Perfect Palettes for a Winter Wedding

Choosing a colour palette for a wedding can be a challenge. Aside from the wedding venue, the season also matters. Winter weddings are especially romantic because of the cool atmosphere and people’s need for something that would warm their hearts. Make sure your wedding exudes romance and bliss by checking out these beautiful colour scheme inspirations.

Many assume that winter weddings should only call for rich, dark colors. This isn’t always true. There are colors, no matter how light and subtle, that can still make any winter wedding dreamy and spectacular.

Light and Subtle Colour Schemes

Palette Number 1 – Shades of Grey

As a neutral colour, grey can easily be blended with another neutral colour or a contrasting colour. This palette however, is all grey and it’s incredibly stunning and elegant.

Palette Number 2 – Blush

Blush shades come in warm or cool tones. They are best combined with grey, cream, carnation and other light colors.

Palette Number 3 – Silver and White

Want a sparkly wedding but afraid it might look like a club? Choose a silver and white motif. This colour combination is a classy way of adding some oomph to the occasion while adding a whole lot of class.

Dark and Rich Colour Schemes

Since winter weddings can go from cool to cold, many choose dark and rich colours for a warmer atmosphere.

Palette Number 4 – Marsala, Rose and Cream

Marsala was the colour for 2015 but shouldn’t stop you from using it this year. Marsala is a mix of burgundy and red wine, which makes it a beautiful color for an occasion that’s worth celebrating. It can be combined with grey, cream and light colors such as blush or rose.

Palette Number 5 – Blue, Silver and White

Some find blue a challenging colour for a wedding palette. If you choose the wrong shade, it may turn out dull. So, the best way is to choose the perfect shade, such as midnight blue or royal blue. Combine it with gold, silver or white, and it’ll be perfect!

Palette Number 6- Purple, Plum and Neutrals

In ancient times, the colour purple was associated with royalty and wealth. We can’t blame our ancestors, as purple truly is a gorgeous color. For more texture and richness, add a darker color such as plum and complement it with one or two neutrals.

Getting hitched in the winter season? We’d love to know your colour palette choices! Please leave a comment below.

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