If you’re looking at yet another set of generic coffee mugs and scented candles to give away this Christmas, stop right where you are and drop what you’re doing. You are in need of some serious gift-spiration to add flair to your Holiday shopping list.

Instead of unremarkable items that will probably get re-gifted next year, give your friends and family things that will make them feel extra special. Check out these unique finds fit for every personality. It won’t only get them excited for Christmas, but for the rest of the year.

1. The Beauty QueenSoap Fairy


We all know one: the lady who looks effortlessly put together no matter the time of day. From perfectly styled hair to en pointe shoes, nothing on her ever looks out of place. Fab females like these always appreciate a boost to their beauty, like purely indulgent skin care products. Plus points if the product looks really pretty too! For a minimum of 6 pieces, Soap Story can customize soap and put them in pretty packaging to make it look even more special. You can pick the colors, shapes, and even scents! This is the perfect gift for girls who love to be surrounded by pretty things.

2. The Health Nut


In this day and age, health enthusiasts need not suffer from bland snacks that probably taste like grass. Can you imagine how yummy that is? Neither can we. Help a friend out by gifting them with something that fits their clean lifestyle while being 100% enjoyable and delicious too! Box Green is a health food brand that offers boxed snacks good for 12 servings. You can even handpick items that you think would best suit your giftee. Each snack also comes with a calorie count so they can indulge on it guilt-free.

3. The Foodie

Baking Blocks


Make a foodie friend’s day, month, or even year with a gift that fuels their passion for flavors. Baking Blocks is a small company of avid bakers who have taken it upon themselves to provide like-minded people with their baking needs. But it doesn’t have to be limited to baking! Their extensive offerings of pastes, powders, essences, spreads, oils, and many more can be used for any cooking adventure. The best part is, you get to enjoy this gift too when your friend serves you up some of their sumptuous creations.

4. The Caffeine Junkie



Do you have a friend or a coworker who just can’t function before coffee? If so, it’s probably safe to say that they go through a handful of cups per day and have their blend down to a science. Add a little more caffeine love in these people’s lives but “coffee-ing up” their workspaces too. This cute trash bin from Qualy not only keeps their office tidy, but also gives them a constant reminder of that thing which they love most.

5. The Tech Geek



They may not be that sociable, but the tech geek friend is always one of the best for their reliability. Make your geeky friend feel more special by giving them a gift fit for their best companion, their laptops. White Tulip Decal has several designs, ranging from artsy to quirky to funny, perfect for giving plain Jane laptops a fun facelift. They’re pocket friendly too, so you can feel free to gift a set for variety. They may be simple, but they can go a long way in telling the geek in your life how all their help is appreciated.