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How to deal with uncertainties behind COVID Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is stressful and can seem like there are endless decisions to make. Couples are always looking for new ways to make their wedding day special. The hardest part might be the uncertainty of what you should do next, how much money you need to spend, or if things will actually work out. With the uncertainty of COVID, couples need to be aware that planning a wedding is more difficult than ever before.  If you’re in the process of planning your ceremony, here are some tips for how to deal with the uncertainty of COVID wedding planning.

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Restrictions are not to be overlooked

It’s unlikely that the restrictions will go away any time soon. Instead of pushing it aside, face them head-on and avoid passing deadlines for cancellation or changes which may leave you without the ability to rearrange your schedule in order to fit these into a tight timeline.

Be open to sharing your ideas

You want to be sure your guests and suppliers know what you’re planning before they worry. You can let them know if there is a change in plans by contacting them early so everyone has enough time to plan accordingly, especially for those who are traveling far away or have other obligations that will need rearranging as the event date approaches.

Make a financial plan

Weddings can be expensive, and it’s important to stay on top of what you’re spending now so that you don’t get caught short when the big day arrives. There are a few things to consider if your budget is tight or has run out: a thoughtful budget checklist will keep your finances in check until the big day.

Be flexible to any adjustments

These are tough times we live in, and the perfect wedding you have envisioned for your future may not be possible. Unless you would like to cancel completely until restrictions go away, try picturing your special day with a mindset of what is available now and being open to unconventional ways of celebrating.

Make your own decisions

It’s always nice when you are able to share your own opinion. For example, everyone has their opinions on whether or not weddings should have huge ceremonies with lots of people and a lot of food. But what matters most is that it feels right for the couple involved in these moments – which means spending some time together without any distractions before making such an important decision ends up being very fulfilling!

Keep in mind why you’re doing this

It’s hard not to get caught up in the day-to-day of planning. It can feel like you’re going nowhere, but it is important that we take time for ourselves and our emotions so they don’t eat us alive. If you need space from your engagement plan because it feels too overwhelming or if there are moments when a bigger perspective would help alleviate some stress, then do what makes sense for you right now!

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As the planning for your wedding comes to a head, it’s important that you take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Remember to keep an eye on the end goal as well by keeping up with current events but don’t let them overwhelm you! You will get through this together with your future husband.

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