to experiment with and try out, Addictive Bakes has a selection of unique flavours including mango white chocolate, lemon curd, and more, in their customisable, personalised event cakes. Other desserts include intricately-designed donuts, mini tarts, and much more.

For their bespoke cakes, Addictive Bakes offers different types for various events. Birthday cakes are priced from $75 upwards, while anniversary cakes cost $70 to begin with. Whether it’s for an intimate event or a full-scale celebration, Addictive Bakes is ready to deliver.


Photo credits: Wanderfool

Wanderfool is a dessert table catering business that offers versatile setups that go with virtually any theme you can throw at them, from Japanese to classically rustic, depending on your taste. No matter what you’re organising – baby showers, gender reveal parties – you can be sure that Wanderfool’s indulgently flavoured desserts will keep guests coming back for more.

Look forward to handmade cupcakes, creme brulee, brownies, event cakes, cream puffs, cookies, and other decadent treats in Wanderfool’s dessert table packages. You can be sure of their neat, organised presentation, and also take part in their planning process as well by fully customising decorations to your heart’s desire.

For people who prioritise visuals as much as taste, Wanderfool is a suitable partner and vendor waiting to work with you.

La Bonnie Patisserie

Photo credits: La Bonnie Patisserie

La Bonnie Patisserie is a Singapore-based bakery and dessert business that promises great taste and even better customer service. For party planners who are stuck on figuring out a suitable theme, La Bonnie comes with pre-packaged themes to save the day, especially suitable if you are looking for a birthday or baby shower dessert table. And their dessert list is long – look forward to macarons, gula melaka mousse, mini meringue tarts, chocolate tarts, choux puffs, eclairs, panna cotta, and much more to spice up your party or grand event.

The dessert table setup packages are fairly straightforward. For a classic, universally-loved theme, the classic dessert table package is priced at $550. For a larger event like a wedding reception, the wedding dessert table package is available for $950.

Whether you’re planning events big or small, La Bonnie is prepared to deliver a smattering of decadent treats and cakes so your guests finish the day on a sweet note.

Petite Desserts

Photo credits: Petite Desserts

Petite Desserts is a dessert table catering company in Singapore that’s serious about making your celebration complete. Regardless of whether you have a concrete theme worked out or just a rough concept, the team behind Petite Desserts is ready to support you in your party planning.

Past customers often praise the team’s prompt response, delivery, and in general the quality of their customer service. The quality of their desserts and pastries are also a huge factor, however, and future customers can look forward to familiar but well-loved desserts such as agar-agar, cupcakes, popcorn, fruit tarts, and chocolate.

The basic dessert table package is priced at $450. Party planners will be pleased to know that these desserts can be personalised for guests. Look forward to a list of complimentary items including e-invitations, backdrops, sign boards, and a free setup as well. What are you waiting for?


Photo credits: BeCakefull

For dessert lovers looking for something that doesn’t taste overly sweet, BeCakefull is a dessert table catering company that offers reasonably priced desserts that won’t make you feel like you’re risking your health. Many returning and satisfied customers praise BeCakefull’s macarons and all highlight their taste and texture, among many other strengths, including intricately-designed birthday or event cakes.

Other desserts in BeCakefull’s menu include cupcakes, fruit tarts, cookies, and more! Prices for these amazing treats start from $55 onwards.

BeCakefull’s team is also known for their responsiveness and dedication, no matter how complicated or simple your party’s chosen theme is. Expect to hear from them frequently as you put together a celebration to remember, and work closely to customise a fitting dessert table for all ages to enjoy.

Sunday Folks

Photo credits: Sunday Folks

For party planners searching for customisable dessert table packages instead of pre-packaged setups, Sunday Folks is here and ready to meet your specific needs, whether it’s for a small-scale celebration or for something grand and unforgettable. With a basic dessert table package that starts from $500, you have the option of adding on various other offerings to spice up the whole setup based on your needs, including handcrafted sweets, refreshments, and even party favours.

Sunday Folks’ impressive dessert table package starts you off with 90 dessert items, including cookies, mini cakes, and tartlets or dessert cups. With a full setup option, you’ll be paying $700. 

For larger events, the $800 package will deliver 120 dessert items (with more than one flavour) that include cupcakes, mini cakes, tartlets, and one whole event cake. With a full setup option, expect to pay $1,050 and above.

Pretty Bakes

Photo credits: Pretty Bakes

Among its clientele, Pretty Bakes is mostly well-known for its sweet, delectable desserts and cakes as well as its impressive quality of customer service and involvement in the party planning process. Whether you’re a first-time party planner or experienced, Pretty Bakes’ team will meet you where you are and work closely with you to produce the most fitting dessert table setup possible.

Pretty Bakes’ custom dessert tables include multi-tiered event cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, and more, guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests’ faces, young and old. And apart from desserts, clients and party planners can expect a lot more help in other areas, including party decorations, favours, and photo backdrops to guarantee a fun-filled time.

Dazzling Dessert Table

Photo credits: Dazzling Dessert Table

Got your desserts covered, but struggling with logistics? Dazzling Dessert Table is here to save the day with its non-dessert table setup package, priced at $300 nett! 

Of course, desserts are also included in the mix in a separate package, priced at $480 nett. Whether you’ve got a theme settled or you’re only barely into the party planning phase, Dazzling Dessert Table will be there to provide vibrant, attractive setups to finish off your celebration. 

Many satisfied customers praise the team’s proactiveness, from sending photos of the setups pre-rental to help with visualisation to making sure desserts provided aligned with chosen party themes in terms of their design. If it’s your first time planning a party and fixing up a dessert table, Dazzling Dessert Table is the perfect partner to work with.

Click here to save more when you book their Delegate-exclusive packages!

Tsujiri Singapore

Photo credits: Tsujiri Singapore

For lovers of Japanese desserts and refreshments, especially green tea, Tsujiri Singapore has been in the business of catering and delivering green tea products and desserts for over a hundred years. For events and celebrations looking for a unique twist, consider taking on Tsujiri and enjoy premium desserts like soft serve ice cream and tea-based desserts and beverages, with the choice of ice cream toppings to finish everything on a sweet note.

Tsujiri’s dessert list includes traditional Japanese snacks, including matcha almond cookies, handmade candy, baked chocolate, cube cake, mini muffins, and waffles. 

Party planners should note that Tsujiri’s menu is completely halal certified as the team sources for quality ingredients from halal suppliers only.

Party Mojo

Photo credit: Party Mojo

Catered towards children’s parties and events mainly for kids and young ones, Party Mojo is a leading event planner that knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to creating amazing celebrations for the young, and the young at heart. From themed birthday parties to corporate events, Party Mojo is all about having fun in style.

Their event packages come in various tiers depending on the size of your event or party. For a party of 15 pax, priced at $348, your young guests can look forward to balloons, face painting, mini games, and more! For a bigger event with more fun-filled activities, the subsequent package will cost $498. Add-ons like party music and switching out activities for others are also available, ensuring that you have all you need to make this the perfect kids party!

The Party Elves

Photo credits: The Party Elves

The Party Elves comes power-packed with exciting event planning and dessert tables that will make your child’s special day unforgettable and more. A Singapore-based event planning company, The Party Elves’ dessert table package is fit for big parties of up to 50 pax, and includes desserts such as brownies, macarons, cookies, eclairs, and fruit tarts. Get this package at a Delegate-exclusive price of $1,200 (U.P. $1500)!

For parents who are lost in the process of planning a party from start to finish, there is an event planning package available at $1,200 that will ensure everything is taken care of by The Party Elves. However, do note that this package is available only for a party of 100 pax or less.

Other additional packages include a photo backdrop package for $199 as well as printable decor that will cost $249.

Kiss My Pans

Photo credits: Kiss My Pans

If you’re looking to plan a party that’s a step above the fun and cheer of desserts, consider Kiss My Pans’ unique grazing table package, where instead of ice cream and cake, you get cheese platters, canapes, charcuterie, fresh fruit, and delicious dips. This would better suit corporate events and parties with an older guestlist when the kids are away.

The basic cheese grazing table package is priced at $700, and is fit to serve up to 25 pax at a time. For a more tasteful and sophisticated night, Kiss My Pans is a viable alternative to other typical dessert table vendors. Satisfied customers often laud the generous portions provided in these grazing tables, in addition to their professional presentation and excellent home dining packages.

We hope you found this list of dessert table caterers helpful. If you know of any companies that deserve to be on this list, feel free to let us know!

Meanwhile, if you’re planning ahead for an upcoming party in 2020, here are some dessert vendors to usher in the Spring season. Also, don’t forget to head over to Delegate to discover dessert tables you love!

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