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23 Wedding Photos You Need to Take on Your Big Day

Pictures truly are worth a thousand words, so make sure the photos you have for your wedding translate the great love you felt, shared, and was surrounded by on that special day. Years from now, you’ll want to look back on memories from your wedding day, and look fondly on all the great moments. So make sure you’re not left with any regrets, and have a briefing with your photographer ahead of time to let them know what shots you want documented. With that being said, here are some of the must-have shots you can’t miss on your big day to capture the love and joy of the day:

For A Bit of Humour

Play into your characters here, and bring some fun and humour into the shots. Show off your playful side and take shots you’ll look back and laugh at,years from now.

1. Dramatically showing off the ring – have your bridesmaids or groomsmen look on in awe, drooling as you show off your new diamonds.

2. Fake running away – stage a fake run-away bride/groom, ruffle the dress up as you run or try and drag your partner back, it’ll be so funny you’ll crack yourself up laughing at it. 

3. On the dance floor – bust a move or two and throw back and have fun. Dance like no one’s watching, and the fun will be written all over your face.

It’s All In The Details

1. Invitation card, save-the-date, rings, all the paraphernalia – you put in a lot of work into choosing the perfect tidbits of your wedding. Make sure every tiny detail is captured and documented, the elegant folds and designs of the cards, and the bling of the rings.

2. Venue – you spent a lot of time stressing over the perfect venue, so make sure you capture all it’s gorgeous details to truly show off why you chose it.

Image Credits: Visual Recollections

3. Your gorgeous hair – your glorious crown deserves a mention on its own. Make sure the curls, patterns and accessories are all clearly captured.

4. Decor + seating arrangement – from the glamorous tables to the amazing centerpieces you chose, make sure everything is delicately captured. 

5. Cake – have before and after photos of your yummy cake, showing the yummy layers and the beautiful design of it all.

Getting Ready Pics

These are likely some of the most candid shots you’ll get, captured as you’re unaware, busy getting ready. Document the moment just before you take your walk down the aisle. 

  1. Bouquet + shoe – show off your impeccable taste with a close up on your glamorous shoe and gorgeous bouquet.
Image Credits: Visual Recollections

2. Dress in all its glory – moments before getting into your dream gown, make sure the photographer gets close ups, showing off all the exquisite details of your dream gown.

Image Credits: Visual Recollections

3. Glam squad – as you’re getting pampered and ready with your team, makeup brushes in hand, have the photographer get a cute sneak peak of these special, small moments.

4. All dolled up – face beat, gown on, shoes buckled, have the camera man take a shot of the finished product, portraits of you and your beau looking gorgeous in your wedding garb.

5. Groom getting ready – whether he’s getting ready on his own or assisted by his groomsmen, make sure to capture the moments straightening a bow, or tying a shoe, you’re sure to feel the nerves through the photograph!

Image Credits: Visual Recollections

Group Shots

Have the whole gang join you for a couple of fun shots to commemorate the special people that made your wedding day all the more special. 

1. With your besties – bring in the girl and guy squad and take a group shot, starting with a formal one posing and all, then have one crazy one – have fun with it.

2. With the parents – share a beautiful moment with both sets of parents in a heartwarming photo.

3. Praying – moments before going into the ceremony as you and your team get ready and pray, or just take a moment to take it all in, make sure one sneaky shot is captured to remind you of all the nerves you felt that day.  

4. The “high table” – have the photographer capture an image of the happy couple at the reception, surrounded by their wedding party at the high table, all smiles and laughter as the festivities go on.

5. Wedding party – as wide panning as the shot can be made, try and squeeze everyone present into a shot, not necessarily posing, they could be watching the bride walk down the aisle. But do make sure you try and capture an image that translates to the grandness of it all.

Moments That’ll Have You Swooning

Your love and romance embodied. Make sure to get plenty of pictures showing off your love for each other you can look back at on your anniversaries to come and smile.

1. First look – if you’ll be having a moment to yourself to calm the nerves before the ceremony starts, make sure the photographer captures this beautiful moment.

Image Credits: Visual Recollections

2. Exchanging vows – this is such an emotional moment, so make sure the photographer doesn’t miss the teary-eyed shots and smiles to the heartfelt vows.

3. First kiss – you’ve shared lots of meaningful kisses, yes, but this one is your first kiss as a married couple, so definitely make sure the photographer gets a good angle of this romantic moment.

Image Credits: Visual Recollections

4. First dance – just you and your beau, no one else in the world, get the photographer to capture the two of you making waves on the dance floor for the first time as man and wife.

5. Just got married – either as you’re running out of the reception, or waving while in the getaway car, make sure your photographer captures the moment your happily ever after begins!

Image Credits: Visual Recollections

In the midst of the excitement and emotions of the day, you might forget some of the special portraits you wanted captured, so make sure you communicate with your photographer well ahead of time. That way, you won’t have moments of regret for having missed oh-so-special moments.
At Delegate, we have trusted vendors like Visual Recollections who are experts in not just taking pictures, but capturing beautiful moments. They have a passion for preserving memories for their clients. Their belief is that their duty is to help their clients capture their important moments in life and to make them happy with the photographs produced. Created to provide an alternative photographer & videography experience for everyone at an affordable price, their work speaks for itself, making it a point to tell each couple’s love story as authentically as possible.

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