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Cheryl & Roy’s Wedding


Venue: The Ritz Carlton Singapore
Number of Guests: 620 each night
Theme: Whimsical Fairytale


Bridal Gown: Vera Wang London
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Suit:
Giorgio Armani London and customised Santoria Rossi from Florence
Groom’s Shoes: Dior
Wedding Planner: Bliss Pact
Florist: Boenga Flowers & Designs
Decor: Boenga Flowers & Designs
Cake Maker: Bengawan Solo and Sweetest Moment
Wedding Favours: Cheryl & Roy’s self-curated teas and Honeyspree honey
Emcee: Daren Tan and Nadiah M Din
Behind The Scene Photographer & Videographer: Pixioo and Fresh From Kenneth
Actual Day Photographer: Trouve Photography
Videographer: Substance Films
Dance Choreographer: Step Studio

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