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Destination Weddings are Back in 2022! Here are Some Best Practices

It’s been a while since destination weddings have been in the spotlight, but it’s time to get back on track. Destination weddings are back in 2022! Whether you’re newly engaged or have had to navigate postponements and put your planning on hold, now is the perfect time to get your wedding planning back on track. Here are some best practices to guide you in organising and executing your dream wedding. 

For the Couple

Figure out who pays for what

When you’re planning your wedding, be sure to keep your friends and family in mind. It’s important that you be clear about the costs. If you’ve booked an accommodation, emphasise that each guest needs to reserve their room. Your save-the-dates and wedding website are your best resources for informing people on what to expect.

Keep the guest list short 

A destination wedding is a beautiful experience for all involved. When throwing a destination wedding, it’s best to keep the guest list small. Invite those that are the nearest and dearest to you. 

Give guests ample time to plan 

Save-the-dates should be mailed at least eight months before the wedding. The official invites should go out at least three months before. An extra-long lead time of eight to 12 months will allow guests to make arrangements, but it’s ideal to give your guests more than three months of advance notice so that they have adequate time to make travel plans. This ensures they’ll be able to attend the wedding without difficulty.

Build a wedding website 

It’s your wedding—so you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to join in. Provide them with all the details they need to know in advance. Your wedding website is the best place to share all of the important information about the weekend, from schedule to transportation to emergency contact information.

Make your guests feel welcome 

Meaningful, thoughtful gestures can make your guests feel welcome. Plan a welcome party for guests on arrival day, or you can send them welcome goodie bags to help them adjust to the new environment. Inform guests of the travel itinerary, the weather, clothing suggestions to ensure that they’re comfortable during your wedding weekend. 

If you want some alone time after the ceremony…

Consider staying somewhere secluded and booking a private hotel room and putting up the “do not disturb” sign on the door.  It will ensure that your guests get the message that you need some time alone.

Learn local traditions and cultures 

This is something to be aware of if you get married in a different country. Remember, rituals and traditions often vary according to your location and culture. There may be certain rituals or traditions that are not culturally appropriate where you are, so make sure they’re not included. Follow the customs and practices of the country where you get married to avoid offending anyone.

Provide chances to mingle 

Since a destination wedding is a busy affair that spans multiple days, you can offer up a welcome party to help your guests meet and greet each other. Plus, better bonding with a new friend will make them feel more comfortable in the unfamiliar environment. 

For the Guests

Don’t invite others without permission

It’s common courtesy to ask the couple if you can bring a friend with you when you RSVP. If they say yes, then you should send them an enquiry asking if they would be comfortable with your friend joining you for the wedding reception. If the couple says no, then it’s not polite to invite yourself with someone else.

Don’t feel the need to overspend on a gift

Since you ventured to go all this way, you should buy a more modestly priced gift for the couple. The choice is ultimately yours on how much you’re willing to spend and how much your budget allows. Last-minute gifts can be a pain and since they will be in transit in your luggage, it might be best to ship them before the wedding.

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