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How to Plan Your Honeymoon Amid the 2022 Travel Boom

When you’re ready to begin your love adventure, we’ll show you how!

With the world feeling like we’re facing surprise twists every single day, travelling has become something of a nightmare. Couples have been forced in some cases to cancel or postpone and reschedule their honeymoon plans several times as travel restrictions change every so often. With so much instability plaguing the travelling industry, the few openings that do occasionally open up are often met with great demand. 

After the global lockdown in 2020 where there were almost zero movements allowed, the travel industry is finding itself often overbooked with people wanting to travel and see new places; everyone wants to go somewhere new. This means that couples have to compete with multitudes of people for travelling spots. While this certainly sounds like a headache, it’s nothing you can’t overstep with a few tips to make the most out of your honeymoon planning. Here are some expert tips to still have the honeymoon of your dream:

Get Your Spot As Soon As Possible

Planning in advance is one of the surest ways to make sure that you can get a booking for a comfortable date that’s not too far off. Of late, places you could have gotten into with a few months booking advance now have over a year in waiting lists, so the sooner you can claim your spot, the better. Talk to your partner about where, ideally, the both of you would like to go, then make a tentative booking while you run around with the other wedding plans. 

Collaborate With A Travel Advisor

The team helping you plan your dream wedding has certainly grown with pandemic weddings, and that includes adding travel advisors to your budget. Having worked this long in their industry, they’ll likely have internal contact with hotels that you’ll certainly benefit from. You could even get a complimentary package from your travel advisor offering you free breakfast or a couples massage that you might not have scored on your own.

Consider Travel Insurance

Most destinations now have this as a travelling requirement, as insurance can help with health expenses in light of the global pandemic. That way, you and your boo can still enjoy your vacation should the unexpected happen.

Check Out New Destinations

Consider exploring less popular spots as these will likely have shorter waiting lists. You might even be lucky and find promos for places with fewer reviews as they try to boost bookings.  Make sure you also check out: the prospective destinations: 

  • best time to visit, 
  • popular things to do there, 
  • weather for the chosen time, 
  • what to pack, 
  • local COVID restrictions if any, 
  • must-try local dishes and restaurants, 
  • tourist emergency offices

Give Your Plans A Reality Check

Keep in mind that what you would have budgeted for a pre-pandemic honeymoon certainly will be different from what you need to have now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an equally fairytale-like trip! Have a few options in your books, in case Plan A turns out to be slightly out of your budget, or simply isn’t available for the period you want to travel. 

An additional perk of this new honeymoon planning era is that now couples have an option to have guests pay forward their wedding gifts in the form of activities at their couple’s chosen destination, or an offer to cover a day’s expenses, all of which can be scheduled online. Don’t forget to plan for things like: 

  • the flight costs, 
  • what you’ll have to spend on accommodation, 
  • meals, 
  • sightseeing, 
  • moving around, 
  • miscellaneous costs.

Privacy Over Popularity

Maybe you’ve chosen to go to a central spot with lots of equally exciting surrounding places or activities. But remember that while this truly will be an adventure to remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little downtime with your beau! This is the first time you’re spending time as a newly married couple. You’ll never be newlyweds again, so make the most of it, but don’t exhaust yourself. A few moments to take reality in and spend time in each other’s company will be equally romantic, have a spa day, or have a romantic, private dinner. The perfect itinerary will ensure that you have enough time to enjoy each other instead of your honeymoon feeling like a road trip – there’ll be plenty of time for those in the future!

Your love story doesn’t have to be compromised just because the new normal as we know it has shifted a little. You love birds deserve a fairytale love, and these tips will help you get there!

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