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Unconventional Ways to Countdown to 2017

For good or bad, 2016 has been an exceptional year. After everything, the past year will probably stick in our minds for years to come. But now that it’s coming to a close, it’s also time for us to start fresh. Bid farewell to the year that was and welcome the new one with good vibes and a positive energy. Try these unconventional ways to countdown to 2017, and celebrate a memorable year in an equally memorable and special way.

Charter a yacht

Yacht Charter

The Marina Bay Sands New Year’s Eve fireworks display is always a sight to behold. Now imagine watching that from the privacy of your own yacht. Not only will it spare you from the crowds, but you also get to witness the spectacular light show from the water while all your needs are being attended to by professional staff. Whether it’s just for you and your significant other, your immediate family, or all the people you like, it’s set to be a memorable affair.

Celebrate abroad

Celebrate abroad

When you’ve done it enough, all NYE parties can feel the same. Sure the event performers change from year to year, but in the end, they all follow the same formula. If you want to change things up, meet the coming year in a totally different culture. Traveling abroad for New Year allows you to experience another country’s NYE traditions and practices. For instance, in Denmark they are said to break plates, while in Spain they consume grapes for good luck, and in Japan they ring bells to chase their troubles away.

Go on a pub crawl

Pub Crawl

Instead of attending the usual parties or fireworks displays, gather your squad and go on a pub crawl to countdown to 2017. If you’re up to the challenge, you can even pick 12 bars for the months of the year and add another one for good luck. Don’t forget to make a wish when you down a shot in each bar to attract positive energy and good fortune for the coming year!

Sing the night away at karaoke


Did you know that firecrackers were traditionally used at New Year because the noise is believed to chase the bad spirits away? Not to imply that you singing equates to noise, of course! But what harm can singing at the top of your lungs do, right? It’s also a great way to have fun and unwind with your friends, while welcoming the coming year with joy and positivity.

Have a New Year movie marathon

Looking for something quieter? Make yourself a tub of popcorn and snuggle in your comfy PJ’s while going on a Holiday movie-watching binge. From classics like Love Actually and New Year’s Eve to nostalgia trips like the Home Alone series, there’s nothing like hearty holiday films to get you in the spirit. Whether you enjoy it with friends or with only yourself, you’re sure to meet 2017 feeling good and fluffy.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself

After an intense year, we all deserve a little R&R and indulgence. Why not countdown to 2017 by luxuriating and getting pampered in a spa? There’s nothing like soothing your muscles and rejuvenating your skin to make you feel light and squeaky clean. Alternatively, you can create your own spa ambiance at home by lighting some candles, putting on aromatherapy, and just creating a relaxing space.


MeditateAt the end of the day, welcoming a new year is about welcoming growth. It’s also a good time to pause and reflect on everything you have accomplished and to focus on your next goals. This year, instead of looking outward to celebrate the coming of 2017, look inward for a change and celebrate within yourself. Not only will this reinforce the mindset you want to have for the coming year, but also allow you to say goodbye to 2016 with peace and contentment.

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