Wedding Cake Inspirations That Will Get Your Guests Talking

There’s probably one thing nearly as glamorous as the bride herself that might even steal a bit of the spotlight if done right on your big day! What’s that you as? Well what else if not the wedding cake you choose!

Very few things are as important and highly esteemed as a decadent wedding cake—both in taste and style. While dessert trends come and go, nothing could take the place of a delicious cake that satisfies all your guests’ senses. Nothing beats the marriage of a sophisticated aesthetic with a relaxed design in bringing sophistication to your wedding cake.

For the bohemian couples choices including delicate flower wreaths, organically placed leafy vines, or anything with an earthy feel is on offer, while, for the more contemporary, a sleek, smooth finish with geometric details is on deck to do the trick. 

If you’re more of a classic bride, traditional wedding cakes in white aren’t your only option; hand-painted florals, watercolors, and subtle ruffles all evoke a timeless touch. If your reception is outdoors, consider taking inspiration from your surroundings. Focus on the dream cake you’ll want to devour for your celebration and let the excellent bakers at Susucre determine what designs will be the best for you.

With that said, we’ve rounded up some of the gorgeous cakes from Susucre that promise to do just that. No matter your taste (literally and figuratively), we’ve got a cake for every wedding style. Which one is your favorite?

Image Credits: Susucre

Naked, Rustic Cakes

These inside-out cakes are absolutely beautiful and not to mention, very unique. Countrified, but make it oh-so refined. Their semi-naked wedding cakes allow the spongey base to peek through the layer of icing while blush flowers finish off the tender look.Surprise your guests with this design that’s both picture perfect and delish!

Ombre Cakes

Every wedding has its own color scheme. Reflect your colour scheme by having an ombre cake that will surely catch everyone’s attention. The tiers of an ascending color gradients make a serious statement, adding depth and dimension to your masterpiece cake. 

Image Credits: Susucre

Floral cakes

Whether they’re real or made of frosting, cakes with floral designs are always stunning. Popular styles include placing flowers in between tiers or draping them. Pretty blooms are the perfect accessory for your reception confection. And there are oh so many yummy ways to throw in a delicious bouquet to your cake.

Minimalist Cake

Understated and simple cakes exude a lot of classiness and elegance. An all-white cake is quintessentially bridal, with just enough class without being too dramatic.

Metallic cakes

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than this. Get your tiers of white fondant brushed with metallic gold. Cakes with hints of gold or silver add more sparkle and shine to your wedding. Plus, they’re edible too!

Black and white cakes

The days of avoiding the colour black for a wedding are now gone. If you’re having a black and white colour scheme for your wedding, why not include the same palette for your cake?

Image Credits: Susucre

Ruffled cakes

What is it about ruffled buttercream that always makes people so happy? This wedding cake wonder boasts of gorgeous layers of ruffles all swept up in a cradle of creative, sophisticated finishes. Adding ruffles adds interesting texture and flair to wedding cakes. Whether minimalistic or filled with flowers, this design is a definite stunner!

Everything about this ruffled look is set to make your guests have a double take to appreciate the artistry of cascading tiers of frothy, silk organza ruffles. This showstopper is positively ageless with a cloak of ruffled, frilly texture and powdery, barely-there blooms.

Wedding favors – Cupcakes

Apart from the amazing cakes to choose from to wow your guests, you could also consider having wedding favors in the form of baked goodies – cupcakes! Anything from lavish dessert tables to unique wedding cake topper ideas, you can have it all. Susucre brings this idea to life beautifully with all sorts of mouth watering designs to charm your guests and share the joy and love of your special day.  

Image Credits: Susure

All Susucre wedding cakes are custom designed to fit your theme, style and wedding decor as well as meticulously hand-crafted, with focus on delicious cakes with intricate designs with a touch of light sophistication. Each couple’s story and memories are artistically mixed into each and every creation.

Having had their wedding cakes featured on various magazines like Prestige Magazine, Her World Brides, Style Weddings, Singapore Tatler Weddings, Harper’s Bazaar and Female Brides magazines, you can rest guaranteed that you’ll be getting nothing but the best wedding cakes Singapore has to offer.


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