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10 Best Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know to Get the Perfect Bridal Glow

Being a bride, everyone knows that all eyes will be on the princess in white, so as the center of attention, it’s absolutely crucial that your skin is glowing on your big day.

Like all good things, flawless, radiant skin requires patience and consistency, which is why your “bridal routine” shouldn’t be left until the last minute. That means eating, drinking and prepping your way into glowing wedding-day skin. And because we know you’re knee-deep in wedding preparations, we come bearing gifts, one of the top beauticians in Singapore on a silver platter. We’ve partnered with ICON Aesthetics to help you pamper and flaunt your glow so you can look your best on your special day.

While being engaged felt like a breeze (admit it, you love flaunting your new ring in everyone’s face, and likely took a ridiculous number of selfies to show it off) planning an actual wedding can take its toll on any bride. And we’re here to make sure that you don’t lose your shine amidst all the running around. 

Image Credits: ICON Aesthetics

While making water your best friend and keeping hydrated is key in this period (and every other day anyway), you might need to come out all guns blazing when it comes to making sure that your skin is well taken care of. That means taking things into your own hands and seeking the help of beauty experts like ICON Aesthetics.

Some of the awesome treatments they offer include: 

1. ICONIC Glow Laser 

Deal with problematic pores, pigmentation problems, uneven skin tone, and even get rid of stubborn pimples the right way with ICONIC Glow Laser. 

The highly coveted glowing skin is now achievable with the ICONIC Glow Laser treatment. You can finally ditch your foundation & concealer as this treatment helps to eliminate signs of imperfections, from open pores and pimples to pigmentation, so you can be confident about the skin you were born in.

The iconic glow laser treatment utilizes micro beams of lasers along with an in-motion technology to give you a clear & picture-perfect complexion that will be the envy of many. Let your natural skin shine and speak for itself with this incredible glow. 

2. Hollywood Peel

Finally say bye-bye to pigmentation problems and lighten your acne scars while also evening out your skin tone with this incredible skin treatment. 

The Hollywood peel is a popular favorite among famous Hollywood icons, and now you can get that red carpet glow too! This treatment works by using medically-activated carbon to absorb impurities deep within your pores to improve your skin’s overall complexion.

Not only do you get a deeply exfoliating treatment, you’ll also have your collagen production boosted, reducing any acne inflammation or blackheads.

3. BB Glow Facial Treatment

BB Glow Facial is every busy woman’s solution to getting that gorgeous “no make-up” look. If you’re looking for a semi-permanent make-up treatment that’ll change your daily beauty regime completely, this is the perfect solution. 

Unlike regular cosmetic BB foundations & cushions, the BB Glow Facial doesn’t clog your pores, making it the number 1 solution to achieving that glow without damaging your skin. 

Their use of KFDA-approved, meso white intensive skin whitening formula makes it popular as it painlessly delivers the ingredients directly into the skin layers via a micro needle therapy system. This treatment is highly recommended for those with yellow, dull & uneven skin tones. It is also great for those who want to reduce skin blemishes and imperfections to instantly brighten & whiten your complexion in just a single treatment.

4. Aqua Shine Treatment 

Aqua Shine is the k-beauty secret to plump, glowing and intensely hydrated skin. It gives you an instant boost of hydration needed by your skin to regain its youthful appearance. Filled with hyaluronic acid (HA), the Aqua Shine treatment uses a transdermal jet injector which delivers the HA directly into the skin using pressurized air.

The aqua shine treatment involves a series of tiny mesotherapy injections of hyaluronic acid into the problematic areas of the skin. Another benefit of HA is its anti-aging properties, helping you maintain youthful appearance.

5. ICON Laser Toning

The Fotona Starwalker MAQX picosecond laser system is a revolutionary US FDA approved picosecond laser system for treating open pores, pigments, vascular lesions, and acne and scar revision. You can have peace of mind knowing that the procedure is handled by experienced, professional, MOH (Ministry of Health) certified doctors. The Ultra-high-performance Q-switched picosecond laser is equipped with the groundbreaking proprietary adaptive structured pulse (asp) technology which creates the Starwalker difference.

It targets brown and black pigments in all layers of the skin while simultaneously killing acne-causing bacteria, and eliminating acne lesions. Because of its deep penetration, it’s also able to shrink pores and also decreases the size of your oil glands, helping prevent acne and improving your skin texture.

Get your skin texture to have that perfect glassy effect with this impressive treatment. Besides overall brightening of the skin and getting you more rejuvenated, while also helping control acne and pigmentation problems. If you’re eager to get rid of anything from birthmarks to dark spots, freckles, and even tattoo’s, this is the perfect treatment for you.

6. Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is a regeneration treatment that promotes skin healing and cell repair through the usage of polynucleotides (PN); otherwise known as DNA. According to research, PN is responsible for stimulating cell growth and repairing damage repair within our body due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The Rejuran healer is infused with salmon DNA, a close alternative with similar properties and structure to that of a human DNA.

It’s mainly used for skin issues associated with acne aging and sun damage, and helps promote cell-regeneration and renewal.

7. Skin Booster

Being able to hold water 1000 times the amount of its own weight, Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an immensely popular hydrating agent to maintain optimal hydration level for the skin. ICON signature skin booster is a procedure that injects these stabilized HA deep into the skin layer to improve skin hydration and quality. Well-hydrated skin leads to firmer, more radiant and bouncy skin.

Replenishing the body’s natural supply of HA is a guaranteed way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, helping you solve problems like fine lines, flaking skin and even mild scarring.

Skin booster is a quick, safe and straightforward procedure that has minimal downtime, allowing you to go back to your usual lifestyle in no time, and you’ll be numbed to ensure minimal discomfort. 

8. Profhilo

Profhilo is the first BDDE-free stabilised hyaluronic acid based treatment that remodels ageing & saggy skin tissues. It’s not another run of the mill filler / skin booster.

It features a new patented bio-remodelling technology that works by stimulating elastin structures while promoting collagen in the skin to treat skin laxity. Unlike other HA based products like skin boosters / fillers, the Profhilo allows the slow release of hyaluronic acid which lasts longer. The slow release of HA does not trigger the first inflammatory cytokines, making it biocompatible and increases the comfort levels of patients during the treatment.

In addition, the high HA content allows it to stimulate fibroblast cells to increase production of collagen & elastin, providing structure to the skin while improving hydration levels giving you a hydrolift!

The ability to produce 4 different types of collagen & elastin results in:

  • Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tighter & firmer complexion
  • Increase in overall hydration & skin texture
  • Repair acne scars by stimulating the tissue repair process
  • Plump hollow / sunken areas due to ageing
  • Profhilo when combined with dermal fillers can help to increase facial volume in sunken areas.

9. Teosyal Redensity 1 Skin booster

Hydrate, rejuvenate & redensify with the Teoysal Redensity 1 Skin Booster, a viscoelastic gel of non-cross linked hyaluronic acid (HA) that includes a unique formula that consists of a cocktail of essential nutrients for your skin (amino acids, antioxidants, minerals & vitamins).

It’s designed to help:

  • Prevent premature ageing
  • Restore skin density
  • Boost the skin’s natural glow
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Overall skin rejuvenation

The Teosyal Redensity 1 Skin Booster can help to restore the skin’s natural youthful & dewy complexion by replenishing the skin with the essential nutrients lost with age or other external factors.

10. Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser

The Quadrostar Pro Yellow laser is an improved version of the commonly used Dualyellow/combination laser at some clinics, only with the better absorption in red blood cells compared to any other lasers.

The specific wavelength of 577 nm means that the Quadrostar Pro Yellow laser can be used to safely treat various conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, red acne marks, uneven skin tone, etc. The majority of visible unwanted skin spots, discolorations or redness (blood vessels), are rooted in a deeper vascular network of veins which can only be reached effectively with this light wavelength.

It also helps improve vascular conditions facial/nose veins and blood vessels like that found on the face, especially common on the cheeks and nose.

Check out these treatments offered by ICON Aesthetics today! ICON Laser Toning, Rejuran Healer, Skin Booster, Profhilo, Teosyal Skin Booster and Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser are all performed by MOH Certified Doctor, Dr. Wilson Ho.

Image Credits: ICON Aesthetics

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