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How to choose your ideal wedding photographer

Everyone knows those wedding photographers are a huge part of wedding ceremonies. With a variety of different wedding photographers, many couples are left wondering how to choose the right wedding photographer best suited for them. The most important things about your wedding photoshoot are to make sure you are comfortable. Being relaxed and happy will help your photos not end up looking forced and awkward. 

We’ve classified some fantastic wedding photography vendors according to the photography styles they specialise in. Take a look at their amazing work here! This will aid you in deciding which type of wedding photos you and your partner prefer.

1. Modern classic

These types of photos are just like the ones you see in your parents and grandparents wedding photos. Formal, planned poses that are timeless and reliable. Classic photos will get the photography job done efficiently! They will never go out of trend as they are always gorgeous to look at. Modern classic takes a little bit of a twist, adding some trends of today and finding the little joys in the ordinary.

Shane Chua Photography

Behind every photo unfolds a story of memories. Singapore wedding photographer Shane Chua enjoys unraveling the story of his subjects through his professional camera lens. Shane believes in capturing the smallest moments of joy and celebration during wedding ceremonies. These deserve to be more than just a fleeting memory. Everyone has a wedding story to tell, so leave it to Shane to express your stories into photographs that will preserve life’s happiest moments forever. You deserve the best photos on the best day of your life!

Image credits: Shane Chua Photography

Twist Photography

Founded in 2013, Twist Photography focuses on the details to document a beautiful and memorable wedding scene for your lifetime. Using the professional eyes of their photographers, they have many experiences in helping couples to capture meaningful moments. These include actual-day weddings, solemnizations, wedding gatecrash games, and many more highlights of wedding ceremonies in Singapore. Thus, experience a photograph filled with love! From the smallest details of facial expressions, to the grand and beautiful backdrop of your wedding venues, all compiled into these trinkets of memories.

Image credits: Twist Photography

2. Photojournalism

Photojournalism has been a rising trend amongst couples recently. This involves capturing the candid moments and raw emotions of the couple going about doing their everyday activities. As the name suggests, this style of photography is similar to writing a journal. Everything is kept intimate and close to the heart without filtering. If you’re camera-shy and don’t like being forced to take photos, this style of photography would best suit you! Capture the perfectly imperfect, natural images with your significant other.

Jeffrey Koh Photography

Jeffery Koh Photography believes that on top of the fun-filled posed pictures of the wedding party and happy couple, it is the candid shots snapped at the perfect moment in time that creates memories that will last a lifetime. This wedding photographer creates unique cinematic vignettes and romantic, intimate portraits suitable for all wedding ceremonies. As your wedding is your special day, enjoy basking in the best day of your life! Leave the photography details to the professionals who can deliver the loveliest shots you have always dreamed of!

Image credits: Jeffery Koh Photography

1stJournal Productions

1stJournal Productions has been capturing your emotions and life moments since 2008. With years of experience, they understand that wedding photos are all about telling the story of your special day. Just like their name, your wedding photos will appear as if from pages of your personal and unique journal. From candid moments to fancy shots, 1stJournal Productions can do it all. Relax, smile, be yourself and let them do the magic with their professional wedding photographer and equipment.

Image credits: 1stJournal Productions

One Eye Click

As an award-winning boutique photography studio based in Singapore, One Eye Click shares a passion for documenting life at its finest moments. They conceptualise ideas together with each couple to create meaningful and well-loved wedding images. Known for their candid and non-intrusive approach when it comes to documenting wedding ceremonies, their experience and professionalism enable them to anticipate moments and capture them at their peak. With just a click away, create your perfect wedding memories with One Eye Click!

Image credits: One Eye Click

Lightbox Weddings

Image credits: Lightbox Weddings

Cherish and love every moment in your wedding with Lightbox Weddings! Since 2007, Lightbox Weddings has managed to help countless couples document their big day. Their signature style is to go with the flow on the wedding day, work with the couple’s personalities, and blend with their emotions of the moment. With this unique essence captured, Lightbox Weddings’ photos will naturally turn out beautiful and meaningful. Work with Lightbox Weddings to achieve and relieve the most significant milestone of your life!

3. Lifestyle

Lifestyle photos look very similar to photojournalism in terms of candid and unposed images, except they involve more planned styling, ideas and locations, rather than relying on the natural environment itself. The photographer will usually set the background for these shots. Some examples of backdrops include a warm and cosy home atmosphere or a cute restaurant vibe. These photographers will then make use of their ideas to give these candid photos a redefined, artistic twist. This is an excellent balance between the natural and staged!


You can’t have a wedding ceremony without an endless amount of photos capturing even the littlest events of your special day. Valanci is here to make sure that the very unique essence of your wedding is captured and preserved into memories that will last for generations. Valanci consists of a team of expert and passionate wedding photographers and videographers who aim to deliver nothing but the best moments of your big wedding day. Enjoy your wedding, trust in the success, and leave the memories to Valanci!

Image credits: Valanci

Depth of Tales

Photographing couples goes beyond capturing beautiful visuals with Depth of Tales. They believe that wedding photography should preserve that moment of authentic expression, tell a story, and evoke emotions of happiness, longing and contentment even long after it’s been taken. Depth of Tales appreciates the importance of the small things in life and finds beauty in the ordinary with one photo at a time. If you’re looking for someone who can make the best out of your wedding surroundings and use natural lights to paint a story, Depth of Tales is the wedding photographer for you!

Image credits: Depth of Tales

4. Film

Vintage is the new trend! Though this style of photography may require more effort in the processes of waiting for the film to develop and editing them, film photography has the nostalgic and warm filters that a standard digital camera would not have. With a skilled film photographer, the gorgeous settings and warm orange lighting will bring across wedding photos with greater depth and unique style.

Wedding Authors

Wedding Authors was founded by two hopeless romantics, Beck & Brandon, who believe in this silly little thing called love. They specialise in capturing films and photos of raw, genuine emotions. Check out their video content on YouTube, providing wedding tips, exploring experimental ideas, and sharing real-life love stories of couples. After all, Wedding Authors made it their mission to chase after stories of couples who went against the odds, and those who held on till the end, to give them the perfect film footage for their special day.

Image credits: Wedding Authors

5. Artistic

If you’re looking for unique wedding photos to stand out from the rest, an artistic photoshoot style may be for you! Artistic photography is symbolic, making use of a mixture of different camera styles. The photographer plays around with a variety of lighting, backgrounds, filters, shadows and shapes to preserve your love into a work of fine art. This photography style is difficult and may require a lot of time in planning, but as long as the photographer is skilled and experienced, your photos will turn out beautifully memorable.

Vincent Tay Photography

Vincent Tay is well-known in the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Therefore, at Vincent Tay Photography, he has a range of styles in his work of photojournalism and lifestyle photography. With the passion of capturing the emotion of each wedding ceremony is an artful way, his goal is to tell the story of it so that you can relieve it, many years from now, with the same emotions. Vincent has been providing wedding photography services in Singapore since 2012, photographing an average of 100 couples every year. As such, put your trust into Vincent Tay Photography to document your special day!

Image credits: Vincent Tay Photography

REELWERKZ Productions

Moments in weddings that are dear to the heart is what keeps REELWERKZ going. They take on the challenges of wedding photography head-on! Established in 2012, Reelwerkz is a collective of like-minded individuals who started out documenting celebrations and milestones. They are focused on translating your wedding visual ideas into reality by having a deep understanding of artistic trends and technologies. Therefore, capture every wedding moment while collaborating with Reelwerk’s ideas to create amazing photos and video productions!

Image credits: REELWERKZ Productions

6. Dramatic

Dramatic photography places a heavier emphasis on the acting of deep emotions. Heavy editing is also used to bring across pictures that will move your hearts in specific ways. These photos usually have a dark, serious and moody vibe to it, almost like the tension you feel when binge-watching a drama series! These photos have an intense and rich depth to it. Making use of black and white filters are also a common approach.


For Amusephotographer, love is the muse that inspires their photography. Therefore, Amusephotographer has been fuelled by their passion in capturing life and joy through their professional camera lens. As a multi-award-winning photographer that has helped document many weddings, leave it to Charles to document your love moments as they unfold. From the spontaneous cheers, joyous celebrations, emotional tears and uninhibited love, every part of your wedding is captured and preserved into beautiful memories. Check out their tips on how to look your best during wedding photoshoots here!

Image credits: Amusephotographer

Steph Lee Films

Steph Lee Films is made up of a team of extremely talented individuals who are here to ensure that your precious wedding memories are preserved forever! The quality of the team’s artistic work can be seen in their quality portfolios, and couples who have worked with the team often end up having lots of fun and laughter! Since the beginning of 2008, Steph has created a unique photography and videography style that separates him from the rest of the field. Thus, entrust in this wedding photographer to provide the best services for your wedding!

Image credits: Steph Lee Films

7. Photo booths

Hiring a wedding photographer to capture the best moments of your wedding is essential. But, you can also consider adding some fun to your wedding ceremony through photo booths! Photo booth services are a unique way to add excitement through these physical photo prints of memory for your wedding guests!


Ubersnap is here to inject magic into your wedding with the world’s first GIF printing services. With instant Harry Potter-style prints, Ubersnap is bringing the future photo booth to you. Impress your guests through capturing GIFs that turn into instant animated prints as a token of memory from your special day. Combined with their mobile app and real-time feed, this is a unique experience that will get your guests talking, laughing and moving for hours!

Image credits: Ubersnap

8. Videography

Last but not least, don’t forget your wedding videographers! A video compilation of your special day gives you a whole new way to relieve your wedding ceremony where photographs alone cannot. Wedding videographers are a must! Their professional camera and editing experiences can even pick out the small, precious moments that you might have missed while in the heat of the moment.

TNC Weddings

The best wedding stories need to have a loving theme, an unforgettable couple, and a fascinating plot. The passionate team at The Next Chapter Film are committed to capture the most significant moments of your big day. Their professional shots are carefully framed to capture all the expressions, gestures and emotions that mean so much more than words. The simple, yet vital elements formulate your dream chapter and the start of your happily ever after.

Image credits: TNC Weddings

Twenty8picks Videography

As visual storytellers since 2012, Twenty8picks Videography pieces each couple’s emotions, thoughts, actions and words into little tokens of memories. As every couple has a unique love story, Twenty8picks Videography creates their films to express their special emotional bond that is displayed on their wedding day. For every package you sign up with Twenty8picks Videography, you are entitled to an extra 2-hour engagement session with them!

Image credits: Twenty8picks Videography

CTRL N Studio

Everyone has their narrative; every couple has their story. At CTRL N Studio, they believe in communication through visuals with a purpose. This is to capture the most beautiful moments in life. CTRL N Studio is an all-in-one creative studio with a broad range of experiences. Therefore, with CTRL N Studio’s talented team, create and generate new concepts to make this wedding an unforgettable experience that you and your partner will continually look back on with fond memories.

Image credits: CTRL N Studio

Five Pebbles

At FivePebbles, your wedding story is their inspiration. Made up of a team of filmmaking creatives with years of industry experience, FivePebbles is a studio that believes every couple is unique. You deserve to have the story of your wedding told in a way that is tailored to your needs. Thus, FivePebbles will go the extra mile to truly get to know you and your partner. Using the creative approach that best suits you, they can produce something unique, fresh, and will stand out from the other wedding videographies.

Image credits: Five Pebbles

Find the best wedding photography and videography vendors in Singapore on Delegate! Choosing your wedding photographer based on the photography style and experience you prefer is a great way to start planning! Most of these photographers also have experience in doing more than one style, so be sure to check out their discography before deciding. Bask in the precious moments of your wedding that are guaranteed to be captured and bring back fond memories in the future. Just relax, enjoy your wedding, and don’t forget to smile!

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