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Hong Kong’s 6 Best Restaurants for Company Dinners

Searching for the perfect restaurant to host your annual company dinner? Look no further! We know your time is precious, so we’ve done the work of sifting through our many quality vendors to pick out the very best restaurants with delicious food and a great ambience. Treat your employees to the best they deserve for all their hard work throughout the year!

1. Blue Butcher

An NYC style restaurant and bar, Blue Butcher is the place to go for a hearty and decadent meal. Rest assured your company will enjoy the beautifully marbled steaks, and sweet desserts that Blue Butcher offers. With classy and sleek décor, we’re sure that your company will have a great time partying the night away.

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2. Classified Repulse Bay

One of the Classified family’s locations, Classified Repulse Bay is situated right on the beach! Perfect for any company who wants to spend a chill evening enjoying the ocean breeze. The cozy interior is sure to relax and bond everyone, and there’s plenty of outdoor space for everyone to dance on the sand!

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3. DOSE Restaurant & Bar

A cozy and intimate restaurant, DOSE is the perfect location for a small to medium sized enterprise to hold their company dinner. A blend of newly crafted and unique dishes, as well as old favourites, DOSE’s menu can be customized to fit even the pickiest eater’s taste. Check them out now!

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For high class Japanese fare, check out FUMI. You’d be spoilt for choice trying to pick the perfect main from their modern-authentic menu. Furthermore, the minimalist oriental look that the restaurant goes for transports you straight to Japan!

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5.  Grassroots Pantry

Wide open spaces and high ceilings, Grassroots Pantry is the perfect restaurant to enjoy a relaxing company dinner. A homegrown restaurant, they pride themselves on using healthy and quality ingredients and it really shows in their food! Vegans and vegetarians need not fret over what to eat as they have plenty of options to choose from. To top it off, they’ve been featured on Delegate as one of our most popular vendors!

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6.  Shoreditch

Channeling vibes from London, Shoreditch has an amazing collection of wines, perfect to guarantee a good time at your company dinner! With lots of natural lighting and floor-to-ceiling glass panes, you get to enjoy a beautiful view while eating their wonderful food.

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