Planning a COVID Wedding? Consider these 8 Creative Ways to Promote Social Distancing

Couples who are hosting COVID weddings might worry about the logistics in maintaining social distancing on their big day. It’s important to remember that there are many ways to promote social distancing and it doesn’t even have to be difficult!

We’re here to help by providing some creative ways to promote social distancing for your big day! 

1. Provide Face Masks to Your Wedding Guests

Social distancing starts with having all your attendees wear a face mask. Some guests may choose to bring their own but a good practice would be to get some ready and prepared on-site, just in case they forget or decide not to use it at all! If you have other guests apart from your friends and family, an excellent idea would be to conduct temperature checks as well as ordering custom-made masks for each guest that might fit well with your wedding theme so no one feels left out of the festivities – or worse get infected because they didn’t wear a mask during the ceremony.

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2. Implement a “Color-Coded Comfort” Band System

Whether it’s a government restriction such as our Heightened Alert Phase in Singapore, it might be wise to think about zoning your guests into groups of 50 people for attendees to limit their social interactions to their immediate group. Our favourite new party trick is color-coding wristbands which are provided to different allocated groups. 

In the case where you’re throwing your wedding outside of Singapore, one idea would be to have color-coding wristbands that show what comfort levels guests have, so they can choose to socialize with people who are on the same level as them. We use red bands for those wanting a small amount of interaction and pink if someone wants more distance but still wants to engage in conversation without any physical contact—they’re smiling behind their mask! Blue or yellow means you need some emotional support from other friends while green or white indicates high immunity where it’s time to celebrate! These are the best ways to let guests express themselves with how they feel best.

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3. Set Unique Seating Arrangements On Your Venue

As seating arrangements can make or break a celebration, it is important to be intentional. During the ceremony, move to chairs and sofas that seat just two people at a time in order to create groupings of three instead. This way your guests are able to sit with their loved ones who share commonalities during celebrations as well as any family members they have not seen for a while! While during the reception, try grouping households together no more than six which will allow them all to see each other and stay connected while also being amongst those closest to them as you are celebrating the best day of your life!

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4. Get a Safe Place for Guests

When it comes to safety, one of the most important things you can do is provide clear instructions. You’ve probably seen people use chalk at restaurants or in a store and leave some kind of little message letting their customers know where they need to stand, but this might not be as obvious for your guests at your wedding celebration. Be creative with these, like hiring an artist who specializes in floral artistry-they’ll draw adorable flowers six feet apart from each other and everyone will have more room than ever before!

5. Host your Own Concert for Your Big Day

A better way to have a more intimate wedding is having the couple dance to their song played by their favourite band then sit back and enjoy an entertaining concert! Guests can be seated in groups of two-four strategically throughout space and enjoy the show while sitting or dancing just like they are having a regular concert. They can either opt to watch up close on one side of the stage or venture over for a drink before returning.

6. Throw a Silent Disco

The world of weddings is evolving and so are the needs. These days, a crowded dancefloor isn’t something you’ll see at many events anymore; but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get your groove on! Speak with your vendor team about executing this idea safely first though – here’s an idea: bring back silent disco! It was popular among newlyweds a few years ago because it provides plenty of room for guests to cut loose without stepping all over each other or having their view obstructed by others dancing.

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7. Send Wedding Favours to Your Virtual Guests

People who are unable to attend your wedding could feel left out. Send them a wedding favour so that they could feel they are included in the special event! From including their name on the invitation, sending them a slice of cake or another dessert at dinner time and giving all guests an opportunity to send congratulations  – there’s no limit to what you provide for those not able to be with us physically this day. You know how important it is that everyone feels a part of our special moment; make sure your planner does too! Look for ideas for wedding favours to send out? Check out some of Delegate’s recommended wedding favours today! 

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8. Limit Your Trips Going to Bars

The bar is a hot spot for people at weddings, as everyone loves to socialize with friends and family. We advise couples to be creative with your beverage planning! Consider tableside beverage service by an attendant who will only serve one table; this way you’ll have less contact than if there was someone serving the entire event. If the budget prohibits extra staff members, sealed carafes in various shapes can add personality to each station without any spilling or messiness- talk about keeping it classy!

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There are many creative ways you can promote social distancing for your wedding without having it seem like you’re trying too hard. From using the right seating arrangement and table settings to menu options and even music choices, your wedding celebration will be exciting yet safe! Check out some of Delegate’s best wedding planners that will help you create and build your dream wedding with some creativity amidst the pandemic!

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