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Get To Know : Jaq’s Bakes

Meet Jaqueline, founder of Jaq’s Bakes!

Jaq’s Bakes is a home-based baker in Singapore that provides customised cakes for birthdays, events and parties.

Made with passion and love, each cake has its own personal touch. Each cake is made with the highest quality ingredients and is not the same as the other.

In this edition of Get To Know, find out more about the lady who helps make your perfect dream cake come true!

DELEGATE: Tell us more about yourself !

If I have to choose a few keywords to describe myself, it would have to be confidence, self-motivated, and easy-going. These personalities have never failed me in doing what I love to do and always keeps me on my toes. Baking has always been my passion. I am self-taught and have attended many classes to bring me to where I am right now. Being easy-going, helps me to meet many people and keeping those relationships going are just as important. Some customers I’ve met through the years, have become friends. I am motivated to succeed because I have a very wonderful family who supports me in all my decision makings.

D: What is your vision/mission for your company?

My vision/mission for Jaq’s Bakes is to provide quality affordable homemade bakes but yet customised to each individual. Every cake is different, not one cake is the same.

D: How did you start your business? What were some adversities you faced when you first started out?

I started baking in my teens and did not even think that I would one day start my own baking business. But this business only really started to kick off after I baked a cake for my cousin. She was so encouraging and said there is a future for me. That touched me deeply.

Being new to start-ups, I did learn many things through trial and error. I learnt to ask as many questions as I could from people who are in the same industries or who have started up their own businesses. I have made many mistakes through these couple of years. Do not be afraid to fail. Failure only teaches me to pick myself up and do better.

D: Any trade secrets you can reveal?

It isn’t much of a trade secret, but I am always myself, with no pretence. It is ok for customers to see your vulnerable side. It doesn’t make you weak but instead it shows how sincere and personal you are as a business person. Customers need to have that trust.

D: What aspects of your personality can we see in your work?

I am very true to myself and thus it reflects on my cakes. People will be able to see from my cakes that I love what I do, and I put great pride in it. Most will see my creative side too.

D: What is one thing people don’t know about you?

Haha…this is going to sound weird, but I HATE CLOWNS!!!

D: How would you describe your personal style?

My style is simple, unique and full of personality. I love to play around with colours too. But what influences my style is also what the customer really wants.  

D: What are your hobbies and passions outside of work?

I am a Special Needs teacher by profession. I used to teach children with special needs. Although I have stopped teaching, I still wanted to give back to society. Thus, I volunteer one day a week in a special needs school. I will be looking into other projects in the future so as to give back to society.

D: How do you spend your weekends/ free time?

Weekends are super precious and I like to spend time with family. I am a mother of 5 beautiful teenagers. Having a meal together and just chatting over anything and everything are the best priceless moments. I cherish those moments. Some weekends are packed with orders, but I will make sure that I make time for at least one meal together with my family.

D: Any future plans in the pipeline?

My future plan is to have a place of my own to just do excellent bakes for everyone who enjoys cakes!

D: Who was your biggest influence when you were starting out?

My family, definitely! They are my best critics! They will not hold anything back and that is always the best …… honesty.

D: In your own words, starting your own business is…?

Exhilarating, it was full of anxiety (not knowing what to expect) coupled with happiness (when I took that first big step to register the business).

D: One quote that you live by?

Believe in yourself always.

D: Where can we find out more about you and your business?

If you would like to find out more about us, you can look at our social media handles or visit our website!

IG: @jaqsbakes

FB: Jaq’s Bakes

Web: www.jaqsbakes.sg

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