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Groomsmen play important duties in weddings- from being the groom’s most prominent supporters to helping out in other aspects of the wedding. In Chinese wedding traditions, groomsmen are also known to “suffer” together with the groom while playing wedding gatecrash games on the morning of the wedding party. In most instances, groomsmen will don hilarious outfits during these wedding gatecrash games to add extra humour to the games that are known to induce laughter. You can read up more about wedding gatecrash games here!

It’s time that the grooms and groomsmen move away from the standard tuxedo, suit and tie. With the option of groomsmen being able to wear cheeky and fun costumes in the day while putting on formal wear in the evening of the wedding, there are endless groomsmen outfit ideas for you. Roll up on your wedding day with your best friends in style! If you’re going to dress up silly, you won’t feel ashamed if everyone does it together. From switching up formal wear to quirky and fun costumes, for morning games to entertaining photoshoots, we have a list of groomsmen wedding attire for you right here! You can also check out unique ideas for bridesmaids dresses here.


Vests are known as one of the trickiest clothing to style for men. However, they are also one of the most underrated formal wear trends! Throw on a vest on top of a button-up shirt, and you would be surprised at how versatile and comfortable these groomsmen outfits can be. The colour of the groomsmen’s vests is also up to you! It can either be the same as the groom’s tux, or as a complementing colour. You can even customise the colour of the inner button-up shirt to match the colour palette theme of your wedding.

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Instead of the typical suit and tie for groomsmen outfits, why not bring back the adorable and cheeky craze of suspenders and bow ties from the 1930s? Sure, we know that it appears to be less formal than the standard tuxedo, but there are many ways to dress suspenders appropriately for weddings to bring across a vintage-style theme. With colours like brown, cream or grey paired with boutonniéres pinned near the shoulder, you’ll have your unique vintage theme easily. You can find more interesting wedding theme trends here. It’ll be a good idea to pair the colour of the dress pants to match the groom’s tux, so everything comes together entirely. Suspenders and shorts are also possible to create a younger look!

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Movie characters are a highly popular dress code theme for the grooms and groomsmen who are going for their wedding gatecrash games in the morning of the wedding day. Wedding gatecrash games often involve making the groomsmen wear foolish costumes anyways- why not show up in one for the laughs? Dressing up as the bride and groom’s favourite movie characters or as characters from their first movie date can also make this a meaningful theme. Apart from looking adorably silly, of course! Have the groom dress up as the main character while the groomsmen’s outfits are sided characters. You can look to rent fun costumes here. Go wild with the props too to complete the look!

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Team players

Teammate bonds are bonds that will last for life. It’s only natural to say that the more we suffer together, the more we grow closer together as a team. That’s why it’s not surprising to see a groom inviting his old school CCA teammates to be his groomsmen. It will be a nostalgic and fun dress theme for groomsmen outfits to be their old sports jerseys or CCA clothing to commemorate the reunion of your team of best friends on your big day! Extra props like basketballs, hockey sticks, or whichever relevant CCA you belonged to, can also be included to make your wedding photos look extra adorable. Hopefully, you can still squeeze into that jersey you’ve been keeping at the back of your closet for a long time.

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Blast to the past

What makes us Singaporean? Why not take this back to old school and go for a retro and vintage look at how Singapore used to be in the past? With inspiration from popular television shows such as “The Little Nyonya” which was set in the 1930s, dress up like how your grandparents used to do while they were in their youthful days. From colourfully patterned floral shirts, baggy and stylish pants, traditional clothing, or even casual singlets and slippers like our coffee shop uncles and aunties, there are many options to choose from this retro “blast to the past in Singapore” theme. These groomsmen outfits would make your wedding more personalised to your “Singaporean style”, and it’ll be fun to take your wedding photos in historical places or places that remind you of your childhood as well.

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The ultimate transformation for your groomsmen would be to turn them into bridesmaids. Sometimes, wedding gatecrashes games would require the groom and his groomsmen to wear skirts. Therefore, showing up while already wearing these said skirts will definitely induce shock and laughter amongst everyone. If your team of groomsmen are jokers just like you are and are comfortable with the idea of cross-dressing as a unique and hilarious groomsmen outfit theme, you can consider this. It will surely be a memorable wedding experience with your best friends that you’re never to forget! Groomsmen will feel the most popular on this day with the massive amount of people who would like to take photos with them to savour this memory.

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If you’re still looking for your groomsmen to wear the standard suit and tie that will never go wrong for any formal occasion, you can switch it up with a small and unique twist- a subtle splash of colours! Enough with the black and white penguin look, colours can be inserted into groomsmen’s outfits in many different ways. From matching colourful socks, patterned inner shirts, unique tie pins, handkerchiefs, to blooming flowers as boutonniéres, there are endless possibilities! Colours never fail to make things brighter and a little more cheerful. With this in mind, why not find something colourfully unique and personalised for you and your groomsmen as a token of memory from that day?

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Printed shirts

Blazers are thick and stuffy to wear in this burning Singaporean heat, so you might consider having your groomsmen wear something casual and light during the morning wedding gatecrash games. It’s not exactly ideal for your groomsmen outfits in Singapore to be extremely formal attire while running around and doing tiring missions that are sure to make them sweat. It’ll be interesting and unique to have printed shirts as a casual alternative that are personalised for you and your groomsmen! Some ideas include printing out suits and bowties on them to appear formal or printing out labels like “grooms” and “groomsmen” to differentiate between the men.

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There’s never a dull moment whenever you’re with your best friends- why not bring this enjoyment to your wedding days? With quirky and unique groomsmen outfits that are also meaningful and special, take this time to figure out which outfit theme best suits your greatest buds. We know how important it is to make every small aspect of your wedding perfect, personalised and meaningful, right down to your groomsmen’s attire. These are the photos you’ll treasure and look back on to realise the fun you’ve had while growing up with your best friends. Don’t worry too much; your groomsmen are there to calm your nerves and remind you to have fun on your big day! You can also find some wedding hacks to ease you of your nervousness here.

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