3 Tips To Survive Wedding Season Burnout

One of Singapore’s leading yoga practitioners and Founder of Classic Yoga, Celestine Lau, shares with DELEGATE her top 3 tips on how to handle wedding season burnout.

1. Make time for restorative yoga classes

In recent years, we have seen many different styles of yoga emerging. These range from fast paced heart-thumping yoga to slow paced relaxing yoga. When handling burnouts, it is always better to opt for a more relaxing yoga class to recharge and rebalance our emotions. Aside from meditation classes, Hatha and Yin are suitable forms of yoga that help us achieve a more balanced state of mind. An hour long session relaxes our central nervous system immediately through the practice of proper breathing techniques and yoga asanas.

2. Set aside sacred personal time for quietness daily

Living in a fast paced and digitalised environment, means that there is a need for us to be constantly connected via technology. There can be so many thoughts and noises going on in our minds. Sometimes, the mind barely rests at all. In addition, the ‘monkey’ brain is filled with wandering thoughts running at a high speed all day long, resulting in poor quality of sleep. It may even cause us not to fall into deep sleep. It is important to set aside a sacred personal time daily for solo activites that help to relax your mind and body. This could be setting aside 15 to 30 mins for breathing and meditation accompanied by soothing music with natural sounds. It could also be taking a long relaxing bath in warm water with your favourite essential oil. The main idea is to spend time alone while indulging in a relaxing activity that you enjoy.

3. Take a relaxing yoga and spa retreat to an island nearby Singapore

If a wild bachelorette vacation with lots of booze and partying is not your thing, you could explore a relaxing Yoga retreat in any of the beautiful islands around Singapore instead. There are many types of yoga retreats tailored for every purpose – from unwinding and detoxing to just keeping healthy and improving your mind and body wellness. Look for a fuss-free yoga retreat to attend with your friends. Visit the beaches and local markets, indulge in healthy cuisines, recharge and unwind with a variety of yoga sessions and massages – the choice is all yours.


Credit: http://classicyoga.sg/

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