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Top Wedding Trends for 2022: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Whether you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own special day or helping make someone’s dreams come true, here’s a useful guide on the hot and happening wedding trends you’ll be seeing in 2022.

Top Trends To Steal 

Themed Celebrations

Weddings are betting big on both enjoyment and tradition now that we’ve all been double-vaccinated (and boosted!). But rehearsal suppers and welcome parties are all about having a good time, with themes like the carnival, outdoor campfires in the woods, point-of-view masquerades, and even a rhinestone rodeo. It is important to fully realize the concept from beginning to end, but execution must feel modern and fun instead of trite.

Accents in Wallpaper

This is another popular trend birthed during the pandemic. These are the ideal spots to incorporate your unique wedding colours, whether it’s your grand entry background or the setting behind the band.

Wedding Guests Dress Their Best 

Wedding guest style is currently trending in such a way that we’re seeing people go all out with their looks—from head to toe—and utilising weddings as an excuse to get dressed up and wear very beautiful pieces. Theatrical wedding guest attire has become fairly popular.

Big Bang Weddings

With the lifted ban on social gatherings, couples who relish the idea of big blowout weddings are having a blast with lavish, extravagant bashes.

Online Save-the-Dates

Save-the-dates on the internet are a lifesaver. Initially started due to the pandemic, this was recommended as a means of avoiding splashing money on a full round of bespoke stationery, printing, and mailing, as well as a way to keep the lines of communication open in a more immediate manner in case plans, were to alter. 

Colour Schemes in Technicolor

Dopamine dressing is one of the most significant themes to come from the pandemic. Couples want to have a technicolour wedding, with floral-draped tables and dining under floral-draped ceilings with lighting.

The Outdoor Wedding 

We’ve lost our tolerance for crowds in enclosed areas, so an open-air setting allows guests to relax while remaining shielded from the elements.

Bars with a variety of options and specialties

Satellite bars were popular in the days leading up to the lockdown, and couples appear to be delighted to have them back. In fact, there were twice as many as ever before, with a tequila bar being the most popular.

Floral Arrangements on the Ceiling

Hanging florals, as well as big floral displays that are draped over a tabletop or even float from floor to ceiling along the full length of the table, are in high demand.

Extended Wedding Weekends

Most customers prefer a variety of events spread out over three to four days, such as a major welcome party, a rehearsal dinner, and activities to do during the day, such as a group hike, walk, or run, all peppered throughout the extended wedding weekend. And, to send your guests goodbye, why not end your wedding weekend with a “detox to retox” event or a day party?

Skip Out On These:

Meals for the Whole Family

Farewell, family-style dinner services. Formality, ceremony, and elegance are still valued, but with none of the stiff formalities, and basic dishes.

Ceilings with twinkling lights

While popular at their time, ceiling lights have lost their prestige, with the focus being brought to the tables and dancing floors and living in the present!

Boring, Multiple Toasts

Toasting takes place the night before or during the rehearsal supper for the smaller group. But most brides and couples are opting to rather skip all the unnecessary drama of unending wedding toasts, leaving only the very important speeches from the best man and the father of the bride. That way, guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

Monogrammed Dance Floors 

“We’ll always appreciate a monogram, but we can leave the spectacular dance floor monogram to the 2010s trends.” If you want to personalize the dance floor, use artistic accents and designs to establish a theme, pattern, or colours that reflect your wedding’s overall style and personality.

Colour Schemes in Muted Tone

As couples prepare for a bright 2022, we’re seeing fewer whites and traditional ivories this year.

Overpacked Welcome Bags

Couples are now presenting a small yet meaningful treat or gift for guests to enjoy, perhaps a hint to the wedding site, as we all aim to be more sustainability mindful. This also means that guests will have less stuff to carry home with them.

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