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10 Edible Wedding Favours Your Guests Won’t Leave Behind

I’m almost certain everyone of us have had this exact experience before so hear me out. You’re at a wedding of a friend or maybe a family member and as the whole event comes to a close, you take a closer look at their chosen wedding favour. It could be a teaspoon, metal straw or even a refrigerator magnet with the bride and groom’s faces stamped onto it (just…no). You don’t quite feel obliged to take the rather disappointing wedding favour and ultimately, choose to give it a skip. I mean don’t tell me you’ve taken or been impressed by all the wedding favours you’ve come across, right?

So, back to the present and your very own special day is just round the corner. Wedding favours are not easy to get right – as our little anecdote proved. To add to that, it takes up a sizeable chunk of any wedding budget so it’s really quite disappointing if we see our guests deciding not to take them. The trick is to give away something guests can use or in the case of this article, eat! Try these edible wedding favours that taste and look delightful at the same time – confirm Singaporeans will take cause food means cannot waste!

Handcrafted blends

handcrafted tea wedding favour
Image credits: A.Muse Projects

A.muse Projects is a local specialty tea company whose handcrafted blends are designed to give every customer a distinct experience. Their passion to share the simple beauty and subtle elegance of tea matches nicely with a wedding setting and works great as a wedding favour too. They are also able to package their teas in a variety of forms to suit the occasion. On top of that, A.muse Projects brings together the soothing qualities of tea and other much-celebrated flavours, such as flavoured wine. This is a wedding favour that is sure to be a hit among your guests. They are bound to leave the wedding location happy with a blend of tea they won’t forget.

What’s your jam?

Baking Blocks spreads
Image credits: Baking Blocks

If handcrafted tea is not quite your jam, how about some actual jam? Or more accurately, some spreads like Pure Pistachio or Pure Hazelnut. Baking Blocks offers a whole range of specially curated & unique baking ingredients and products. What’s great is that it’s multifunctional too! These premium spreads can be used for your snacking needs as well. Packaged in presentable jars, these can be customised to fit the theme of your wedding. With enticing flavour mixes such as Matcha Chocolate Spread, this is a wedding favour guests won’t dare to leave behind.

Loaf of love

French honey bread
Image credits: Carre Pain D’Epices

Any chance you’ve got friends or family with bougie tendencies a refined taste? Gotta use the PC version you know. Anyway, Carre Pain D’Epices traditional French honey bread is sure to impress. Inspired by rich French heritage, they’ve propelled the unassuming honey bread to style and stardom, while preserving its authenticity. Elegant packaging only adds to the overall quality of what Carre Pain D’Epices offers. They’re quite a healthy treat too – made with no eggs, no dairy, and are fat-free. So that millennial cousin who’s decided to be keto, vegan, or whichever 2020 diet trend, will have no excuse not to enjoy these delicious French treats!

Go nuts with these

Pili nuts gifts
Image credits: Pili Pushers

For your health buff friends, Pili Pushers’ nutrient-rich pili nuts would make a perfect wedding favour. These pili nuts are pre-sprouted by hand, making them a powerhouse of natural enzymes, minerals and nutrition. Thereafter, they are gently dehydrated to ensure those benefits are locked right in. What comes of all this is a crisp yet creamy texture of this luxurious superfood. Unlike some other superfoods, flavours are not compromised. Your guests will be intrigued by this wedding favour and upon trying it, they are sure to bring it back home with them!

Honey, I shrunk the kids!

cerana honey wedding favour
Image credits: Cerana Honey

Okay, disclaimer: please don’t go shrinking the kids. That was just a lazy reference to an old film. Back on topic, honey as a wedding favour would be a good bet, am I right? With the growing trend of people choosing to be a little more health conscious, many are now avoiding sugar entirely. So, it only makes sense to give your guests a healthier replacement with Cerana Honey’s products. Unprocessed and obtained only by extraction without pasteurisation, Cerana Honey ensures their honey is harvested and bottled directly at their farm with quality assurance. Besides honey, they also carry other unique products such as honeycomb, bee pollen, candles and bar soaps. These would make great wedding favours too!

Candy and sweets

candies wedding favour
Image credits: Sweet Enchantment

Sweet Enchantment aims to bring an enchanted world of sweet and natural elements to whatever special event you are planning next. Their products include handcrafted all-natural rock candies, lollipops, candy canes and see-through mini pops. Only natural extracts are used to create these unique pieces of handcrafted goodies – no artificial colouring or artificial flavouring is added. So, orange would come from carrot skin and purple from grape skin! Another thing great about Sweet Enchantment is that they offer custom designing of their confectionary as well as the presentation of their heart-warming gifts – perfect for wedding favours.

Did someone say caffeine? I mean coffee.

coffee bean wedding favour
Image credits: Alliance Coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning is synonymous with how most of us start our day – some even have a few more cups as the day goes on (hands up if you’re guilty of this). So, if you know that there are a number of coffee lovers among your guests, why not have coffee beans as a wedding favour? That is one of the packages provided by Alliance Coffee. They also do mobile coffee catering service should you be looking for coffee stations on your special day. But let’s face it, having coffee available at your wedding isn’t anything particularly special. Coffee beans as a wedding favour, now that’s something a little different and exciting.

For the cookie monsters among us

cookie wedding favour
Image credits: Folks and Stories

We could never omit cookies from the discussion of edible wedding favours, or any discussion for that matter. Cookies are just oh so addictive and would please any wedding guests, young and old. Folks and Stories are committed to creating the perfect textural contrast in every piece and only natural ingredients are used. Most importantly, they are all lightly sweetened, with no additives or preservatives at all. Whether it’s adding a personal message on the cookie case or developing a brand new flavour, they can customise their cookies to fit your wedding theme.

Have your guests decide

DIY Favours Bar
Image credits: Favours Bar

The lack of options to help wedding planners express appreciation to their guests is what led to this new concept by Favours Bar – DIY favours bar. In a move to depart from the traditional cookie cutter gift, DIY favours bar leaves the choice up to your guests. With the option for customised labels and packaging to suit your theme, this is one that will appeal to a range of guests. You can have macarons, candies, tea leaves or a mixture of all three if you so wish! We all have that one picky auntie or hard to please uncle, am I right? Leaving the choice (albeit, perceived) of wedding favours to them would lead to one less complaint or comment during your next family gathering and we’d all like that now, wouldn’t we?

Japanese green tea

Tsujiri green tea
Image credits: Tsujiri

So, we’ve had coffee and tea earlier in this write up but how can we forget about green tea? It deserves a section on it’s own, and especially so if it’s from Tsujiri. With over a hundred years of experience serving tea, Tsujiri’s recipes have not only withstood the trials of time but also remained a steadfast favourite of the masses. Wedding favours here comes in the form of tea bags straight from their plantation in Uji, Kyoto. Whether that be sencha, houjicha or genmaicha these are wedding favours your guests will definitely not leave behind!

We hope that this list of ideas helps you in your quest to untangle this confusing conundrum of the perfect wedding favour. We figured it be best to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. What kind of wedding favour do you want to take home? We thought edible ones are kind of a fail-safe option – I mean what kind of monster rejects goodies such as cookies or sweets. Either way, think practically and enjoy the process. Happy planning!

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