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2022 Wedding Trends That Are Actually Doable

When it comes to wedding planning, the idea is to focus on shifting your mindset, not going overboard with spending.

One thing we can say about this year’s wedding season is that it’s been nothing like we’ve seen before. With the slightly more flexible restrictions on social distancing, lavish weddings are back. If you’re part of the many couples set to have your wedding in 2022, then you’ll definitely benefit from reading more below. 

Wedding styles can soon become overdone, uninspired, and, worse, antiquated as a result of the development of social media. So, with that said, here are some wedding trends to look out for in 2022, as well as what to stay away from.

Wedding Trends Totally Worth Stealing

Couples are also attempting to make everything more thoughtful this year, emphasizing their guests’ experiences, adding more personalized elements, and spending more money on each guest to make them feel truly included in the occasion.

1. Breaking Tradition

Facing the challenges of the global pandemic, many couples have stepped up to defy odds in getting married in the midst of trying times. That has seen more people opting to take the less traditional route when walking down the aisle. 

Wedding planners and couples all alike are all loving the ‘anti-trend’ trend. The deviation from the cookie-cutter weddings, with out-of-the-norm venues, gourmet surprises, and dramatic moments painting the celebrations.

2. Customised Touch

From the choice in colours to the choice in accessories, today’s brides are leaning more towards weddings that show off their personality and style! It’s all about expressing oneself through one’s wedding gown above all else, but also about getting instagram-able moments, and Pinterest- worthy ideas.

Princess gowns, mermaid gowns, and bohemian-inspired gowns have all been phased out to make way for more unique styles. Brides personalise it by reducing the size of the skirt, using unusual colours, and repurposing bridal accessories.

3. Intimate Gatherings

While some people like large weddings, others prefer the cosiness of a micro-wedding. Smaller, more private weddings appeal to many as people find that they can be a lot more creative with designing their wedding when setting 50 places rather than 250. 

Even without opting for smaller guest lists, wedding planners are learning to create more intimate celebrations with segmented sections forming booths for the guests. 

4. Destination Weddings

With travel restrictions lifted and immunisations now available, many couples are reconsidering their plans for a destination wedding. After two years of being locked indoors, a lot of couples are enjoying their freedom by celebrating their unions with destination weddings.

5. Weekend-Long Weddings

The wedding weekend has unquestionably increased in popularity. Many weddings are expanding their scope beyond the conventional ceremony and reception with welcome parties, midday activities, and day-after brunches. Couples are feeling compelled to give this level of hospitality to their families and friends, especially when travelling. Multi-day weddings foster an unrivalled and genuine sense of community since guests have more opportunities to interact, spend time together, and create memories.

Weekend long weddings are more immersive and provide guests with a lot of joy and fresh appreciation for the celebration of a couple embarking on a new chapter of their lives.

6. Pop Of Colour

While white weddings will undoubtedly continue to be popular in 2022, expect to see a lot more colour. Colour in design seems to be the outward reflection of the joy we are all feeling as we begin to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. If the growing trend is anything to go by, the new couples are showing a lot more boldness when it comes to picking their colour schemes.

7. Unique Center-Pieces

This year, all eyes will be on the tablescapes during receptions. Wedding decor planners will have their hands full with the focus this years shifting to the tables, flowers, plating set-up and details that will be noticed by wedding guests. 

Vivid colours and exciting patterns, smaller floral designs, country toiles, chinoiserie, among many more, are becoming table decor staples.

8. Curated Guest Experiences

Wedding planners are coming to learn that couples are focusing a lot of attention on delivering a curated guest experience. From surprises to personalized welcome cards and thoughtful gift bag items, ensuring that guests have a weekend that fosters presence and connection is critical. The goal is for guests to feel charmed and cared for at the end of the weekend, as well as to have special experiences that will last a lifetime.

9. Sustainability

Sustainability is a trend we adore and hope to see continue for many years to come. Couples are beginning to include sustainable features into their weddings by choosing greener providers, choosing a plastic-free caterer, sending out online save-the-dates and invites, and recycling and giving flowers after the big day. More couples are requesting plant-based alternatives, and some are even choosing a fully plant-based caterer, which is another way to make your wedding more environmentally friendly.

We advise couples to consider buying their food from a local farm and recycling their flowers by giving them to a nursing home or hospital. Recruiting the right creatives and giving back to the communities where your wedding weekend will take place are also excellent strategies to ensure long-term sustainability.

10. Exciting Menus

Yes, your guests are excited to see you marry, but they’re also there for the cuisine. Couples and their caterers will take food to the next level in 2022 by incorporating a sense of whimsy throughout each plate. Couples are infusing their dinners with cultural and sentimental foods (like the menu from their first date, or their shared favorite dishes).

Couples aren’t only serving distinctive drinks; they’re also including a trademark mocktail on their drink menu, ensuring that non-drinking guests are included in the festivities. This is another level of inclusivity that modern couples consider when preparing their wedding reception details.

11. Tech Focus

The introduction of technology into weddings was one of the changes brought on by the pandemic. Couples who had to reduce wedding guest lists used live streaming technology to include family members who couldn’t make it. While the majority of the restrictions on acquiring information have been lifted, live streaming is here to stay. 

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of new streaming providers, and videographers are increasingly including this service in their existing packages. Guests used to only have two options when it came to accepting an invitation before COVID: yes or no. Now, guests are able to choose to attend a wedding virtually via a livestream. 

Your wedding deserves all the prestige and details just as you want things planned! Hopefully, our list of exciting trends to follow serves as a useful guide to help you plan your very own dream wedding. You deserve to celebrate your love in the most authentic way possible, so go forth and plan away!    

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