Vintage-Themed Wedding Ideas

It’s no surprise that a lot of women are drawn to vintage-style weddings. Using elements from a bygone era, a vintage wedding theme, in its simplicity, evokes old-world romance and sophistication.

A vintage theme focuses on old-world elements, antique accents, and a weathered look. Vintage simply means incorporating a particular style from the past, like the 1800s, 1920s, and 1950s eras. But you can also dig deeper by differentiating between western and eastern vintage style, and classic or rustic vintage.

There are many sub-categories under Vintage, so it can be confusing to know where to start. The following ideas will help you plan for a vintage wedding theme:

Find your own vintage style

Decide what vintage style you’d like for your wedding. What era would you like to be transported to? Research how that era is defined. Or, would you like to copy the style from a vintage movie like The Great Gatsby? Review the movie and pick up the essential elements you’d want to include in your own wedding. Take note of the clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, music, and the atmosphere from that time period.

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Wedding gown

Picture yourself walking down the aisle in a romantic and very feminine vintage gown. Think of the signature creations of top designers Carolina Herrera and Monique Lhuillier.

Identify a style icon from your chosen period or movie whose look you want to draw inspiration from. Layers, lace, pearls, tulle, embroidery, and intricate detailing are prominent design elements in a vintage wedding gown.

You may want to wear something old and something borrowed from your own family. Have your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown restyled and refitted for you? Heirloom jewellery will complete the look.

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Venue and decor

Step inside the large ballroom of an historic estate, an Art Deco building, mansion or country club. Marvel at the sight of crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, silver candelabras, and fine china dinnerware adorning the tables. Display antique furnishings and accent pieces with antique details like stacks of old books, clocks, travel trunks, old typewriters, Victorian birdcages, black and white or sepia photographs, and flower arrangements in antique crystal vases.

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Wedding colours and accessories

In general, vintage colours tend to be soft pastel shades of every hue like blush pink, peach, lilac, powder blue, and mint green.

Ornate head dresses like pillbox hats and birdcage veils worn by your bridal party brings vintage glamour to your special occasion. Pretty parasols can also make charming accessories.

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Use vintage stationery styles for your invitations, menu cards, and place cards like letterpress printing and tea-stained papers. Added touches could be a wax seal and a stamp of your monogram.


Hire a live band to play retro kinds of music from your chosen era. You and your guests will enjoy dancing to jazz or big band music.

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There’s something comforting and familiar with the past. Good old-fashioned design is classic and will never go out of style. Talk to one of Delegate’s trusted wedding planners for help in organising a vintage-themed wedding.

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