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#HowtoDelegate: Instant Purchase

We, at Delegate, are committed to support our vendors as best as we can. During this difficult period, we understand that event businesses are facing a host of unprecedented challenges. To help, we want to provide you, our vendors, with an alternative avenue to sell your packages online. We’ve discussed the benefits of having digital gift cards in a previous article. Today, the focus will be on Instant Purchase. Both work along similar lines, in that it aims to encourage Delegate users to support local businesses! 

With social distancing and circuit breaker now in full swing, reaching out to customers becomes a major hurdle. We are hopeful that Instant Purchase can help you in these trying times. From a vendor’s perspective, this is an amazing opportunity for you to populate packages which our users can instantly purchase. They’ll be able to use it at a later date, once everything settles down. The best part of this, you can list as many packages as you like with no listing fees.

During this circuit breaker period, as part of the community, we will be donating SGD1 for every package purchased on Delegate to The Courage Fund by NCSS. Donations will go towards supporting vulnerable individuals and families affected by COVID-19. This will come at no additional cost to you, so feel free to list as many attractive packages and spread the word to support our cause!

Alright, now that we know the benefits that Instant Purchase can bring to your business, let’s run through the process! On your part, please prepare the following details:

  • Name of package
  • Package price
  • Usual price (if applicable)
  • Package expiry date (if applicable)
  • Validity period (if applicable)
  • Package details (package inclusions, complimentary items and/or additional top-ups)
  • How to redeem package
  • Terms & conditions
  • Package image (recommended image size: 525 x 400px)

Thereafter, you can upload an Instant Purchase package on your Delegate PRO account. Alternatively, submit your package details via this form and we will populate your Instant Purchase package for you. Do take note that submission works on the basis of 1 form per package. If you want to list multiple packages, complete and submit a form, then submit a new one to list additional packages.

How do I upload an Instant Purchase package myself?

Login to Delegate PRO here and head to Under My Profile > Edit > Packages. Follow these simple steps below. 

Click on Instant Purchase toggle and fill in the relevant details like Package Validity Period, Package Start and/or End Date, Package Details, and instructions on How to Redeem. Please note that by default, our users will be directed to email you with their Instant Purchase confirmation number for redemption. Hit the Save Changes button at the top right hand corner of the page when you are done.

After your changes are saved, the page will refresh and an Upload Image button will appear as shown below. Click on that and choose your image. 

Lastly, check for all the details and ensure that the Live Toggle is on and you are good to go!

In addition, do keep your Delegate profile updated so customers have accurate information. Here are some tips on how you can optimise your Delegate profile. If you’ve yet to update your profile, you can login here.

On top of implementing new features on our site to support our vendors, we’ve also launched an Event Business Support Hub to provide you with resources during this trying time.

Our team is always eager to hear what you think about our latest features or to simply hear from you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our vendor support team at any time. In the meantime, stay well and healthy. We are all in this together.

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