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How to Plan Your Dream Wedding During a Pandemic

Couples planning their dream weddings are facing a fresh set of challenges navigating the restrictions of living through a pandemic. Where planning was important before, it’s become even more crucial in order to calm the anxieties around planning an event in the current times. 

Image Credits: Rosette Designs & Co

For starters, have a wedding timeline. Depending on the length of time between your engagement and the big day, plan every month down to a t. Things like venues need to be booked well ahead of time, so planning months before ensures that you get the perfect wedding venue for the wedding you have in mind. Wedding planning expert Rosette Designs & Co suggests drawing out a plan of up to 12 months, breaking down your to-do list as follows: 

12 Months Before

  • Having selected the date, draw up your rough budget, taking into consideration how big your guest list will be
  • List down your priorities, what are the specifics you want included in your wedding
  • Research on the available venues offering the amenities you need, and with the capacity to host the type and size of the wedding party you have in mind. Make sure the venues you’re interested in have openings for the date you want.

10 Months Before

  • Start searching for vendors
  • If you don’t already have a Pinterest board, get yourself one
  • Select your ideal wedding theme
  • Secure the venue you like

08 Months Before

  • Book vendors
  • Research on your Justice of the Peace
  • Discuss family traditions
  • Ask your bridal entourage

06 Months Before

  • Plan honeymoon
  • Start decoration process
  • Book remaining vendors
  • Send out save-the-dates to guests
  • Choose your wedding gown

04 Months Before

  • Start beauty regime
  • Design invitation cards
  • Go Ring shopping
  • Plan a rough programme outline for your big day
  • Register for your ROM

02 Months Before

  • Plan a detailed programme for the day
  • Send out invites
  • Collect albums, shoes and jewelry
  • Go food tasting
  • Confirm decor plan
  • Prepare childhood montage or photos

01 Month Before

  • Plan your hen and stag nights
  • Confirm guest list
  • Send out actually day programme to vendors
  • Final fitting of your wedding dress

01 Week Before

  • Manicure and pedicures, salon and spa visits
  • Settle outstanding payments
  • Rehearsal 
  • Write vows
  • Final meeting with coordinator
  • Prepare red packets for helpers

01  Day Before

  • Collect your gown & bouquet
  • Reflect & enjoy your last day before getting hitched
  • Get your full 8 hours of beauty sleep

You need to have a waterproof plan to make sure you don’t just pull off any wedding, but your dream wedding. That means taking measures to make sure you’re not caught off guard. 

Tips for COVID Wedding Preparations

1. Plan For Uncertainty

Check in with the updated rules for the area you’re in. It’ll help you have an idea of what to expect. Manage expectations and have a back up plan in case anything goes wrong, so you’re not thrown off track. Continue setting out your priorities and make sure you understand what your must-haves are.

2. Restrictions

Different areas have varying rules of social distancing protocols to be followed, so make sure that you’re well aware of the restrictions there are for the specific area. Social distancing measures, zoning and movement will be limited, so you’ll need helpers to help you manage crowds. Also make sure that you’re working with the venue on zoning, engaging external vendors so your guests can enjoy.

3. Limited Guests

Groups are limited to only 50 people, and 100 in some, so make sure you understand what the permitted number is so you can plan accordingly and trim the guest list to an acceptable size. if there are any guests coming from abroad, get them quarantined in time, and alternatively, if there are guests overseas that can’t make it, consider having a virtual wedding live stream so they’re there to witness your special day.

4. Virus Scare

Make sure the safety regulations are being followed by you and your wedding guests. Engage a professional to help you with coordination, or brief your helpers thoroughly on what you expect, so that they can handle your guests to your standards. Work together with the hotel banquet team to create the most conducive atmosphere, while working hard to protect your guests.

Steps In Wedding Planning

Image Credits: Maritha Mae Photography

After taking care of the COVID specific details of your wedding preparation, it’s time to handle the ordinary wedding prep stresses every couple goes through. The order isn’t written in stone, but is a good guide on how to go about organizing your dream day.

  1. Decide on the Type of wedding you want – is it a beach/church wedding you want? What’s the size you have in mind, and what are your priorities?
  2. Decide on the ideal guest list number, and draw out a detailed budget on what you can expect to spend. Make sure you’re clear on who’s funding the wedding, and check in with that person(s) to make sure they’re aware of your plans, and which aspects in particular they’ll be paying for. How many guests do you and your partner have.
  3. Decide on the venue, and consider how they calculate their charges, is it price per pax or per table. Also identify the perks offered, and see if they fit into the aesthetic you want for your wedding. Make sure you inquire on their cancellation and refund policies in case you need to cancel or make alterations along the way.
  4. Sourcing for vendors makes up the bulk of wedding planning. Get the right:
  • photographer, videographer, virtual livestream
  • wedding gown, suits, makeup artist, bridesmaid dresses
  • florist & decorator, invitation cards
  • live band, cake, emcee, alcohol vendors
  • Justice of the peace solemniser
  1. Design the look of the wedding. Your wedding will forever be in your memory, and you’ll want to make sure it looks good in all the pictures. 
  • decide on the color theme or thematic
  • look into the details of the venue decor
  • invitation design, save the date
  • bridesmaids gown, flowers
  • work with stylist or decorator
  1. Assemble the team for the day and get the coordinators, helpers, receptionist, av personnel on board, sourcing out professional help as needed.
  2. Plan for the big day
  • draft out the programme of the day, assigning duties to the helpers
  • work closely with the venue personnel
  • assign 1 overall in-charge for the day
  • brief them early
  • have rehearsal 1 week before the wedding
  • send the programme to all your vendors
  • plan for any surprises or emergencies
  1. Enjoy the wedding – this is the most important part! All the stressing you’ve done over the last couple of months should pay off, and the fun you have on your big day will make it all feel worth it. Make sure you:
  • get your beauty sleep with a minimum of 8-9 hours
  • don’t drink too much water at night to avoid puffiness
  • trust your helpers and leave the work to them
  • manage your expectations well – keep in mind that it likely won’t be a smooth, bump-free ride, but there’s still beauty in the imperfections, just like in the marriage.

This is the beginning of your happily ever after, so you need to make adequate plans to make sure you pull off your dream wedding. Ask yourself, What do you want to remember from your wedding? Then from there, make sure every plan you make is in line with these big dreams of yours.

You don’t have to throw away plans for your dream wedding just because of the new normal we’re living. Create something special, keeping it personal and intimate. 

Image Credits: Rosette Designs & Co

With Rosette Designs & Co, you can be sure your dream wedding is in sight. Rosette Designs & Co are a creative event styling and planning company able to execute every aspect of a wedding by providing a one-stop service for couples. They believe that each and every couple deserves to have the wedding of their dreams, and go above and beyond in helping make sure that all their couples get the fitting treatment. From creative direction and event styling to stationery design, floristry, wedding planning and actual day coordination – you name it, they have it. Whether you are brimming with ideas and need a strong team to carry out your vision, or you are spoilt for choice with the thousands of possibilities available, they’ll offer you tailored packages to suit your needs and ensure your special day runs smoothly.

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