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5 Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

You’ve dreamed of your wedding day for so long. You want everything and everyone to look perfect and beautiful. The key to looking your most beautiful and stunning on your special day is having the right wedding hairstyle and bridal makeup that will last throughout the day. Hiring the best professional hair and makeup artist is your ticket to looking your very best.

Don’t be afraid of makeup if you’re not used to it. The modern bride values beauty beyond makeup, but also recognises what makeup can do to enhance her inner beauty. Here’s what you can do to look your absolute best.

Image Credits: Flaire Makeup Artistry

1. Regular skincare for a good skin condition

Avoid having drastic changes done too close to your wedding date like having an invasive facial or spray tan. A good skincare regimen that includes proper hydration, exfoliation and moisturization give you beautiful skin that will enable makeup to sit better and last longer.

Image Credits: Makeup Doyennes

2. What’s your dream wedding look like?

Plan your look for your wedding day. Do you want simple, natural-looking makeup and hairstyle? Or do you fancy an elaborate look, with an intricate hairstyle copied from vintage photos? How about a Korean-inspired look?

3. Who will do your hair and makeup?

When deciding on a hair and makeup team for your wedding, look at the portfolio of a few service providers and see if their style matches what you have in mind. Talk to your makeup artist about the look you want to achieve. A good bridal makeup artist is detail-oriented. He or she will study your features and will be honest to let you know if your dream wedding look will bring out your best features or not. The artist knows how to highlight your most beautiful features and understands how climate and lighting will affect your final look.

Image Credits: Lynda Low

4. Book a makeup trial session

Request a trial session a few weeks before the wedding. Bring photos of your preferred look to your makeup trial. The idea is not just to copy a certain look. You should still look like you! The result should be a lovelier version of the everyday you. During the test run, wear a white blouse or dress with a similar neckline to that of your wedding dress. Also, bring along the jewellery you’ll be wearing. It will help your hair and makeup team visualise the look for the actual wedding day. Take some photos when you’re done and bring these to your wedding day appointment so the artist can easily recreate the look.

5. Have a touch-up kit ready

On your wedding day, ask a bridesmaid or friend to carry a touch-up kit that includes your lipstick, powder blush and other needed makeup to freshen up your look throughout the day. Be the most beautiful bride on your wedding day with the best wedding hair stylists and makeup artists in Singapore, brought to you by Delegate.  

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