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Arif & Dina’s Dreamy Destination Wedding Photography

“Match made in Bromo”

“ A unique & new experience for every couple! ”

The love story between Arif and Dina was forged by their interest in nature and its beauty. The bond they had forged was as strong as the love they had for nature. It was ‘Unbreakable’.

Having a natural love for nature, Arif & Dina wanted an even more memorable and unique experience for their destination wedding photoshoot. The couple desired something that was in line with what had made them form a loving relationship.

Photo courtesy of Studio Five Weddings Photographers
Photo courtesy of Studio Five Weddings Photographers

As soon as it came to the planning stage, both knew exactly what they wanted especially for their destination wedding photoshoot. Both couples shared the same idea of having a destination wedding photoshoot in the beautiful surroundings of nature. Thus, the theme of the photoshoot. “A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot @Mt. Bromo.”

As a summary, we can say:

“From nature they discovered love, by nature they fell in love.”

Wedding Wish Granted

With the excellent bridal and groom service that D’Glamz Wedding by ASHLY had rendered, it had made the couple look even more gorgeous.

Dina and Arif appeared to be the perfect couple with their matching, sophisticated style of clothing. It was impressive how the make-up artist had made the bride and groom look so elegant. There was nothing but a perfect match between them!

Cream Coloured Wedding Outfit by D’Glamz Wedding by ASHLY
Photo courtesy of Studio Five Weddings Photographers
Indigo Batik Crafted Songket by D’Glamz Wedding by ASHLY
Photo courtesy of Studio Five Weddings Photographers
Elegant Black bride and groom outfit by D’Glamz Wedding by ASHLY
Photo courtesy of Studio Five Weddings Photographers

The Horseback riding services provided by the locals at the photoshoot really enhanced the beauty of those moments. Almost like a fairy tale, it brings to mind a prince and a princess. In fact, they do look like one!

‘Capturing’ the beautiful moments

Thanks to the team of photographers from Studio Five Weddings, the photos of the lovely couple came out to be really extravagant. With the portrait and panoramic style of photography that Studio Five Weddings has, it has allowed for many beautiful & romantic moments to be captured during the photoshoot. Beautiful and of quality. These photos are definitely treasured by the couple!

Not to forget the team of videographers of this wedding photoshoot from Studio Five Weddings. The video montage of the pre-wedding shoot turned out to be beautiful with their creative skills and great experiences in the videography field. Definitely a momentous video for the happy couple to cherish as memories.

The Beauty of Mt. Bromo, Indonesia

Located in Indonesia, Mt. Bromo stands 2,392 m high and is considered one of the many active volcanoes. While Mt. Bromo is an active volcano, its best feature that it offers is its breathtaking sunrise. Though the hike to the vantage point might take around 1 hour plus, it is really a worthwhile experience! But don’t worry! You can also take a jeep up there.

It’s even more surreal when you see the sands, the beautiful nature and the fog that surrounds the mountains below the vantage point, with the cooling temperature. Imagine the serenity there! Wearing a matching & gorgeous wedding outfit with the love of your life. Being at the top of Mt. Bromo while admiring the sunrise. How much more scenic can the place get! How many beautiful & romantic moments that can be captured on camera during your destination wedding photoshoot! Moments that can be kept as beautiful memories! Definitely a go to location for a destination wedding photoshoot.

Your Ultimate Destination Wedding Package

If you are looking to have a pre/post destination wedding photo and video shoot for your dream wedding, Studio Five Weddings is the best choice for you! They offer the best Pre or Post Wedding Destination Photography and Cinematography Package. Their locations include, Mount Bromo Indonesia, New Zealand and Seoul.

Don’t worry about your flight tickets, hotel stays and transport. Their package is inclusive of that! So, they will take care of it for you!

With a great team of videographers and photographers of Studio Five Weddings, your Destination Wedding Photo & Video Shoot will be an unforgettable experience. As their crew never fails to deliver!

 At a glance here is what their package offers:

  • 1x Photographer
  • 1x Cinematographer
  • 40 Edited High Res Pictures
  • Showreel (2-3 mins)
  • 16×24 Canvas Print
  • Storyboard & Scripting
  • Soft Copies of pictures

Curious to find out more? Enquire here about their Destination Wedding Package now!

Final Thoughts:

What does this mean for you guys? Get and sign the Destination Wedding Package with them when you see this! We guarantee you your final product will be top-notch. Something that you would not want to miss. Let us help you make your big day memorable! Just contact them and they will be happy to assist you!

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