How to Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring for Singapore Brides

Are those wedding bells we hear on the horizon? Buying an engagement ring is a huge milestone in your relationship and also a major financial commitment. Everyone wants the perfect ring that captures their personality and taste and as much as possible, they want to do it without breaking the bank. There is still a wedding to plan, after all. 

With so many choices for engagement rings, the hunt may seem a little overwhelming. For those who are about to jump into the engagement ring search, here’s a step-by-step checklist when shopping for that dream ring!


Believe it or not, there’s something of a holy grail formula to coming up with the dream wedding ring. It goes a little something like this: Perfect Diamond Cut + Band & Setting + Size = Happy Engagement!

For anybody looking to buy a loose diamond (either by itself or with an engagement ring as a “build your own”) online at one of the many online diamond vendors, this guide will help you avoid the common mistakes with couples designing their own engagement rings.

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I. Picking The Perfect Stone

Of course, if you’re focused on using diamond rings for your proposal plans, the cardinal rule that you need to keep in mind is that you need to pick the perfect stone for the ring. And when you’re trying to pick your ideal diamond, it means you have to narrow your choices down based on your desired shape.

1. Choose The Shape

The shape is, without a doubt, the most important part of designing your dream ring. Based on you (and your partner’s) preference, you have a choice from:

  • Round Brilliants
  • Cushion Cut
  • Oval Cut
  • Princess Cut
  • Emerald Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Asscher Cut
  • Heart Cut
  • Radiant Cut
  • Marquise Cut

2. Ideal Carat Weight

Are you looking for something dazzling that’ll blind everyone looking your way, or something a little more subtle but still stunning?

3. Color Range and Clarity Grade

Diamonds tend to come in varying shades of “white,” ranging from A to Z. Keep in mind that different shapes reflect light at different strengths and so may appear a little different, even if they’re in the same color range.

Image Credits: Vella Diamonds

II. Ideal Band and Setting

Engagement rings need to reflect a person’s taste in appearance and personality.

Traditionally, engagement rings (and wedding bands, too) are made from yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum—although in recent years rose gold has emerged as a fresh, modern alternative. 

While platinum may look quite similar to silver, platinum is significantly more expensive as it has a greater density (and is also rarer). Some metals scratch easier than others, so be sure to consider lifestyle—as well as budget, of course—before deciding how important a factor metals are in the final decision. 

Your choice in settings is from:

  • Prong Setting & Solitaire Setting
  • The Tiffany Setting
  • Bezel Setting
  • Tension Setting
  • Tension Style Setting
  • Channel Setting
  • Pavé Setting
  • Halo Setting
  • Cathedral Setting
  • Bar Setting
  • Flush Setting
  • Three-Stone Setting
  • Antique/Vintage Setting
  • Cluster Setting
  • Eternity Band
  • Shank/Split-Shank
  • Infinity Setting
Image Credits: Vella Diamonds

III. Get Measurements Taken

After all your planning, don’t forget to make sure that both you and your partner get your ring fingers measured for the perfect fit. After all, you don’t want something that’ll be slipping off unnoticed or cutting off your circulation and making your “perfect purchase” uncomfortable. Get a snug fit that’s ‘just right.’ If you want the proposal to be a surprise, sneak into your partner’s jewelry box to figure out their perfect ring size!

Without over complicating the entire process, this comprises everything couples looking to take the next step in their love and symbolize their love in a gorgeous ring. After you’ve decided on the various bits to design your dream ring, make sure to consult an expert and get their professional opinion. This ensures that before making the financial commitment, you won’t have any regrets down the road.

Image Credits: Vella Diamonds

We understand that searching for diamond rings on your own can be an excruciating journey filled with doubt, and that’s why Vella Diamonds want you to find a little peace of mind by helping you pick the perfect engagement ring. The first of its kind in Singapore, Vella Diamonds offers online consumers an immersive online experience when it comes to designing and purchasing engagement and wedding rings. Go beyond just selecting your own diamonds based on color, clarity, cut, and carat weight to customize your dream design from their dazzling array of choices.

Vella Diamonds promises their customers nothing but top quality with hand-picked, show-stopping diamonds and remarkable gems showcased in their collection. See them for yourself and admire their beauty, clarity and superior craftsmanship.

Be sure to check out Vella Diamonds when you’re ready to get down on one knee to purchase or craft the perfect engagement ring. Design the ring of your partner’s dreams with a team of experts by your side to make sure your first step on the journey to your happily ever after is nothing but glamorous. Let your ring be truly yours in every way!


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