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Delegate’s 7-Day Green Challenge

Whether you are a beginner to the eco-friendly lifestyle or someone who is continuously keeping up with sustainable living trends, here’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss! 

Stand a chance to win a self-care package worth $58 by Fawn Labs when you take part in Delegate’s 7-Day Green Challenge! On top of that, the first 50 participants to complete a line of challenges will also win a wheat starch reusable cutlery set by susGain.

What do you have to do?

Similar to a Bingo card, we have the 7-Day Green Challenge grid here. Complete a line of sustainable actions written in the grid boxes between 6th to 12th November 2020. 

Show us your green challenge progress by posting on your Instagram stories and tagging us at @justdelegate , along with the hashtags #7daygreenchallenge #delegategoesgreen. Additionally, you have to be following us at @justdelegate on Instagram!

When you complete a line of actions on the grid, you’ll stand a chance to win prizes. Double chances are given when you complete 2 lines, and triple chances with 3! The more lines you complete, the more chances you have of winning! 

What are the challenges?

Have a vegan meal

Eating less meat is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. It is also one of the most effective ways for individuals to reduce their carbon footprints. In this challenge, post a photo of you enjoying your vegetarian or vegan meal of the day! Whether it is home-cooked or bought from a vegan restaurant, switching up to yummy veggies in your diet will clear this grid challenge.

Bring your own lunchbox

Styrofoam boxes release toxic chemicals into your food that can be harmful to your health as well as the environment when it contaminates landfills. In this challenge, upload a photo of yourself bringing your own Tupperware lunch boxes to take away your meals. Let’s reduce waste together and ease the demand for styrofoam boxes!

Bring your own straw

Even though one straw seems like a small object in our large world, this bit of plastic that is used for a couple of minutes remains in our world for over 2,000 years! For this challenge, bring your own reusable straws made out of recyclable materials such as glass, metal or bamboo when you’re out to get drinks! A small step goes a long way.

Use a re-usable grocery bag

Make the guilt of plastic bags go away the next time you go grocery shopping! Snap a photo of yourself bringing a reusable bag to use after purchasing products, and upload it on Instagram to complete this challenge. These are cost-effective and easier to carry around as compared to plastic bags!

Donate pre-loved items

7 day green challenge
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Instead of chucking your pre-loved items into the bin, consider donating them to people who can make use of it! Donating things like used clothes, books, shoes and many more will not only reduce waste but also help those in need. Donating is simple and fuss-free, so upload a photo of you doing your part to complete this challenge! 

Besides the Salvation Army, check out this list of places where you can donate your old items to specialised areas so they can reach the specific people in need.

Bring your own cup

7 day green challenge

Are you used to getting your daily cup of coffee before work? Or how about your weekly bubble tea runs with your friends? The next time you’re out to get a drink, remember to take your own reusable cup with you! Collapsible cups are easy to carry around in your backpacks! They can also be washed and put away without taking up too much space. Share with us your adorable reusable cups in your next drink purchase!

Support Zero Waste SG

7 day green challenge

For every 2 attendees who have signed up for the Delegate Virtual Green Christmas Market, we will be donating $1 to our pledged charity, Zero Waste SG. You can also help by supporting them on giving.sg and donating here to clear off a challenge square on your grid! Any amount helps for their great causes. Make sure to DM us at @justdelegate on Instagram with your email address so that we can verify your donation!

Wear a reusable mask

7 day green challenge

Masks are still mandatory during this pandemic. Instead of wearing disposable masks every day, try to make use of reusable cloth masks as often as you can. They can be washed and dried quickly at the end of every day. Reusable masks are also known to provide more comfort throughout the day. In this challenge, snap a photo of yourself heading out in your reusable masks!

RSVP to the Virtual Green Christmas Market

7 day green challenge

The easiest challenge square to fulfil is to sign up for Delegate’s Virtual Green Christmas Market that can be done within seconds here! Make sure to DM us at @justdelegate on Instagram with your email address so that we can verify your registration!

This Christmas, we’re on a mission to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. Join us at The Virtual Green Christmas Market from 27 – 29 Nov 2020 to discover eco-friendly gift ideas for your loved ones! Shop sustainable businesses across 5 categories, enjoy 8% cashback with hourly upsized cashback and win prizes during the event.

We’re so excited to have you on board with us for the 7-Day Green Challenge! Through introducing these simple tips, we also hope that you’ll be inspired to embark on your own eco-friendly journey even after you have completed all the challenges. 

It is a step by step process into making the world a better and more sustainable place for everyone. Every small effort counts! We should all strive to become more conscious about reducing waste products and preserving the environment!

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