Wedding hacks sure to ease you of all that nervousness

Weddings and nervousness kinda goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who feels this way. In fact, it’s relatively normal be all jittery. Weddings don’t come about everyday and we wanna give it our best shot, right? That’s why we’ve come up with this handy list for you. From pre-wedding photoshoot hacks to wedding day tips, these are just some creative ways to help you along your wedding journey in one piece. It might even save you a few bucks as well!

Go basic and natural for your pre-wedding photoshoot

casual prewedding photoshoot - wedding hacks
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This idea of “going basic and natural” kinda goes for all sorts of things here. Let’s start with make-up. There is no real need to go for the full wedding day look. Some brides even choose to do their own makeup, hair and nails for the pre-wedding photoshoot. If you’re not too picky, the same can apply for the choice of outfit. So, you don’t really have to rent gowns or suits! By having a casual themed pre-wedding photoshoot, you can show up with outfits you already have. This saves you some money too!

Rent a wedding gown

wedding gown
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A brand new made-to-measure wedding gown is gonna set you back a couple of dollars. So, if you’re not to keen on purchasing your own wedding gown, rent one instead. That money you saved could be better spent on other necessities like wedding decorations or food caterer. Or maybe even an extra few days of honeymoon vacation! Not sure where to rent a wedding gown in Singapore? Delegate has got you covered, have a look here!

Stock up on veil weights

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This one is specifically for those who’ve decided to be outdoors – whether for the pre-wedding photoshoot or the actual wedding ceremony. As much as we can predict the weather, Mother Nature can throw up some random weather patterns at times. So, it’s always good to have veil weights on hand. You don’t wanna end up looking through your wedding photos and realise your veil is blowing around in the wind.

Switch to e-wedding invites

wedding invites
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Sending out wedding invites can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you need to inform your wedding venue about the number of tables required and your guests have yet to reply you. That’s why e-wedding invites are the way to go. It’s fast and easy for guests as well as hosts. Not only does this method of invitation saves you time, it also saves you money. Printing costs are totally removed with e-wedding invites. Also, always good to go green, minimise your paper trail and reduce wastage. Greta Thunberg will be proud.

Avoid the big “w-word”

wedding bands
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Once the word “wedding” is attached to a particular service, somehow the price tends to skyrocket. It seems to apply to any kind of service – be it photography, florists, bakery. What we suggest is to avoid throwing around the word “wedding” as you are browsing for rates! Or don’t fall too easily into the trap of wedding package promotions. Be a little more discerning and see if you actually need all the services included in any given wedding package promotions before committing to one.

Have heel protectors ready

heels - wedding hacks
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Now that you’ve decided on your outdoor wedding, you’re insistent on wearing stilettos on your big day. Fair enough but please slip on heel protectors! With stilettos on, it’s already hard enough walking on level ground. When you’re on grass, walking gets just that little bit trickier. Heel protectors will increase the surface of the base of the heel – sure to make your life a whole lot easier. Get your heel protectors here!

Insect repellent or perfume?

perfume wedding hacks
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Alright, it seems that outdoor weddings can be quite a hassle. Now, we have to worry about insects too. You do not want to end up slapping your thighs or shooing off mosquitos as you walk down the aisle. Not quite the demure and elegant look you previously envisioned. Luckily enough, there are perfumes that doubles as insect repellants. This way, the insects will stay away and you smell good throughout your big day.

The powers of table salt

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This is one wedding hack we just learned and it will definitely come in handy! Table salt will work wonders should you spill red wine onto your dress. Of course, let’s hope you don’t spill red wine – or anything for that matter – but we gotta prepare for the worst, right? Table salt will help to draw out a good amount of the red wine right away. The remaining stain can be treated professionally later.

Don’t resort to last minute purchases or planning

This is quite possibly the biggest hack (or advice, whatever you wanna call it) anyone can give to you. Yes, it’s not entirely mind-blowing but it’s something many overlook – the importance of planning well in advance. The golden rule to keep in mind is that, the earlier bookings for florists, caterers, venues are made the higher chances are to come across budget deals. Last minute purchasing or planning tends to bring about more costs. This may then lead to more emotional roller coaster rides. So, stay calm and stay ahead of the storm. Happy planning!

Save Wedding Vendors 

This global pandemic we are in has brought a host of challenges to everyone involved in the wedding industry. From brides-to-be to wedding vendors, these are unprecedented times. We, here at Delegate, want to be part of the solution and that is why we started this Facebook group – Save Wedding Vendors. We aim to build a community of helpful vendors and members. You can post your queries, ask for recommendations and share promotions or reviews as well.

We also started a second initiative to support vulnerable individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 situation. During this circuit breaker period, as part of the community, we will be donating SGD1 for every package purchased on Delegate to The Courage Fund by National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Do feel free to spread the word and support this cause!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far. Let’s make it a habit to check in on our loved ones and do our part to support one another.

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