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Are Micro-Weddings Here to Stay?

Is the fuss worth it?

Put your hand up if you’d ever heard of a micro-wedding before 2020? Though only recently rising to fame, these intimate affairs aren’t much different from the larger, lavish celebrations we’re all accustomed to. Despite their significantly smaller size, the couple can still enjoy all the love and joy that a “normal” wedding has.

The pandemic has done a great job of giving them a new boost, as we’ve seen them rise in popularity. With the social gathering restrictions imposed globally, couples have had to find a new ‘normal’ so they can still share their special day with their loved ones. So while most brides might be forced to shelve their dream weddings, if they conform to the adjustments that a micro-wedding demands, they don’t have to postpone their weddings anymore!

Experts fully believe that long after the pandemic is over and we can live mask-free lives, however, this phenomenon will continue to live on! The mark it has left on the wedding planning industry has made a lot of couples (and planners) rethink the meaning of intimacy. The term “less is more” has never been truer, and though finalizing on the chosen fifty will be hard, couples always have the option to invite the rest of their wedding party to attend via virtual rooms. If there’s anything we’ve learnt, it’s to treasure what we have and those close to us, and make the most of the time we do have together.

Perks of A Micro Wedding

Though rising in popularity during the pandemic, micro-weddings aren’t just hady in crises, they’re pretty awesome even without the extenuating circumstances. They’re endowed with a number of benefits, making them more appealing to couples. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages:

Shorter Guest List

Downsizing is perfect so you don’t need to succumb to the need to invite everyone “just because. Afterall, it’s your wedding, so you’re allowed to be a little selfish. So you won’t have to invite the distant cousin you only met once!

Cut Down On Costs

Less guests means less people to cater for, and less space to pay to accommodate them. Weddings are expensive enough, and the reduced costs can help lift the burden for most couples. That way, you can redirect that money into lavish deco, a grand feast for the invited guests or your dream honeymoon!

More Intimate

Traditional weddings put a lot of pressure on the couple, from hugging and greeting the hundreds of well wishers, to taking photos with so many guests. Micro weddings cut the stress of such demands out, allowing you to share more candid moments with those truly close to you. 

That way, the happy couple can be more present without the distraction of running around in a larger celebration. Weddings are fleeting, and it’s hard enough to appreciate the little moments, so with less to focus on, couples can truly enjoy their special day!

Reasons Micro-Weddings Are Here to Stay

One of the few positive outcomes of the pandemic have been the widespread social acceptability of micro-weddings. It’s no surprise they’ll be a thing for years to come! Numerous couples have been able to plan their weddings in ways that they might not have known even existed before the pandemic. 

In a society accustomed to large, lavish weddings, a couple that wanted to opt for a smaller, more intimate celebration would have been an outlier prior to the pandemic. Now, such couples don’t have to run to a courthouse, but can have their dream wedding without breaking their bank balance. 

These are starting to feel more normal with every wedding we witness, without the stigma of being inferior and the pressure to invite thousands of guests. 

Wedding vendors have also had to adjust with the demand for micro-weddings increasing. Having realized a gap in this underserved market, vendors have realized the need to provide couples with a different kind of wedding option along with ‘regular’ weddings. A whole new niche has opened up, and couples are in for a treat when they’re ready to finally say “I Do!”

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