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Get To Know: Anywhr

Meet Anywhr, one of our partners for the ongoing Beauty and Lifestyle Giveaway. Winners will receive $180 wellness vouchers for Atos Wellness, $100 travel credits for Anywhr, $100 voucher for Bells and Birds, $100 of credits for Delegate and 6 months’ worth of products from the PsLove Company!

In this post, we’ll show you how to use Anywhr’s website to send yourself (or your friends and family) off on an adventure and what inspired the duo behind Anywhr to start this service.

Start off your journey from the “book now” button, where you’ll be redirected to 3 categories of trips – adventure, getaway and experience. Pick your style and after that,  the next page will elaborate more about the travel style you’ve opted for.

Next, select your preferred budget and the length of your vacation.

After filling in the details, now all you’ll have to do is to wait to receive the email confirmation from Anywhr! The teaser email will arrive 3 days later with information the following information:
– Your departure hall
– Time of departure
– Weather forecast of your destination and packing tips (e.g. raincoats or swimsuits, umbrellas or caps).

Keep a look out for your Anywhr mail which will arrive in your letter box a week before your flight! This will contain a postcard revealing your destination, a travelogue with a suggested itinerary and some cash in the local currency to get you from the airport to your accommodation.

Now, meet the duo behind Anywhr!DG2_8422

Photo Credit: Anywhr

Co-founders Zelia and Felix decided to turn their passion for an authentic travel experience into an online travel service when they noticed how the travel industry was saturated with the same experiences.

For Zelia, it started with a one-way ticket to Scandinavia that turned into a year of travelling without a fixed destination in mind. From that experience, she realised that people were often going to the same places and doing the same things from similar “Top 10” lists.

However, she believes that this is not the only way to go about travelling. To her,

“Travel shouldn’t be about rushing and ticking items off a checklist, but to truly experience a destination for itself, getting lost, discovering, and forging meaningful connections with the locals.”

Hence, Anywhr was launched to introduce the concept of surprise travel to Singaporeans. Besides keeping the destination a surprise, Anywhr also ensures that travellers are sent to uncharted destinations away from the usual mainstream cities. 18839610_10155511245972042_1808562733423156143_o

Photo credit: Anywhr

For those who have some reservations about being sent off into the unknown, fret not as travellers do have a say in their final destinations!

“Travellers can let us know their personal preferences, such as places they have been to or do not wish to visit. Each trip is also fully personalised and tailored to the individual traveller.”

Besides, Anywhr’s mail comes with a guidebook which will include a list of suggested activities to try in your final destination. Most activities are hidden local gems and the adventure comes in locating them by yourself. However, Anywhr works with local partners to ensure the safety and relevancy of their chosen destinations and the recommended activities, so there’s no need to worry.

For the co-founders, the biggest challenge of setting up Anywhr was that travellers are already used to the run-of-the-mill style of travelling which was to follow those “Top 10” lists. However, there is no self-discovery or authenticity in the travelling experience if everyone who travels to the same destinations return with the same experiences and same photos. 2017-05-04 09.17.17Jaz and Hidayah on their getaway trip. Photo credit: Anywhr

The greatest satisfaction for the duo comes from seeing travellers share about their trip with friends under the #GOANYWHR hashtag on Instagram. You can also search this hashtag to find out more about Anywhr’s destinations and the trips that previous travellers have taken!

Lastly, remember that our Beauty and Lifestyle giveaway is still ongoing! Click to sign up and you can win almost $500 worth of vouchers for Anywhr, Delegate, Atos Wellness and Bells and Birds, as well as half a year’s worth of product from PS Love!

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