How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake should be one of your most enjoyable tasks in wedding planning. But with all the new designs and flavours to choose from, it can be overwhelming. How should a couple go about choosing the perfect wedding cake? Here are some tips:

Plan early

Start your search for the perfect wedding cake early. Three to six months should be enough time to study all your options and plan for the cake. Once the colour scheme and wedding venue are decided, check out these wedding cake ideas to get started!

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Set your budget

You shouldn’t be shocked by the price of wedding cakes if you know how much time, talent and hard work goes into each and every cake. Especially custom wedding cakes and those with intricate designs.

Make it easy for a baker or cake designer to work with you by letting them know at the start what your actual budget is. The price of a cake depends on the size and the details added. If you want to save money, be flexible with your design.

Get creative

Customise your cake. Search for cake inspirations here and create your own wedding cake Pinterest board. Bring this to your first consultation with your cake designer. Also, give your designer as many details about your wedding as you can: your dress, colour scheme, theme, venue, flowers, even the menu. As you collaborate with your cake designer, your dream wedding cake will begin to form and the finished design will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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Choose a trustworthy cake designer and baker

Ask family, friends and other wedding vendors like caterers, photographers and florists for recommendations of talented and reliable bakers and cake designers. At Delegate, we curate our vendors to ensure they deliver the highest quality. Pick your favourite from our custom cake specialists here.

Visit their online portfolio to get real customer feedback and view images of their past works. Reduce your options to a few bakeries based on your preference and enquire with them to get a better understanding of their offerings before making your decision.

Taste test

Do not compromise taste for the look of the cake. Make sure you love how the cake tastes. Choose cake, filling and frosting flavours you personally love, whether it’s red velvet, carrot, white butter, caramel sauce or cream cheese frosting. Arrange for a cake tasting, including the sponges, fillings and frostings, before ordering your wedding cake.

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Buttercream or fondant?

A question that often comes up is the choice of buttercream or fondant icing, because some like the look of fondant, but the taste of buttercream. What some bakers do is place a thin layer of fondant over a layer of buttercream to get both the flavour of buttercream and the polished look of fondant. Still, it’s your choice, so ask your baker what they can do in this regard.

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The wedding cake is one of the central points of any wedding, and deserves to be chosen with care. Start your cake planning early and find reliable vendors to create your perfect wedding cake.

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