5 Tips on How to Create the Perfect Wedding Album

Preserve your wedding day memories in a beautifully designed wedding album that you’ll treasure forever. Let your wedding album tell your story, using the best photos you’ve carefully chosen.

Take note of these tips to help you create the perfect wedding album that captures and preserves your wedding day memories.

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1. Hire a professional wedding photographer

What’s the use of a good looking photo album if the photos inside are not good? You want to have high quality photos of your nuptials by a professional photographer who will have the best equipment to capture your precious moments. His experience will guide him in instinctively knowing the best angles, poses and lighting that will look great. You want these memories to be presented in an elegant manner by a talented wedding photographer. Find wedding photographers here.

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2. Talk to your photographer

To capture the essence of your wedding day the photographer must focus on what you want from their images. Tell your photographer about everything that has special meaning to you and your groom. Share your ideas and expectations with your photographer.

3. Let your photos tell a story

Your wedding album should not only show your best images but also tell the story of your day. You expect to see the big moments like the bride preparing for the wedding, the walk down the aisle, the exchange of rings, the wedding vows, the kiss, and cutting the wedding cake. Make room in the wedding album for photos of places and things that hold special significance to you, and in the ceremony. Include candid photos of the bride and groom, the entourage and the guests, that show the depth of emotion they all felt on that special day.

Generally, it’s better to arrange the photos according to the sequence that the events that occurred. But more important than the order is the flow of the images. A photo album is like a magazine that’s made up of sections. Think of each section as a whole. The pages have to be related to one another by content or style.

Don’t cram the pages with photos. With too many photos in one page, none of them will get the attention they deserve. Let the photos speak for themselves by allowing a good photo to stand on its own. You don’t need a complicated treatment that may create visual clutter or an editing trick that’s too obvious.

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4. Big or small album

How many photos do you want? Match your album size to the size and scope of your wedding. A no-frills, intimate wedding doesn’t need as many photos as a grand wedding spread across 3 days.

5. Choose a timeless design

You may be overwhelmed with the number of different materials, styles, themes, and colours to choose from for your wedding album. Don’t complicate the process: pick a simple and clean design that will still look good through the years.

And years down the road, you and your loved ones would still want to see the beautiful wedding album that captured the magic of your wedding day. Make sure you’re happy to share a precious keepsake that will stand the test of time and can be seen by generations to come.

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