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5 Key Highlights To Add Value To Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is easily one of the most memorable milestones of your life, and amidst the glitz and glamor that surrounds the occasion, it’s important to commemorate the magnitude of its importance by incorporating meaningful pieces. Honor what’s important to you and your loved one by incorporating something close to your heart. That way, years from now when you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll remember the fun you had, but also the depth and how meaningful the day was to you. With that in mind, here are five highlights to incorporate into your wedding day to make it extra special:

1. Heartfelt Speeches

Imagine, five years from your big day, as you go through your wedding pictures, and you see your teary-eyed self as your parents or friend delivers a heartfelt speech. Isn’t that just precious?  Great photographers prefer to capture the authenticity of moment, love and genuinity you can almost hold in your hands – that’s what good photography is all about.

Get your family and friends to prepare speeches to speak about your love on your big day and spread love all around. That way, as you soak in all the love from your loved ones, gathered to witness your love blooming, you’ll be able to capture priceless moments, glowing amidst the love surrounding you. From glowing smiles to deep hearty laughs as they share embarrassing stories about the couple, and even a few tears of joy here and there, it’ll all make for wonderful memories to one day look back at. 

Image Credits: Multifolds Productions

2. Give A Show-Stopper Entrance

If you don’t shy away from the spotlight, and aren’t afraid of taking center stage, give your entrance a twist by taking a detour from the traditional way of doing things, whether this is to the solemnization ceremony or your reception.

The entire crew of people gathered there are there for you, so if you feel like giving them a show, do just that! If you’re the typical bride, you’ve likely dreamt about this moment for years, make it something to remember. 

​Wedding entrances are the perfect opportunity to shine as a couple, and let your personalities show. Take notes from some of these unique wedding entrances to make your reception entrance memorable:

  • Show up on a motorbike and go down history as one of the coolest brides ever, 
  • Pull up on a horse to give your guests something to talk about
  • Break out in a flash mob with your bridal crew
  • Surprise your guests with a special entry dance
  • Perform a dance routine with your bridesmaids
  • Walk though sprinkling of confetti or rose petals
Image Credits: Multifolds Productions

3. Book A Gorgeous Venue

Your venue serves as the backdrop to all your pictures, so make sure to choose something out of the ordinary. If your wedding is themed, take it as the perfect opportunity to pick a venue that truly stands out and adds the essential classy, cool factor to your overall aesthetic. This way, you’ll have the perfect combination of factors (and props if relevant) to capture the most unique moments and personality-filled shots.

Being ordinary is boring, so make sure that your ultimate choice reflects who you are as a couple, and what your love means to you. Sounds like a lot of pressure? Not to worry, when you see the right venue, you’ll know.

Image Credits: Multifolds Productions

4. Organize The Perfect Playlist 

Who wants to be ordinary and boring? Ditch the “traditional” playlist and play a selection of hand-picked hits that you know will get your guests in the mood, and that speaks to who you and your partner are as a couple. Brief you DJ beforehand and make sure he knows what kind of music to play, from the song choice you make as your processional music, to your ‘first-dance’ song.

Keep things fresh with your unique taste and be creative with it. Traditional song choices are classics for a reason, but maybe, on your special day, you might want something that’s more you, and gets you and your guests connected. The perfect playlist will create the ideal atmosphere, and your photographer will be able to capture all your cool moves and smiles as you move on the dancefloor to your favorite songs.

Image Credits: Multifolds Productions

5. Have Someone Special Officiate The Ceremony

Instead of getting any priest of marriage officer to officiate your special day, why not get someone you can,  years after your big day, look back fondly at. If either of you can get your longtime religious leader, or a good friend, or a special family member, do so, so that you have someone who truly knows the depth of your love story and can handle the ceremony rightly. 

Additionally, you’ll want someone well-spoken who can share your beautiful, heart-warming love story with your guests in the most articulate manner, who has the personality to entertain a large crowd, so that your guests are always entertained. That way, as the guests enjoy and laugh at some of the funny stories shared about you, you’ll be able to get heartfelt images you’ll treasure years from now. Make sure they understand the vision you have for the ceremony, and that they have the right, vibrant personality that’ll fit in with the vibe you want at your wedding.  

Image Credits: Multifolds Productions

At Delegate, we work with our trusted vendor, Multifolds Productions to help you capture every love-filled moment of your big day in the most authentic way possible. They describe themselves as a bunch of people that are passionate about photography that love what they do, and treat every event as such. They love the idea of personalization, because every couple has their own story, and take great pleasure in letting those stories come to life to lock them in timeless memories couples can fondly look back at years from now.

Their ideology is simple: to them, weddings are a significant mark in everyone’s lives. From the intricate details like the ring to the very moment you say ‘I do’, every moment holds true to your heart. Your ideal wedding has to be glamorous, but more importantly, you want these once-in-a-lifetime memories to be captured in superior quality, to last for future generations to see.

Their working ideology is to have their customers entrust them with this task of authentically capturing these special moments. Their couples can rest assured that Multifolds Productions won’t just snap photos, but will take it a step further by bringing out the emotions and feelings attached to every moment captured.

But above all this, they believe that the best approach to capturing a genuinely spontaneous moment is to create a fun and creative environment. While most photographers strive to create that perfect picture, very few recognize that the essence of a picture lies in capturing the spontaneity of that perfect moment.

All you need to do is flash that megawatt smile and let them do the hard work!

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