Essential Wedding Announcements in a COVID World

Every couple wants their wedding to be special, but what if you are unable to make it down the aisle for one reason or another because of COVID? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. We will walk you through some of the best ways for couples to announce their wedding announcements that will help you preserve the magic of your event. Take a breath and read on about the essential wedding announcements required in a COVID world.

Wedding Cancelled

You’ve been planning your wedding for months, but you’ve never thought it would happen. The pandemic has forced the cancellation of weddings as the infection is spreading. Consider writing an email to all of your guests explaining that unfortunately, due to these conditions you cannot go through with this event at this time due to government restrictions and simply just not to risk it. Let them know why the event has been canceled because they deserve more than an impersonal email message about how sorry you are for having canceled on such short notice.

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Wedding Postponed

If you’ve canceled your wedding due to the pandemic, speak with your vendors and select a new date to postpone their services rather than cancelling the most special event of your life. Be sure not to communicate this too late so that they can make necessary arrangements. Once you’ve informed your family members and close friends, be sure to email your guests as soon as possible about delaying or canceling their original plans. Make an announcement via email to your wedding guests – make sure the wording is concise but heartfelt! 

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Having a Zoom Wedding

Zoom weddings have become a new trend among couples who fear exposure to the recent pandemic, as many countries are recognizing virtual vow exchanges. Couples can still enjoy their wedding celebration with friends and family by hosting a digital ceremony from home; just need to remember to let your guests know that you’re having your wedding on Zoom and there will be no physical presence at the event!

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Keeping Original Wedding Date

The future is impossible to predict, but people are wondering about your plans. Although the situation may change in the coming months and it might make you uncomfortable sticking to your original plan, make sure you let your guests know that you’re going forward with your original wedding date. It’s always a good idea to send out an email or text message expressing gratitude to them and reaffirming that the original date is still on.

Save the Date

Saving the date cards is a necessary staple for any big event that is coming up. It’s important to send these out six months before your special day so guests can plan accordingly and not miss anything! There may be some words of encouragement to be included in there, and make sure you include everything on this card because it will help your guests have all their ducks in line by saving time with things like plans and agendas later down the road.

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As your wedding approaches, it is important to keep in touch with the people you care about and whom you have invited. As we all know, weddings are always happening and there’s no way to tell who will be invited, where or when! To make sure that none of our friends miss any announcement for your special event, send them an email or cards about your change of plans or firmed up a wedding celebration. 

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