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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist for Singapore

Felicitations, you’re getting married! After sitting through hours of tear-filled rom-coms and romantic movies with dreamy engagements and drama-filled wedding sagas, you and your partner are finally engaged! The next step is planning your dream wedding and finally starting your life with your person, ‘The One’ (awwn). However, unlike the movies where everything magically comes together in a perfect harmony of awe-inspiring churches, dinner receptions and carefree dancing, with the couple’s main concern being the length of the guestlist; there is something else to fuss over: the logistics, the schedule and the budget of constructing the wedding of your lifetimes.

These are the cumbersome words that no one wants to hear, but are essential steps to a smooth wedding. Often, these can become quite overwhelming and taxing. To combat this, Delegate has compiled an entire list of the most minute details that will make your wedding stress and disaster-free!

After The Engagement

It’d be nice to wallow in the bliss and glow of the engagement and stare at the dazzling stone on your ring wouldn’t it? The reality though is that there are a lot of things to be done after the big proposal and engagement. From breaking the news to friends and family, the wife and husband-to-be must decide on the type of wedding they want; the budget; and the date of the wedding.

Making these foundational decisions isn’t easy and will lay the groundwork for future logistical and scheduling decisions. Once the would-be bride and groom decide on the wedding theme, they must make a list of all the prospective wedding venues, their price, size and dates of availability first before deciding on anything else. Picking out the venue and the theme is super exciting, and we have provided a checklist just in case you may miss out on anything else!

Designing Your Wedding

After you’ve found your dream wedding venue, it’s time for some exciting aesthetic-related decisions. The recommended times for these decisions can be decided from 9 months in advance to avoid disappointment due to the overbooking of some of the popular wedding vendors in town. You can find a list of wedding vendors on Delegate’s blog here!

The Scheduling of Tasks

The Delegate checklist shows the timeline to get all your tasks sorted out. Scheduling is like a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be sorted if you’re to plan the perfect wedding. This helps take care of the potentially large assembly of bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as people who will have to be notified of the wedding beforehand to save the date and make space in their schedules well ahead of time. The scheduling of tasks goes hand-in-hand with the logistics to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time for the big day itself. Photography scheduling, invitations, outfits and booking of the wedding vendors are all done in this period and prepared to be on standby for the big day. To avoid any mishaps or last minute changes, 6 months advance scheduling is recommended.

The Logistics and The Rehearsal

The most dreaded part of wedding planning: Logistics. With the date of the big day on the horizon, this is where all the logistics, rehearsals, family obligations and details start to blend into a big ball of togetherness. Deciding on the guest list, honeymoon travel arrangements, wedding favours and official solemnizer, dance rehearsals are all part of the big incongruent mess under the title of logistics and administrative details. But fear not, that’s where our checklist comes in handy. The checklist shows the recommended activities to engage in side by side to avoid confusion and stress of trying to do everything at once, as well as help you sort out your priorities without missing anything!

Don’t Forget to Pamper Yourself!

Last but not least, take a breather to remind yourself, you are getting married! In the midst of the wedding planning and coordination process, having fun with your partner deciding on these joint decisions is one of the hallmarks of beginning a new life together. So remember to slow down and enjoy every second, you’ll only experience this once. Take care of yourself and everything will be okay! 

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