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Tips by a wedding photographer to look your best on your big day

Your wedding day is coming soon. You are getting nervous. You are getting very intrigued by pictures of those brides and grooms looking so gorgeous on their wedding day, and wonder if you can pull it off. Fret not, here are some tips in the form of a Q&A from award-winning aMusephotographer Charles Sng that will help:

What are some common misconceptions couples have about wedding shoots or wedding photography in general?

Most people still think that wedding photography is an easy task that only requires someone with good cameras and aesthetic sense, and the couple could just pose in response to the photographer’s directions in order to capture fabulous images. While these are certainly essential in good wedding photography, it is my view that great wedding photography is a much deeper process; every wedding is unique and has its own story to tell, and photography serves the function of documenting it. Besides cameras and aesthetic senses, a really good photographer requires journalistic skill to capture the fleeing moments; emotional intelligence to warm up the guests and family quickly; and the unspoken ninja ability to be there and not there at the same time.

In addition, wedding photography does not end at the wedding, a lot of effort goes into post production: to distil the best shots from the good ones, and edit those best shots into series of beautiful pictures that will tell the complete story.

Is it essential for me and my partner to have a connection with our chosen wedding photographer?

Yes, it is! You are sharing the most important day of your life with this wedding photographer and he/she has the mammoth task of preserving this day for you. Having a photographer whom you can get along well and communicate with is essential for you to enjoy your wedding day and have your most precious moments captured.

Is it alright to guide or direct our wedding photographers to the type of photographs we want or is that a major no-no?

If there are certain types of photographs that you would wish to have e.g. ring shots, details of certain items, the funny but unflattering moments, certain important VIPs and guests, please do let your photographer know so that he is mindful to capture them. However, I view photography as a form of art, and the photographers are the artists. Hence, I believe the direction from the couples should be just limited to these. Let the photographers do their “thing” and exercise their own aesthetic skills to deliver the photographs. This is why it is so important to choose a photographer with a portfolio that resonates with you, and with a personality that you are able to connect with.

Importantly, is there a ‘proper’ way to pose? (We really don’t want to end up looking unnatural and awkward!)

Yes and no. While there are some poses which are considered “classic” and quintessential for every wedding (for which I am sure your competent photographer will assist to direct the pose), the best and most beautiful portraits are usually those with the couple in their most natural state of mind. It is the record of the most joyous day in the couple’s lives, and the beauty of this joy will show in the photographs. Having a good rapport with your photographer will make you feel a lot less awkward! Be yourself, be it quirky or proper!

Do you have any pointers for how we can best pull off candid shots?

Just be yourself and enjoy your big day. There are likely to be big emotions too, just let them flow and immerse in them. Let the photographer do the rest.

5 tips to look great in pictures:

  • Prepare yourself in advance to appear in your best form. E.g. ample sleep, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and grooming.
  • Choose suits, gowns and dresses that are flattering and comfortable.
  • Engage a good makeup artist who knows how to bring out the best in you.
  • Connect yourself positively with your partner, loved ones and vendors.
  • Do not worry about not looking your best – just enjoy your day!

Do you have any final tips for the nervous couple who wants to look elegant and flawless in their wedding photos?

Always plan and prepare your wedding in advance. Delegate to your most trusted friends and vendors, and leave the rest to the big day, knowing that you cannot control everything. A relaxed couple always make for many great shots and beautiful moments in the eyes of a good photographer.

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