How to pick the perfect wedding jewellery for your special day

With your big day coming up right around the corner, how are you planning on accessorising your dream wedding look? Gold wedding jewellery, shiny earrings and sparkly necklaces? Or perhaps something plain and simple, yet unique wedding bands for you and your partner to match? There are endless choices of wedding jewellery to pick, but not everybody can find the right one that best suits their unique relationship. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect wedding jewellery set along with vendors who can help you take the next step further from here! 

Match your wedding gown

Make sure that your wedding jewellery compliments the colours of your wedding dress! You don’t want to have too many colours that will clash and contrast against each other. Apart from that, you also have to consider if it matches the neckline cutting of your gown! Avoid getting necklaces that are too long as it will get overshadowed by the details on your dress. Consult Gioia Fine Jewellery to find out which jewels will best suit your gorgeous wedding gown. Borrowed from the Italian language, “Gioia” represents the meaning of joy. 

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, their goal is to allow couples to find joy when discovering the perfect gemstone. Their customised designs focus on details of the couple’s comfort, preferred material and style. Not to forget, any other element based on your creativity and imagination!

Image credits: GIOAIA Fine Jewellery

Personalise with birthstones

To commemorate the most important day of your life, you can consider choosing you and your partner’s birthstones as part of your wedding outfits! This is something meaningful and personalised that will make your wedding day extra-special to both of you. L’Excellence Diamond is experienced in all types of precious gemstones and jewels. They can help you pick out the ones that will suit you best! 

Their unique heritage and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewels are adapted from the finest traditions of French craftsmanship. From bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary jewels and more enjoy attractive prices with L’Excellence Diamond! Every couple deserves high-quality and personalised wedding bands that best represent their beautiful and unique love. L’Excellence Diamond is here to ensure that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Image credits: L’Excellence Diamond

Go for less rather than more

Every girl loves her diamonds- however, remember to control yourself! Sometimes, overloading with too many wedding jewelleries will not only be clashing, but it can also restrict your movements and comfort on your special day. Go for an elegant look with a few designs that stand out beautifully on their own. To ensure that you can find the perfect yet affordable wedding jewels, Diamond Ateliers is here to help you! 

They provide high-quality, beautiful rings at a fraction of the market price through their world-class established manufacturing business and customer engagement. Diamond Ateliers believes that buying wedding rings should be easy and fun, leaving you and your partner happy and satisfied. Find beautiful high-quality bespoke rings for greater value at Diamond Ateliers!

Image credits: Diamond Ateliers

Pick floral designs for a girlish finish

Nothing represents femininity more than intricate flower designs and soft patterned colours. Besides going for plain diamonds and gemstones, you can consider adding small flower designs to your wedding earrings and necklaces for a cuter look! Look for these unique gems at JEWEL HOUSE Singapore, who believes that their jewellery is the missing piece to your beautiful wedding ceremony. 

Their team of artisans engages in creativity to deliver alluring diamonds, colourful stones and ethnic Kundan Meena jewellery. All these designs are individually crafted with a generous dash of shimmer and individuality to make sure every couple will shine on their big day. Bespoke jewellery creations have their own unique elegance, serving as a token of fond memories that will make this wedding day a little more special.

Image credits: JEWEL HOUSE Singapore

Be yourself

Lastly, remember that this is YOUR wedding, so don’t be afraid to choose the diamond that represents you! Don’t listen to everyone else’s pressures on choosing the most extravagant and beautiful diamonds to them. As long as you feel that this piece of jewellery speaks to you and you think it is definitely “the one”, go for it! It is essential to choose the perfect ring designs that you are fond of, as wedding rings are romantic symbols that you and your partner will wear on your fingers forever

Making rings meaningful from listening to each couple’s unique love story, Draco Diamonds specialise in bespoke and customised engagement rings and wedding bands. From diamond selection, design customisation, 3D prototyping, and finally crafting, Draco Diamonds will bring you through this entire journey so that this jewellery will represent your story and your love.

Image credits: Draco Diamonds

You deserve only the best jewels on the best day of your life! Don’t hesitate to voice out your jewellery preferences as these vendor experts will do their utmost best to suit your needs. Wedding jewellery plays a big role in styling you glamorously, as well as serving as an everlasting token of reminder from the love between you and your partner.

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