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5 Best Team Building Activities In Hong Kong

Corporate teambuilding – a cornerstone to an effective team. Overlooked? Perhaps. But I believe we can all agree that teambuilding is a worthy investment in building cohesion, trust and communication within a team. With so many activities to choose from, you might find yourself stuck in a predicament over what to do for your next team building. Here at Delegate, we have your back! After sifting through our wide range of vendors, we have found the best activities in Hong Kong that you can consider for that next memorable day out with the colleagues.

1. Cooking FeverHave some friendly rivalries within the office to settle? Cook it out with a culinary showdown at Cooking Fever. With quality facilities fitted within a 1800 square foot space, there is more than enough room for everyone to get a piece of the cake. Instructors are also provided to assist the uninitiated into the world of gastronomy. Cooking Fever promises to recreate a sense of home and get your guests into the love of cooking, but more importantly, a time of fun and laughter that is sure to knit any team together.

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2. Cut N Carve

Now this is one team building workshop to unlock the zen in you. Have your whole office in smiles as everyone gets to create their own personalized candles. Carve out intricate and mesmerizing designs onto wax candles. Mix in a little colour for the aesthetic. At Cut N Carve, your guests will be able to put their artistic prowess to the test. Let your colleagues share this beautiful experience together.

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3. Marjolaine

Been on the lookout for an interactive and sensory filled evening? Marjolaine has got you covered with their wine tasting master class. This is one activity for those seeking an added sense of extravagant. Treat your colleagues to an evening of wine education that could possibly turn you into a wine connoisseur! With customizability being a main draw, you can rest assured that this workshop will fit into any theme, idea or budget for your team building event. Let Marjolaine’s wine events build cohesion with an evening of sugar and spice, with perhaps a pinch of tipsy.

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4.  Jurassic Garage

If you have always wanted something different for your team building activity, you could also consider a live animal presentation. Yes, we kid you not! Jurassic Garage brings the zoo directly to your team building event. Surprise your colleagues with a wide array of animals to choose from. Really! Where else in Hong Kong (aside from the zoo) can you pet live animals?  Be cautious though, this is an activity not for the faint hearted, but definitely for the curious mind in all of us.

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5.  Sketch Studios

Last but not least, treat your company to an art party at your next team building event. Sketch Studios offers a fantastic venue for UV art sessions within their studios. Your colleagues will be allowed to tap into their creative potential and unleash some messy fun as you paint each other under blacklight. Moreover, neon accessories are also provided for the most brazen and off-the-top photos. You can be sure that these photographs will be sitting on their desks for years to come. To top it all off, the venue provides for an excellent space for a post event party. Bring some food and alcohol and look forward to a meaningful time!

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