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Top Wedding Photographers in Singapore Every Wedding Couple Will Love

Your love deserves to be captured in all it’s magic to make sure, years from now, you can look back and be reminded of every second of your big day. Get yourself one of these incredible wedding photographers in Singapore to make sure your love story is told as authentically as possible.

1. aMusephotographer

Love is often the Muse that inspires, stimulates, impacts and aMusephotographer seeks to create the same inspirations and stimulus from their images. aMusephotographer believes that every wedding is unique and they strive to capture every moment with utmost dedication; every hug, every kiss, every smile, every little thing that contributes to the uniqueness of the most important day of every couple’s lives. Their approach is to capture the events as they unfold, the spontaneous cheers, joyous celebrations and uninhibited love documenting each couples’ memories as valuable mementos to look back on in the years to come as they embark on their journey of life together.

Image Credits: aMusephotographer

2. Darcher Films

The husband and wife duo at Darcher films understands the importance of a well videographed wedding in celebration of a couple’s love, and have all it takes to make sure your special moments are authentically captured. Their videographing journey started in 2019 and since then, they’ve worked on multiple weddings. Their motto “your love in frames” perfectly captures how they work with each of their clients, holding all the sweet, love-filled moments of your big day in momentos you can look at years from now.

Image Credits: Darcher Films

3. Jeffery Koh Photography

A perfect mix of storytelling and artistry, Jeffery Koh Photography’s vision, passion, and dedication is shown through their exceptional imagery.

While they try to break away to capture fun-filled posed pictures of the wedding party and the happy couple, it is the candid shots that create the memories which will last a lifetime. Your wedding is your special day, so leave the photography details to Jeffery Koh to deliver a Pinterest worthy shot of your happiest moments! They strive to capture those moments that flicker with authenticity, candidly holding your dearest memories in time without manipulating any second of your happiest day.

Image Credits Jeffery Koh Photography

4. Korea Artiz Studio

Free from the influence of time & place, Korea Artiz Studio portraits capture moments that are timeless. The founders were deeply moved as a child when they saw a photo of their grandparents together, bathed in a soft red light. They can never forget the impression that photo left on them, impacting both them and their photography.

This is their wish: for all brides and grooms to have the same feelings when they receive their portraits. The most beautiful moments of loving couples should be retained forever.

With shoots like the Moon Swing, Stars’ Choice, Ever After, Dream, and Romantic collections, there’s a guarantee that every couples’ unforgettable memories will be captured as authentically.

Image Credits: Korea Artiz Studio

5. Multifolds Productions

Multifolds Productions is known for their unique lovescapade series where their pre-wedding and wedding day shots are very unscripted and fun. They are a bunch of people that are passionate about photography and simply love what they do. They love the idea of personalization because every couple has their own story.

Their team believes weddings are a significant mark in our lives, and takes great care to treat every client’s event as such. From the intricate details like the ring to the very moment you say ‘I do’, every moment holds true to your heart. Your ideal wedding has to be glamorous, but more importantly, you want these once-in-a-lifetime memories to be captured in superior quality, to last for future generations to see.

Multifolds Production doesn’t simply snap photos, they take it a step further by bringing out the emotions and feelings attached to the photo. But above all this, they believe that the best approach to capturing a genuinely spontaneous moment is to create a fun and creative environment.

Image Credits: Multifolds Productions

6. Studio Five Weddings

Trust Studio Five’s expert production team for your big day, offering all services from photography and cinematography to livestream, wedding invitation card, photobooth and many more. Their passion for telling stories stands at the core of what they do. 

Their team aims to meet up with the lovers at least once before the wedding to listen to their beautiful love stories to ensure that your love story is at the forefront of every picture captured. The team aims to tell every couple’s story in the most authentic way. 

Ultimately, Studio Five believes in crafting a piece of art about the greatest adventure in life – love. Their clients’ love inspires them to create epic love stories through affordable wedding videography singapore has to offer.

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

7. The GAS Station

The Gas Station is in the business of capturing every couple’s moment in time; and bringing emotions alive! From your pre-wed photography shoot to every blissful moment of your wedding day, let their team of experts tag along to make sure they capture your happiest moments in all your glory.

Every wedding is like a fingerprint, totally unique from anything they’ve previously worked on, and they go into every gig with that mentality, determined to tell, as authentically as possible, each couple’s love story in pictures. Where a picture speaks a thousand words, The Gas Station believes a video speaks ten thousand more, and aims to make sure your love is encapsulated and immortalized in their wedding photography and videography.

Image Credits: The GAS Station

8. The Story Box Co.

You’ll be in good hands with The Story Box Co. photo booth products and experiences, varying in style and function. In addition, every corporate or wedding photo booth package features a high end DSLR with excellent lighting for awesome quality instant prints for your guests to take home and enjoy. Lastly, all photo booth packages include creative fun props and operated by a friendly attendant.

Continuing to push the boundaries of what a “photo booth” can do, they believe themselves to be kings of  air photo booths. Your guests will definitely love the fun snaps before taking home a handful of personalised memento from your big day. Go beyond photos and make your wedding snaps truly an unforgettable experience for your guests with The Story Box Co.’s handcrafted vintage photo booths!

They house several kinds of vintage-styled booths, namely The Story Box, The Story Box Jr., The Lumi, The Amour, The Mirrox, and The Rover. Equipped with professional gear and operated by professional photographers and artists, they always make sure to fulfil their client’s requests with their signature neat yet classy flair. Each event is executed flawlessly, giving our clients and guests a fun and captivating photo experience.

Image Credits: The Story Box Co.

9. Visual Recollections

Virtual Recollectives are a photography collective that identifies as not only your photographers but your guides and comrades on your special day. They believe that servicing their customers is their top priority, and ensuring your satisfaction is a must in their duties.

Capture the best parts of your smiles and tears of joy on your big day. Visual Recollections is a one-stop photography collective dedicated to capturing your moments and preserving them for eternity. 

Image Credits: Visual Recollections

As you create precious memories on your great day, our top wedding photography vendors will capture every glimpse of happiness you have that is worth remembering forever. Providing you amazing wedding photography and videography packages from pre-shoot to the actual day that meets leading standards, get your best shots with our top vendors!

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