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Resolution series: 5 Fun Activities for Fitspo Friends

Made New Year’s resolutions this year but don’t know how to go about achieving them?  Lucky for you, the Delegate team is here to help! Based on the most popular resolutions made, we have come up with weekly articles called the #ResolutionsSeries to help you keep your goals in check!  First up, exercise!

Is your New Year’s resolution to get fit, but the gym’s just too boring? Start planning early and look for fun ways to exercise and work off some of that festive season chub. Our team at Delegate has put together a list of our favourite vendors for fun activities that you and your fitspo friends can get into! Be sure to check them out for a guaranteed good time working your ass off!

1. The Wild Swells

A super cool and wild way to burn off all those yummy treats from the festive period, The Wild Swells brings you on a stand-up paddling adventure to the unexplored parts of Singapore! Work that jiggle off your arms, train your core, and get a little vitamin D while you’re at it. Never been stand-up paddling? All of The Wild Swells’ paddle boarding sessions begin with a land-based training to make sure you’re equipped with all you need to know to have a blast. Check out their packages on Delegate today. Make sure to pack some sunscreen, a few friends, and be ready to have bucket loads of fun!

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2. Skyline Aqua

Always wanted to walk on water? How about work out on water? A fun alternative to normal land-based fitness programmes, Skyline Aqua holds FloatFit classes using the world’s first floating exercise mat! Sign up for FloatFit HIIT or FloatFit Yoga sessions, depending on the intensity you feel comfortable with. Improve your coordination, balance and muscular strength as you feel the burn above the water! It’s a fun, unique alternative to sweating it out at the gym!

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3. Axe Factor

We all have that one friend who thinks that playing darts counts as exercise. Well, we’ve found an activity that can actually help burn relatively more calories than throwing darts can! Check out Axe Factor, Singapore’s first Axe Throwing Range. Train your arms and your aim as you and your friends duel it out at Axe Factor, and make sure to work up a sweat while you’re at it!

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4. Webarre

WeBarre promises an hour of heart pumping, butt-shaping fun with friends! Making use of barres, resistance bands, blocks, balls and your body weight, their workouts aim to transform your body with a combination of ballet techniques, yoga, pilates and strength training.  With patient and encouraging instructors who are trained to tone your muscles up, WeBarre is by far one of the most fun fitspo activities to do with your friends. After all, nothing breeds companionship like an hour of sweating it out together with your buddies.

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5.  Zoom Park Asia

Spanning 20,000 square feet, Zoom Park Asia is a great venue to work up a sweat with your friends. Boasting trampolines, 2 dodgeball courts, a 4-lane foam pit, a 17-metre rock wall, tumble racks and more, you’ll never find yourself lacking things to do while you’re there. Unlike most sporty activities, this park is completely indoors, and you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your fun day out. Bounce to your heart’s galore and get your cardio for the day in a non-routine and exciting workout, incorporating all the different facilities of Zoom Park Asia!

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