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3 Ways to Stay Centered During the Holiday Season

There is a reason why you breathe a sigh of relief after the holiday season is over – as fun as it is, holiday seasons are typically one big blur of over-eating, over-spending and rushing from one gathering to the other. Throw in the added stress of having to find the perfect secret-santa present for a colleague you’ve never even spoken to and at times, waking up to your routine alarm clock come January sounds…welcoming.

But what if you could begin January calm, centered, well-rested and looking forward to what the year brings?

Here are 3 ways to stay centered and mindful during the festive season.

1. Only commit to activities you really want to do

With so many things going on during the end of the year, it can be tempting to say yes to everything for-fear-of-missing-out. Pause and think about why you’re committing to a gathering or event. Do you want to spend time with these people or are you saying yes because you feel like you have to? Does an invitation fill you with genuine excitement, dread, or indifference?  By choosing to focus your energy only on spending time with people you want to be around and things you truly want to do, time spent becomes fulfilling and energizing instead of draining and tiring.

Also important is to cut out the guilt of turning down an invitation; if you think about it, the people who have kindly invited you deserve to have guests who whole-heartedly want to be there attend their event. You’re just enabling them to make space for other more interested attendees!

2. Schedule solo time

Schedule a date with yourself as you would with old friends – actually put it in your diary and plan for this time with yourself!

Whether it’s a long nap, a massage, Netflix time, cooking, reading or savoring a glass of wine while staring into space – make sure to consciously put aside some time for yourself to recharge and relax.

3. Donate instead of gifting presents

This year, instead of stressing over trying to find the perfect present for everyone, why not make a monetary donation in honor of your recipient instead? To make things even easier, pick a charity everyone can get on board with –an organization dedicated to animals or children always works – and make an individual donation in the name of each person you would have traditionally given a gift to. It’s possible to donate online these days to most charitable organizations which makes this method of gift giving quick, stress-free and most importantly, you’re helping a worthwhile cause while dedicating merit to your gift recipient.

Above tips aside, if you choose to ignore them all and prefer to run around doing everything, just take the time to be grateful during the holiday season – for the long lines which cultivate patience, for the noisy children who can also bring so much joy, and if you’ve over-eaten and over-spent, for the opportunity and ability to be able to balance it all out come the new year.

Happy Holidays!


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Article contributed by: An Uplifted Day



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