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Best Tips on How to Pose For Wedding Photography

Ten years from now, you want to look back at your wedding memories and feel that same warm feeling bubbling inside you, and what better way to achieve that than having gorgeous pictures that capture authentic moments throughout your big day?

Getting hitched is a huge milestone that deserves to be videographed and captured by the best wedding photography Singapore has to offer.

Paint your love story in pictures, and frame your unique love as candidly as it deserves. Special moments happen unplanned, so you’ll definitely cherish the romantic shots taken as you and your love stare into each others’ eyes, or as you laugh in the midst of family and friends, but you’ll do yourself a favor if you go in camera ready with a few poses in mind to help you look picture-perfect in every shot. 

With our guide on romantic poses to have on your big day, standing behind the camera doesn’t have to be nerve-wrecking. Even if you’re not photogenic, these poses will serve as a useful guide to make sure you look your best.

Remember To Keep Your Pose Natural

Photographers everywhere can agree that their best shots happened when the subjects weren’t being manipulated too much, when they were simply existing. When a shot is taken while someone is aware that the camera is on them, they tense up and don’t know how to be “natural,” and suddenly feel awkward in their body and don’t seem to know what to with their limbs.

That’s normal, not everyone is a reality show star or used to having cameras in their faces 24/7, but by all means, try to take your mind off the fact that there’s a person with a huge gadget in front of you and just be in the moment. 

TIP: Stare at your partner for 10secs, you’re bound to start giggling, and voila, you have yourself a shot! Another tip is to whisper a little secret you know the two of you will find amusing, that’s sure to set the tone.

A big no to avoid is to be over conscious and try to “look good.” That sounds like whack advice right? But that’s true, the minute you overthink it, you ruin the spontaneity of the moment. 

1. Before Getting Into Your Wedding Gown

Whether you have a shot taken as your dress is hanging behind you while you fix your hair in the mirror, or with the dress sprawled next to you on the bed, make sure to capture one picture before putting on your dream wedding dress. You spent months trying to find the perfect gown, so make sure you get a shot admiring your gorgeous choice.

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

2. The Groom Getting Ready

Whether you sneak one before he puts his shoes on, or while he’s fixing his bowtie, get one while the groom gets ready.

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

3. Give It A Twirl

Show off your dress by having a cute, flirty moment and give it a twirl. Your wedding dress looks beautiful from every angle, but it’s true magnificence is displayed when you have a Bella from Beauty and the Beast moment to make the dress come to life.

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

4. The Forehead Kiss

It’s intimate, sweet, all the romance encapsulated in one tiny act. Master this simple, photogenic pose by having your partner give you a soft peck on the forehead. Another adorable moment is having your foreheads touching instead, and looking deeply into each other’s eyes. #swooning

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

5. Take A Stroll 

Pictures captured mid stride have a different energy, and you shouldn’t miss out on capturing a moment with your beau as you take a stroll. Choose to have it snapped from the back (super romantic, and no pressure to smile) or from the front to capture those wide, gorgeous smiles. This pose will work virtually everywhere, irrespective of your venue, be it on the street or a field.

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

6. Cutting The Cake 

This is an absolute must-have! Make sure your photographer captures the moment you and your ex-fiance finally cut your glamorous cake. Have the photographer capture everything from that first cut to the first bite. 

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

7. Something with Personality!

This is an opportunity to show off your personality as an individual and as a couple, so don’t be shy to let your goofy, or romantic side glow. Get the bride and groom with their entourages, bride + bridesmaids, and groom + groomsmen, bride + groomsmen, groom + bridesmaids, groom + bride, and keep it fun and light hearted. 

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

8. The Staggered Couple

This is a wedding photography staple, where one partner is more in focus than the other. If you position the bride in front, then have the groom behind, almost in the background to get a dynamic photograph of a typical couples portrait.

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

9. The Dip

A little spicy? Maybe, but having the groom dip his gorgeous wife and the two look deeply into each other’s eyes is the shot to create. It’s dynamic, and has the awesome “in-motion” feel that makes it a killer shot. Make sure the groom is physically able to do this without dropping his bride or making a scene cause this is really harder than it looks, especially if the dress is super bulky. Keep it fun, and make sure it doesn’t look like a gym shot (struggling with weights) or that the groom is slanting properly and not squatting. 

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

10. With Family & Friends

You’ll want to remember every single person who made your day special, so make sure to get a shot with love that surrounds you as you and your beau begin your happily ever after.

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

Wrapping Up

Forget everything you know about taking pictures for Instagram. Don’t make things too serious. If you look awkward, it’s the photographer’s job to correct you, so unless the photographer says something, just focus on having the time of your life with your favorite person in the world! Also, if you have pain points or any insecurities, or want your photographer to focus on your good side, don’t be afraid to voice this out before your actual day wedding shots are taken. If you have a specific vision (particularly for themed weddings or one’s with very specific venue aesthetics) then make sure you communicate this, your photographer will love hearing from you.

Studio Five Weddings is one of Delegate’s trusted vendors if you’re looking for an extremely experienced photographer to turn your wedding into the dream you envisioned. Studio Five Weddings’ passion for telling stories is at the core of what they do. They offer all services for your big day from photography and cinematography to live stream, wedding invitation card, photobooth and many more. Their cinematic approach to locking memories into memorabilia means they capture the most subtle details to transport you to the very day of your wedding, even when you revisit the pictures years from now.

Ultimately, they believe in crafting a piece of art about the greatest adventure in life – love. Inspired by your love, and compelled by your story, they’re more than eager to help you tell your epic love story.

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