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5 Best Tips To Get Candid Wedding Photography

Photography has evolved from the olden days when photographers used to line up and squash participants in honestly awkward, exhausted-looking shots. More and more people are opting for more candid, reportage shots that are a lot more meaningful and that capture the very special moments of each event. With everyone being an expert thanks to Instagram, the demands placed on photographers have become bigger, with people looking for someone who’s able to freeze moments and capture the mood of that moment. That means mastering how to bring out the authenticity of each moment without trying to manipulate anything. While taking a picture is simple, capturing the emotion behind a moment is a talent, one that needs fine tuning to make sure that years from now, people can look back at the images with a smile.

Image Credits: aMusephotographer

Here are tips from a photography expert to getting the most candid shots for wedding photography.

1. Being Able to Be In The Moment 

A photographer who fully and truly immerses himself into the wedding day would be able to be in tune with his surroundings and better anticipate the moments that might happen before him. This greatly increases the chances to capture the raw and candid moments. They would also be able to better interact with their subjects positively during portrait and group photo sessions to bring out the best in them.

2. Well Equipped and Prepared

The last thing every photographer wants to happen is to see a perfect photography opportunity happening right before him, only to realise that his camera battery just went flat or his memory card is full. Once a moment’s gone, you can’t recreate it ever again. That’s why you need to stay ever ready. A good photographer would be very well-equipped and prepared to ensure that the chance of such scenarios happening is reduced to near zero. Preparation is a must – a good photographer always has backup equipment in case of unexpected technical failures. Being prepared also means meeting up with the couple a few days before the wedding day to be well-versed in the wedding day itinerary, and preparing the couple on what to expect during the day based on his experience.

3. Experience

An experienced photographer would have seen a fair share of moments, both the expected and unexpected ones, to know exactly what to do if they happen. He would have also known enough vendors to know how to work best with them, been to many different venues to know the best spots for photo-taking and played around with various lighting conditions. He would also be able to better advise couples on the things to prepare and look out for based on the photographer’s previous experience.

Image Credits: aMusephotographer

4. Master of His Gears

A good photographer needs to master the use of his equipment so well that he is able to capture that perfect split-second moment without having to fumble over his camera settings and missing that moment as a result.

5. A Journalist, Not A Director

A good photographer for candid wedding photography adheres to the rule that he will capture whatever emotion-filled moments he encounters, without having to direct or interfere much. Their role should be to capture these moments without manipulating any scenes by subtly moving in the background, allowing his subjects to be themselves.

The couple and their loved ones should enjoy the wedding day without having to be concerned about having a person who will intrude on the flow of the event and direct them on what to do or say in order to capture a scripted moment. A wedding is a celebration to enjoy, not a studio production.

Image Credits: aMusephotographer

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