Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

Wear your crown with pride on your wedding day to have your hair flowing gorgeously as you walk down the aisle. If you have long hair but aren’t sure what hairstyle to twist your mane into, you’ve come to the right place. We’re bringing to you various hairstyles brides with long hair can wear for their wedding. Lengthy, flowing curls are versatile and present a world of possibilities on what you can achieve, so unlock your inner Rapunzel and get styling:

1. Bridal Blowout

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

Take this simple but stylish, everyday hairstyle and give it a romantic flair and wear it as you say your I Dos. Show off your mass of hair in romantic, flowing waves that’s both simple and chic. Easy to achieve, gorgeous to wear.

2. Full French Braid

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

 For the boho bride with a little cool-girl aesthetic, this is the perfect look for you. The side-swept French braid is the perfect choice for the free-spirited bride ready to keep it cute and fun, playing with a little personality and layered detail. 

3. Sexy Hollywood Waves

These Hollywood-inspired waves are the embodiment of glamour and style. If you want to rock this cool coif yourself, switch to the 1.5-inch hair curler, working in small sections, making sure you secure individual curls as you go along. Once done, unpin the curls and set the curls free, using a wide-toothed comb to lightly tease and loosen the locks. Spray on your flexible-hold hairspray to finish off and secure the waves in place and make sure they last all day long.

4. Undone Boho Braid

Another one for the adventurous, boho bride, this hairstyle has cool beach vibes, with an undone braid done in a signature hippyish style to give your hair personality. Have the hair half-up half-down, teasing the hair a little to achieve a fuller looking volume of hair. It’s imperfectly perfect.

5. Half-Up Half-Down Do

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

Easily get to show off your sexy, long locks without hiding your gorgeous face with this stunning ‘do! Make sure to pin it securely so it doesn’t come undone as you step on the dance floor.

6. Sleek and Straight

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

This is one of those hairstyles you could pull off anywhere, whatever the theme, season, or style. Keeping it straight and sleek, this is a gorgeous, simple but elegant look you’ll look gorgeous in. For the minimalist bride not looking to do anything extravagant but still look great, this is for you.

7. Intertwining Updo

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

Who needs a bouquet when your hair is blooming this elegant and stylish. This is the only bouquet you’ll need, with the artistic floral twist to give you a pretty and mature look. Complete the look with pretty flowers to compliment the ‘do.

8. Wrapped Bubble Pony

This hairstyle gives strong bohemian vibes, with a unique spin on the classic ponytail you know and love, with extra volume. It’s an easy way to dress up your ‘do in a simple and effortless style. Leave out a small section from the bottom of your ponytail before securing it, then smooth the section over with a bit of hair serum before wrapping it around the hair elastic. Secure the ends into the base with a bobby pin, and you’re good to go.

9. Accessories

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

Keep it cute with all sorts of accessories, whatever you’re into, to give your hair more personality and make it stand out. Whether you want a dashing hairband to complete your desired chic look, or top it off with bejewelled pieces to add a little sparkle to your hair in a glamorous pin and chain to have you looking like an absolute goddess!

If you’re a fan of the floral finish, get your Rapunzel on with adorning flowers to compliment your gorgeous bridal hair, tying it together with your bouquet. 

10. Top Knot

What’s not to love in this easy-breezy hairstyle, one you can rock anywhere, and easily transform into a stunning wedding hairdo? It’s the perfect option for those looking for a classic updo that’s easy going and has a cool, effortless look.

11. Fishtail Updo

Take a little boho and merge it with a little romantic flair, and you have yourself our next choice. The fishtail braid peeking out just so is such a unique touch.

12. Voluminous Bridal Bun

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

Flaunt your length and thickness with this gorgeous, voluminous bridal bun. Don’t be scared of adding a few extra extensions to really achieve that ‘full’ look.

13. Pinned-Back Bangs

You don’t have to get rid of your bangs, instead, pin them up stylishly and ensure that your gorgeous, glowing face is still showing with this cool hairstyle. Pin the shorter layers, tucking them under the longer lengths in this easy ‘do for when the reception rolls around and you need to hit the dancefloor. It’s a simple but effective way to switch up your look after the ceremony and leave you ready to bust some moves on the dance floor.

14. Milkmaid Braid

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

Rock this bohemian look to help you keep your hair out of the way all day (and night) as your party goes away. This is also a gorgeous, stylish way to frame your face.

15. No-Fuss Ponytail

Image Credits: Aoi’s Makeup

This gym day-inspired look gets a cute spin, letting you walk down the aisle in daring style. Grab your texturizing powder to tease the hair from the crown to get the effortless, textured pony.

There’s no shortage of hairstyles when it comes to lengthy, flowing hair, so make the choice that best suits and compliments you, and will have you looking your best as you say your “I Dos.” 

Our blushing brides will be spoilt for choices with our trusted vendor, Aoi’s Makeup who will have you looking your best on your big day. Have these experts handling your gorgeous mane in preparation for your journey down the aisle. Check them out on Delegate today! 

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